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  • Title: Tigers at Twilight
  • Author: Mary Pope Osborne Salvatore Murdocca
  • ISBN: 9780679890652
  • Page: 389
  • Format: Paperback

  • Tigers at Twilight By Mary Pope Osborne Salvatore Murdocca Jack and Annie are ready for their next fantasy adventure in the bestselling middle grade series the Magic Tree House Tigers in trouble That s what Jack and Annie find when the Magic Tree House whisks them and Teddy, the enchanted dog, to a forest in India The rare tigers are being trapped by greedy poachers Can Jack and Annie find a way to help Or will a fierce tigerJack and Annie are ready for their next fantasy adventure in the bestselling middle grade series the Magic Tree House Tigers in trouble That s what Jack and Annie find when the Magic Tree House whisks them and Teddy, the enchanted dog, to a forest in India The rare tigers are being trapped by greedy poachers Can Jack and Annie find a way to help Or will a fierce tiger eat them instead Visit the Magic Tree House website MagicTreeHouse
    Mary Pope Osborne Salvatore Murdocca
    Mary Pope Osborne has channeled a lifelong love of exploration and travel into one of the most popular children s book series of the past two decades With her fantastic Magic Tree House series, Mary Pope Osborne keeps the good times rolling for kids all over the world.

    Tigers at Twilight By Mary Pope Osborne Salvatore Murdocca


    Logan Wohlt
    Personal ResponseI read the book Tigers at Twilight and I thought it was a really good book I liked how she wrote a series of books and they all connect to one another.PlotIn the beginning of this book Jack and Annie got sent to a forest in India When they got there they met two monkeys who helped guide their adventure throughout the forest They went through many obstacles two of them are being how they came across a huge snake, and the next how they almost got eaten by a tiger Tigers in the boo [...]

    This has been my favorite Magic Tree House book so far I love that every book teaches in a fun way This book answered all of Hannah s questions in regards to vocabulary in a way that she understands For example If the killing does not end, they both face extinction Hannah asked What s extinction The very next sentence said Extinction means that someday there may be no Indian tigers or rhinos left on earth Are you a hermit Jack asked Yes, the blind man said.What s a hermit said Annie same thing H [...]

    Bryce Adams
    this is a cool ediecational book

    Ashley Li
    Tigers At Twilight ReviewPERSONAL RESPONSEThis book taught me a lot of knowledge about wildlife animals in the forest in India For example, adult elephants are plant eaters the average weight of an Indian rhino is 4000 pounds and a giant python can grow up to 30 feet in length This book also taught me if I saved someone, I saved his graceful, beauty and also saved his fierce, savage nature The people cannot have the good side without the bad side Just like a lotus, it blossoms and grows from dar [...]

    David Redden
    Sam 8 What s your review 5 stars Really Yeah But Harry Potter got 5 stars too How is that possible Are you sure about that 5 stars Yes Fine Why does this glorious book deserve 5 stars I liked it when Teddy saved them Really Okay Why else does it deserve 5 stars That s all I can think of.Mary 6 4.5 stars Okay I don t think you guys understand the star thing No, we do Fine Why 4.5 stars Because I love Teddy Teddy is cute Really Any other reason Because they got their third gift and I m super excit [...]

    Jack and Annie go on the 3rd of 4 missions to collect gifts and free Teddy the dog In this outing, they go to India and meet many animals, including langurs monkeys who help them escape from a tiger and a python Elephants give them a ride, and they see a rhino at the watering hole.The tiger who chased them got caught in a trap and the kids free him When he is free, he stalks them again Jack and Annie meet an old man, a hermit who gives them a beautiful lotus which has grown from stinky, dirty mu [...]

    This one started off feeling very familiar I felt like the monkeys were a re play of their visit to the and the elephant from their visit to Africa Once we got to the tiger, however, this one definitely turned for the better I loved what the hermit had to say about them saving the tiger you saved his graceful beauty and his fierce, savage nature You cannot have one without the other Understanding that everyone has both strengths and weaknesses seems like a fairly advanced concept for the target [...]

    Kosuke Kamiya
    1 Magic Tree house2 8 9 50min, 8 13 50min3 India, jungle, tiger, peril, trap, hermit, gift4 a To escape the tiger, they took on the elephant 4 b I was really envious of them I want to ride the elephant When I visited Singapore, I heard that I could ride the elephant at Singapore zoo, but the events called off I would like to do that in the not distant future.5 There are poachers now and past Due to them, some animals had gotten extinction We have to protect the world order in order to benefit fr [...]

    I remember reading the Magic Treehouse series during Middle School, and they were always entertaining I loved how they went all around the world, all throughout history, and you learned about different places and time periods as you followed your favorite characters through wonderful adventures It was really cool I recommend these books to your little adventurer They are sure to not disappoint.

    it was good.

    I ve always been intrigued by India and desire to go there After finding out how many kinds of snakes there are I m a bit hesitant So sad that hunters kill these beautiful wild tigers and rhinos Loved the illustrations in this one.

    Cute series Read with my 6yo.

    Mary Thomas
    I read this outloud with my first grader We ve read several in this series, and this one was pretty good not my favorite, not my least favorite.

    3.5 stars

    Kat Wells
    A good one in the series but not the best loved some of the morals in this one.

    Alexis Allinson
    This is the first one I have read My son Ares brought it home for us to enjoy together I hope to read of the series.

    Kylee Carlson
    I liked it because there was a tiger and a puppy.

    I like how it teaches kids about endangered species.Guess what books my future kids are reading lol.

    XIS Grade 3
    Sylvia I like it because I like adventure books.

    Ashlyn Stelmach
    This one wasn t as interesting as the last two but it was still enjoyable But now I need to know who Teddy really is so I have to at least listen to the next one before I can move on.

    Meghan Hunt
    Magic Tree House Book CLub

    3 stars

    Perrine Family
    Lily, Age 8 This book was surprising It went really quickly It only had 71 pages I would tell beginning readers to read this My favorite character was Annie She is 7 years old She saved the tiger from getting it s paw hurt badly She was very brave I d like to be her friend My favorite part of this whole story was at the beginning when they found Teddy, a little magical dog who is under a spell He might be an inch better than our dog, Dublin Dublin is real, Teddy is pretend.I didn t care for the [...]

    A wild tiger eats almost 5000 pounds of fresh raw meat a year.

    Jake Handrich
    Personal response I liked the book Tigers At Twilight, because it was about two kids trying to help a dog who has a spell cast on it This book is full of adventure and creativity with the animals talking and the kids going so far at such a young age They travel to places in their magic tree house To save this dog they have to receive gifts by going to far away places.Plot This book took place in India, where they have to go through the dense forest to find the gift to save the dog The forest is [...]

    Jack and Annie were going to the tree house and they found Teddy, a little dog that looks a lot like a teddy bear Teddy was sniffing a book that they had to travel into When Jack and Annie got there, they heard a lot of noise They noticed they were in a forest far away They found two monkeys looking at them through the window It seemed like they were talking like humans Annie even understood them The monkeys led them to the forest floor and they found a whole bunch of creatures down there I alwa [...]

    Rosa Cline
    A really neat series of books, although you CAN read them individually, it s just nicer to read them in order to understand what is really going on These series are chapter books my son and I sit and read it for about 30 minutes or so Very interesting, keeping our attention Just enough Science to keep it educational but yet enough imagination in it to keep it fun too Each book apparently will have a guide to the two children in the book but to the reader listener it will give History lesson or a [...]

    Dharia Scarab
    My love of reading started when i was young, and it gives me immense pleasure to provide books to Spread the Word Nevada, an organization that passes them on to children in the community They are a terrific organization supporting an important cause If your local I encourage you to check them out For those living further a field, look in your own community, their may already be a similar program in place And if not, you can always help start one.spreadthewordnevada Myself, I go out on the weeken [...]

    Danielle Brill
    Tigers at Twilight by Mary Pope Osborne is the 19th book in the Magic Tree House series This book features the two main characters Jack and Annie on another adventure, this time in a forest of India The two children are on a mission to receive gifts to free an enchanted dog They ride elephants, rescue a tiger from a poacher, and even encounter a blind hermit During the book facts about India and its animals are written down by Jack, educating the reader in a fun way as they read As a child I lov [...]

    I picked up this book to read to my little boy after he recently started showing a lot of interest in tigers It was really fun to sit down and read it with him Even though he s only a year old, there were enough pictures for him to stay engaged Plus, the pictures are very well done, so he enjoyed looking at them while I read I also like that there are storylines that carry over from one book to another, giving an extra payoff for the kids to keep reading and see how the story plays out It s a si [...]

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