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  • Title: Echo
  • Author: Sol Crafter Harper Kingsley
  • ISBN: 9781467917162
  • Page: 420
  • Format: Paperback

  • Echo By Sol Crafter Harper Kingsley Painfully shy due to a speech condition, Cole Heath has always had a hard time connecting to people outside of his family So when he meets Anderson Bester for the first time, he doesn t really think anything of it He certainly doesn t imagine that he ll end up falling in love.This edition is just the hit novella Echo by itself Echo is part of The Brownstone Diaries.Painfully shy due to a speech condition, Cole Heath has always had a hard time connecting to people outside of his family So when he meets Anderson Bester for the first time, he doesn t really think anything of it He certainly doesn t imagine that he ll end up falling in love.This edition is just the hit novella Echo by itself Echo is part of The Brownstone Diaries.
    Sol Crafter Harper Kingsley
    A pen name of Harper Kingsley.

    Echo By Sol Crafter Harper Kingsley


    Cole Heath has speech condition called echolalia he repeats the last sentence of what other s say to him before he can go on to say what he wants which makes it very difficult to interact with others Many use his insecurities to not only abuse him but to use him When Anderson Bester asks for Cole s phone number, Cole never believes he ll actually call but it was nice to be ask Anderson is sent to help put a department of his father s company back together and is surprised to find Cole As they wo [...]

    Edina Rose
    4.5 stars because It is super feel good, the angst is not huge, there is no evil woman or stalker ex boyfriend the book focuses on the heroes love story the 2 heroes are adorable and build a healthy relationship the rich guy is not a stereotype there is a great father and son relationship in the story Not too much sex and no too quicklyOr just 4.5 stars because that s how much I rated my enjoyment of the book In some books the same elements I listed above are present but the enjoyment is not.

    BubblesHunty Honest & Direct Opinions
    Wow I just loved this Such sweet characters without being sappy Just adorable love story with some really touching scenes Read it

    Lovingly written sweet romance Cole was gorgeous inside and out, he managed to sneak his way into my heart with no effort at all I loved him a cute genuine down to earth guy His speech difficulties affect his life in so many ways and tries hard to make himself invisible, succeeding to a certain extent Anderson arrives and turns his life upside down, it s wonderful how Cole comes out of his shell, less shy and happier in himself Anderson is great the tenderness and understanding he shows Cole bri [...]

    4.5 starsI love this story, although at some point the issue of echo disappears completely It s sweet but not sugary There s enough dose of angst, happiness, and plot especially toward the end.It has a strong feeling of cinderfella, since Anderson is rich without Cole realizing it at first On Anderson s part, he also didn t know that Cole actually works for his family company I like the way the author deals with Anderson s parents Anderson s super rich father is not depicted as evil man who dict [...]

    This is a book that it will make you feel all warm inside 2 words to describe itjust beautiful.

    Sweet romance between the shy Cole who suffers from a speech problem and Anderson, a trouble shooting executive Cole suffers from echolalia, a condition where he repeats the last sentence of whatever has just been said to him before he can start talking for himself It s left him very shy and uneasy meeting new people Luckily Anderson is instantly taken with his boyish good looks and quiet ways.This book feels like it s been written by a new author For me it had a raw feeling Plenty of telling no [...]

    OMG I LOVED THIS BOOK It is so refreshingly different Its sweet and adorable and I enjoyed EVERY PAGE The two main characters were absolutely perfect for each other and I couldnt think of one thing to make them or the plot better.I recommend this for those looking for a sweet read Its not over the top sweet like other books, instead the romance is true and realistic and I AM IN LOVE with this book.Go Stop reading this review and READ IT

    4.5I love this But I can help to say I need

    Echo is a novella that tells the love story between shy, nerdy Cole and confident businessman Anderson Cole suffers from a speech impediment related to Tourettes called echolalia, a tic that forces him to repeat the last thing a person said to him before he can then say what he wants.The premise is very interesting Cole is a virgin partially because of his extreme shyness due to his echolalia, and so the story is largely about Anderson teaching Cole about sex and love and trust.It really is a sw [...]

    Wendy Ann
    You can t not like the story of Cole and Anderson This book has a very unique premise because it deals with a little known condition called echolalia As a result of having this disorder, Cole is very shy and vulnerable almost used to people poking fun or taking advantage of him Anderson is like a breath of fresh air He doesn t react negatively towards Cole and actually works hard to win Cole s trust and affection His background might lead you to believe he ll be an uppity, self centered, pain in [...]

    I liked this so much and I really didn t want it to end Anderson just seems like such a great guy and I wanted to cuddle Cole because he was just so cute This is a sweet story, though it has just the right mix so you don t feel like you re swallowing a load of sugar It just made me feel good to read it.

    3.5This is such an absolutely sweet story Cole and Anderson were so good together and loved their interactions and story Perfect read for when you need something light and enjoyable.

    It s sweet, funny and one of those stories when the sweet unassuming taken for granted underdog gets his gorgeous, ultra rich, powerful prince charming who adores him.

    The TBR Pile *Book review site*
    Full review thetbrpile.weebly 1 post 2Do you remember how it felt to be in love for the first time The sly glances shared with the object of your affections The feeling of butterflies in your stomach, and rampant hormones that rose to the forefront with the briefest caress or whispered word were the best thing in the world It s that illusive time that Sol Crafter great name right manages to capture perfectly in Echo It was that spot on portrayal that filled me with warmth Sort of like when you e [...]

    I absolutely loved Echo Such a sweet love story with beautifully written characters I adored Cole and Anderson so much Although Cole was supposed to be very shy and reserved mainly as a result of being bullied in the past because of his Echolalia I loved how he was so much brave and confident with Anderson He was such a cutie Anderson was charming, and I fell in love with him almost straight away.I actually didn t want this story to end I got so far ahead of myself that I was imagining a marria [...]

    WowI usually love books which feature a MC with a disability but this book just didn t do it for me at all I really didn t feel the connection between the two characters if Anderson had referred to Cole once as cute or adorable I would have screamed fact, if anyone were to refer to me as cute adorable than once I d probably pick my nose fart whilst flicking the crusty snot at the pillock with the goofy grin lack of imagination in the adjective departmentbut then again, I m not exactly the most [...]

    Wonderful, sweet romance This was a nicely written, well told story of a shy, kind soul who also happens to be unaware of his gorgeousness and appeal and a handsome, smart, and charming hunk falling in love and getting their happy ending I truly enjoyed and liked this I hope the author turns out and longer ones at that.

    Harper Kingsley
    A sweet man with a speech condition called echolalia meets a handsome stranger A straight forward story set in the real world no aliens, werewolves, ghosts, witches, etc Just two men that meet and fall in love.


    Just so nice A feel good little cinderella y romance.

    Very sweet story Loved it

    A sweet story that is clumsily writtenWarning This review might contain what some people consider SPOILERS Rating 6 10PROS It didn t take long for me to develop the desire to see Cole happy Echolalia is an unusual condition that I ve never encountered in a romance before, and it presents some interesting challenges for him Both of the main characters are cute and say some amusing things that made me smile Looking at a huge TV at Anderson s house, Cole says wistfully, Would you be really upset if [...]

    2.5 starsI purchased this book with the intention of reading something light, very sweet and romantic, without it being over the top And according to the reviewers, this book should have fit the description Unfortunately, not so much for me It was an ok read with an interesting subject that started promising, but failed to deliver in my opinion.I would have expected to love Cole but he didn t really click with me He was at times needy and whiny, especially in his relationship with his cousin His [...]

    So this book wasn t bad but it wasn t really all that amazin either.I liked the characters a lot, especially Cole At the end I found myself being a bit annoyed by Anderson who seemed to make decisions for Cole all the time and seemed to see him as not quite an adult when it came to making decision.The whole book would ve been a lot better if it was longer For me the romance felt rushed and not really developed Also pretty cliched but I can live with that most of the time Same goes for the confli [...]

    Excellent read If you needed a pick me up and need to read a sweet, heartwarming love story then this is the book Cole has a speech impediment which forces him to repeat the last thing the other person in conversation has just said and had been teased and mocked endlessly through his childhood, aggravating his condition Anderson is a rich businessman, son of the owner of the company that Cole works for After a chance meeting Anderson falls hard for Cole who has such a low opinion of himself that [...]

    I liked this Cole Man, I loved Cole Anderson Well, not sure how I felt about him I mean at times I LOVED him and then were times when I wanted to smack him I did like how he was super rich, yet still down to Earth In the beginning I thought he was going to be a major ass, but I am glad I was wrong.I hope we get a sequel because I want of Cole and Anderson

    There are characters in books that make me smile I read this whole book with a stupid smile on my face Cole was so sweet and shy and Anderson was just well to good to be true, but it work Love this one

    3.5 stars

    3.5 stars I really liked Anderson.

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