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  • Title: Christ-Centered Biblical Theology
  • Author: Graeme Goldsworthy
  • ISBN: 9780830839698
  • Page: 375
  • Format: Paperback

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    Graeme Goldsworthy
    Graeme Goldsworthy is an Australian Anglican and Old Testament scholar Now retired, Goldsworthy was formerly lecturer in Old Testament, biblical theology and hermeneutics at Moore Theological College in Sydney, Australia He is the author of According to Plan IVP, 1991 , Preaching the Whole Bible as Christian Scripture Eerdmans, 2000 and Proverbs The Tree of Life CEP, 1993 Goldsworthy has an MA from Cambridge University and a ThM and PhD from Union Theological Seminary in Virginia.

    Christ-Centered Biblical Theology By Graeme Goldsworthy


    Bob Hayton
    In recent years biblical theology has enjoyed something of a comeback A robust, Christ centered, confessional variety of biblical theology is becoming and widespread and influential And if we wanted to find someone to thank for this development, Graeme Goldsworthy s name would come up on anyone s short list His books Gospel and Kingdom , The Gospel in Revelation , and Gospel and Wisdom touched a nerve in the 1980s, and his later book Preaching the Gospel as Christian Scripture was picked up by [...]

    Todd Miles
    Excellent book that will definitely be required reading for my biblical theology class Though much of the book reads like a tribute to Goldsworthy s mentor, Donald Robinson, there is still enough of substance to make this the gold standard on how to do biblical theology Goldsworthy makes the convincing case for a canonical biblical theology, arguing that the inspiration of the Holy Spirit makes some sort of strong continuity an organizing center likely Slightly less convincing were his arguments [...]

    A nice foray into evangelical BT and exploration of various attempts at an evangelical BT However, since it was published in 2012, some things are a little dated considering several very important evangelical BT s have come out since Hamilton, Gentry Wellum, Schreiner, Beale, etc The best part was the interaction with the Vos Clowney schema and criticisms of their minimizing of David Recommended for those familiar with this conversation and key issues I would not recommend this as an introductor [...]

    Philip Taylor
    Goldsworthy has been one of the most influential theologians in my life In this book he reveals his influences and opens his approach to comparison with others It is an involved read that takes time to digest but if you are serious about the discipline of Biblical Theology then it is an important read.

    Daniel Thomas
    Having already read According to Plan, this book has been a further confirmation of the importance of biblical theology it is also a peak into one of the prime influences on Goldsworthy s approach Donald W B Robinson If only Robinson s work was available in the States

    Ben Laur
    Some good things, but I did not appreciate his writing style Some parts of the book were painfully slow, while he seemed to conveniently dismiss pretty significant passages that would seem to throw a wrench in his thesis in quite a cavalier way.

    Is biblical theology possible Is there any unity to the sixty six books that make up the Bible Aren t any attempts to do this bound to distort the contributions of particular books, or simply leave things out Graeme Goldsworthy has devoted his academic career to answering the first question in the affirmative This book sums up the approach he and his colleagues at Moore Theological College in Sydney, Australia have taken In many ways, the book serves as a tribute to Donald Robinson, who mentored [...]

    The subtitle pretty much says it all about this book and Biblical theology Don t look for theology itself, or examples of how the OT and NT interrelate, or types antitypes, etc Goldsworthy focuses instead on the underlying principles that help us to make such connections, such as revelation is not like a gradual dawning but a revelation in stages the OT story is built on the promise of salvation and what that means for the world the NT presents the person work of Jesus Christ as fulfilling the p [...]

    Daniel Nelms
    Surprisingly, in my exploration of biblical theology since 2015, this was my first Goldsworthy read I read so much about him that I feel as though I ve already read his works.In this book he describes the hermeneutical foundations and evangelical presuppositions that are required for a Christ centered biblical theology He spends much of his time describing the implementation of what he calls the Robinson Herbert schema or a three fold approach to the stages of biblical revelation Creation Jesus [...]

    David Westerfield
    Good read and definitely gives a solid foundation for interpretive principles only criticism of this book is he spends too much time on others views throughout the entirety It s helpful and even needed to have some background for sure But at times it almost felt like it went off the path to the larger point Other than that, good stuff for sure

    An important book to read when developing a workable biblical theology, especially for preaching If it was longer, it might work for sermon preparation, but it is great as is form referencing basic discussions in BT that one might want to teach on in churches and educational contexts.

    Nathaniel Martin
    This book is classic Golddworthy It elaborates on his three fold schema and expresses fully his appreciation for Donald Robinson There is much to appreciate about Goldsworthy s approach I recommend this book especially to those who have read Goldworthy s previous works.

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      Graeme Goldsworthy