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  • Title: The Back Door Man
  • Author: Dave Buschi
  • ISBN: 9780983915003
  • Page: 277
  • Format: Edición Kindle

  • The Back Door Man By Dave Buschi All credit cards have stopped working Today This morning What cash you have in your wallet is it ATMs and bank systems are down You can t get gas, groceries Commerce has essentially come to a halt Such is the backdrop of THE BACK DOOR MAN Our society is computercentric Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn We re plugged in Managing our finances online Downloading apps foAll credit cards have stopped working Today This morning What cash you have in your wallet is it ATMs and bank systems are down You can t get gas, groceries Commerce has essentially come to a halt Such is the backdrop of THE BACK DOOR MAN Our society is computercentric Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn We re plugged in Managing our finances online Downloading apps for our iPhone Reading the WSJ on our Kindle There are things out there on the cutting edge we don t even know we need to fear THE BACK DOOR MAN takes us there We see it through the eyes of James Kolinsky, a simple family man who works in information security His day goes from bad to worse when he discovers that his greatest fear is his fault and what s happened to him has happened to millions of others He s been set up His family make that the world has been taken hostage The next twenty four hours we find out what James Kolinsky is really made of THE BACK DOOR MAN is available in French as Hackeur et contre tous and in German as Der Mann an der Hintert r.
    Dave Buschi
    Dave Buschi is the author of THE BACK DOOR MAN, a bestselling technothriller that has also been published in French and German His Marks and Lip series, PROPORTIONATE RESPONSE and INSIDER X, are two high tech cybercrime international espionage thrillers that could have been ripped straight from the headlines except Buschi wrote the books first REALITY RECODED, a high tech sci fi thriller, is his latest work Buschi lives in Milton, Georgia with his wife and boys.You can follow Buschi on Twitter davebuschi or check out his blog at davebuschi.wordpress

    The Back Door Man By Dave Buschi


    Dave Buschi
    Being the author, I m a little biased I had fun writing it.

    This book is titled The Back Door Man by Dave Buschi All computers are brought down by international hackers and suddenly the things that we all take for granted no longer work James Kolinsky, a crack computer analyst, becomes the fall guy in this international scheme and needs to use all his skills to stay one step ahead of the authorities and from those who have framed him I found this book to be well written and exciting The author s grasp of computer terminology made the events seem plausibl [...]

    Ted Lapekas
    A thrilling ride It doesn t get any better than this Take a middle aged, overweight and overlooked family man who gets pushed a little too far and rebounds with a strength and cunning he thought was long lost Plot an all too possible global financial meltdown Add the Russian Mafia and a few other international scum bags thrown in for good measure And top it off with a housewife who transforms into a Marvel Action hero when her daughter s lives are threatened The result is a five star action, adv [...]

    Beware If you don t have a bit than basic skills in IT and especially Networking and IP theory, the technical discussions in this book will have you running for the hills in no time.If you DO, you might be able to follow the author in the first 2 3 of the book, which is really confusing and badly written.The plot IS quite good when you look back on it, and the part where there s less tech is quite good.But all in all, I m glad this was free, and I m sorry for the hours I spent reading it which [...]

    Awesome I could not put this down This book tells the story of sometimes how everything happens for a reason and that if you go after a man s wife and children, you better be prepared to throw all you know about that man out the door because he s not going to stop until they are safe and your dead

    Kept me hooked, butGood chilling, plausible story Organized digital crime, Russia, Switzerland, China, UK and U.S company personal involved in this cyber attack James Kolinsky and his family in the middle, but James talks to himself little too much Many unnecessary F words We need hackers that s honest in this country.

    Wow, THIS WAS INCREDIBLE I love books, but thrillers are not a top pick for me I am SO glad I went out of my normal preference this time This book definitely kicks butt Very fast paced and satisfying

    Karla Lokker
    This book was made for a movie All the while I was reading this, I could see in my mind as a movie Full of twists that you weren t expecting and am anxious to read another nook by this author.

    Donna Foston
    Could not put it down This is a fast paced thriller that left me shaking The only thing that slowed it down was the computer language, but I skipped over it and it didn t impair the story at all Great read.

    Jim Dutton
    Great story, good read An interesting read as the cyber Geek hero slowly morphs from Walter Mitty to James Bond, with a touch of Ulysses thrown in The cyberspace setting is realistic and downright scary, and the action never flags Highly recommend

    We all know how our modern financial industry is dependent on digital information transfer and secure emergency backup This fast paced engaging story describes a fictional scenario whereby that system is crippled by imaginative cyber attackers Scary stuff

    Jeanne Dickerson
    Wonderful book.This book was so interesting, I could hardly put it down It made me hold my breath, wondering how the hero was going to pull it off g

    Christopher Gage
    WowEnjoyed the book greatly kept my thoughts focused on the way the action moved through the book there was never a dull moment in the book.

    Murray McDonald
    Fast paced page turner Great action thriller that makes you really wonder how safe our money really is might just start taking interest in the TV ads selling gold

    Bonnie Kelly
    It could happen Well written Fast paced read in 3 days.

    Very good Lots of IT stuff, fun for a computer geek like me Action packed, fast read.

    Sheila Chisholm
    This started out great with a scenario that I have often wondered about because our world is so dependent on technology But it was the technology that finally had me just skimming through the book Just too much if you aren t that savvy I will say aspects of the story were gripping and suspenseful and that s what kept me from just putting the book down Also, there was a lot of violence, intrigue and betrayal I really don t like reading about children being threatened with extreme violence, and it [...]

    D. Casey
    Good reading Read this book in just two days The action just kept on coming in the last half of the book.

    Joanne Rees
    Moves with exciting paceKnowing the book was about computing hacking didn t exactly excite , but the combination of the deception by a friend, the strength of family, and the will to put things right certainly made this book a rare treat to read

    Emily Murphy
    Wow, James Kolinsky really had a no good, very bad day I found this story fascinating, even though I didn t understand many of the technical workings I did, however, learn the possible massive effects of an international failure in our computer network systems, either through technology or criminal tampering credit cards, no cell phones after power runs out, banking system failures, movement of money out of accounts, and other implications How quickly criminals come out of the woodwork I was als [...]

    Diane Lybbert
    Techno thieves have hacked into the most secure data vault in the world and stolen 3billion all over the world credit cards cease to work, bank accounts are drained dry, and chaos reigns in the streets shootings, looting, muggings, brawls Middle aged techie James Kolinsky, who works for the data company and help set up the vault is being framed for the theft As he desperately tries to get home after work, he becomes involved in some situations, and in the course of that he discovers what is goin [...]

    Arun Acharya
    The book is primarily for people who understand computers, hacking, surveillance systems and data centers in general Not that a thorough knowledge is required but the way information is presented, author assumes the readers are computer savvy The author did explain some of the things but it will pass through your mind if you are not already into technology That said, the story did not go anywhere in the first 40%.The remaining part was interesting because I started reading first and last paragra [...]

    From a scrambled start to a rocketI was a bit lost at the beginning It took a bit to get used to the short passage format You ll want to go into it like reading scenes of a movie set in book form.Once I adjusted to scrambled scene jumps, I found the scenes themselves very well detailed You will get sucked in The spaces stood well on their own While some scenes were set in one place for a while it was reasonable as the larger space was relevant.All in all very well done Character development is o [...]

    Hans Bronkhorst Bronkhorst
    This is the kind of book that you don t want to stop reading once you started The plot is very realistic it s what happens when our whole digital financial infrastructure collapses because of greed In a world where plastic has replaced cash it isn t such a far fetched idea The story is great and very well written, the story s main character is well established and not your typical hero, although he manages to rise above himself once he finds out that his family has become a target I d recommend [...]

    David Stillwell
    Enjoyable techy crime thriller it s good to reflect on how much of our lives are mediated through servers.Only downsides were a bizarre and jarring religious interjection towards the end, and when the author added in sections about specific technologies and hacking methods that he clearly didn t know enough about If you don t understand I.T you shouldn t just name drop SQL injection and expect sophisticated readers to be impressed Either do some serious research to learn about hacking, or be a c [...]

    When I first read the blurb on this book, I thought it was an Armageddon type scenario and my mood had been dark enough the last couple of days that I wouldn t have minded reading something along those lines This was a high tech and action thriller and it never disappointed in consistently drawing you in until you d read the whole thing Buschi really did some excellent research which added to the plausibility of the story and paired it with a hero with some moral fiber which really made you care [...]

    The back door man is a story about super hackers and greedy powerful people My opinion about this book is that is long, very long The story is your typical save your life before the bad guys get you, and it has unnecessary descriptions of everything surrounding the characters In addition, in some parts of the book I even forgot I was reading a fiction story, this was because of the explanations and lessons regarding computer programming It could have been a good story, but over explanations were [...]

    3.5 starsThe computerese gets a little technical, and the parts with the wife and kids I pretty much skimmed through, but it was a good plot It certainly got my paranoia revved up.I think I still don t understand why it was important to set up this guy for the fall, and kill him and his family, when they had already set the whole thing in motion without him knowing I think that if this were a real heist, the crooks would have just done the crime, and if the guy was blamed, so be it.

    Marco Morissette
    Well first time I read from this author The plot who could really happy in today s world was really interesting and very well prepared and explained by the author This being wrote I just want to comment on the length of how the main character finally work and achieve to counter the malicious attack This why it took me time to read it because I put it aside for some time Thanks to the author for sharing his talent with us

    Barry Fulton
    The protagonist, James, is an uber techie, nothing he can t accomplish at the speed of light And when he s not saving the world s financial system from cyber mayhem, he saves his family from a dozen or so bad guys including his boss, one of his subordinates, and numerous tough Russian gangsters The technology and its vulnerabilities is good, but the action in and out of the underground data center is fantasy than reality.

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