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  • Title: فلسفة الفن
  • Author: Benedetto Croce سامي الدروبي
  • ISBN: 9789953684081
  • Page: 249
  • Format: Paperback

  • فلسفة الفن By Benedetto Croce سامي الدروبي None
    Benedetto Croce سامي الدروبي
    Italian philosopher and politician He wrote numerous topics including philosophy of history and aesthetics Raised in a very strict Catholic family Around the age of 18, he turned away from Catholicism and became an atheist, remaining so for the rest of his life After an earthquake in 1883, his parents and only sister were all killed, while he was buried for a very long time and barely survived After the incident he inherited his family s fortune and was able to live the rest of his life in relative leisure, enabling him to devote a great deal of time to philosophy He was the Minister of Education He was an open critic of Italy s participation in World War I He openly opposed the Fascict Party till his death in 1952.enpedia wiki Benedett

    فلسفة الفن By Benedetto Croce سامي الدروبي


    Glenn Russell
    Italian philosopher Benedetto Croce 1866 1952 placed great importance on art, beauty, intuition and the imagination A number of his key ideas are put forth in this short work The Essence of Aesthetic, with four main headings 1 What Is Art 2 Prejudices Relating to Art 3 The Place of Art in the Spirit and in Human Society 4 Criticism and the History of Art I will focus on Part 4, Criticism and the History of Art, since this section touches on what we are engaged with on this site reading books and [...]

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    Ali Jameel

    Khalid Almoghrabi

    Maliha Suwaida


    تركي الجَندبي

    Michael Condran
    A delightful read A gem to return to again and again lots to mediate upon, lots to learn Benedetto Croce is an outstanding philosopher, and to my way of thinking a brilliant essayist He has a way of presenting the long sentence in a simple manner, if you ll take the time to follow I admire his doctrine on the philosophy of spirit and I look forward for reading of his works.

    Thanaa Khawaja

    Nikolina K.
    Nesumnjivo sadr i zanimljive ideje i teorije koje mogu biti istinite, osobno se sla em s mnogim stvarima i samo iz tog razloga dodijeljujem trojku, ina e bi bilo i manje od toga , ali su predstavljene na na in da sve skupa izgleda prenapuhano i bahato Ve inu zaklju aka izvodi iz kritike na dotada nja razmi ljanja o umjetnosti i razmi ljanja o umjetnosti op enito, ali se predstavlja spram istih kao da su ni tavna iako su mogu e pogre na, ne zna i da su nevrijedna Smatram da bi oblikovanjem svoje [...]

    Mohammad Al-Shehri

    Hasan Hasan

    Not for the faint of heart, but for those interested in thinking about the philosophy of art from a loosely Hegelian point of view The short version art is the result of an intuition on the part of the artists that results in a physical object which connects God and man with each other through the medium and through history The long version is, well, the book The longer version is his other book sthetic As science of expression and general linguistic, which is not as good as this short set of le [...]

    Raheem Alsaadi

    Samiah G
    Must re read it again and again to understand Great

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      249 Benedetto Croce سامي الدروبي
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