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  • Title: The Shelter
  • Author: SunHi Mistwalker
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  • The Shelter By SunHi Mistwalker The world around ten year old Sunni Brown is crumbling War, disease and crushing poverty are everyday realities For a while, she counts herself amongst the lucky But will she survive when she s forced to live in an abandoned parking structure This is a scary future but there are no werewolves, vampires or zombies in this future, human beings are the scariest creaturesThe world around ten year old Sunni Brown is crumbling War, disease and crushing poverty are everyday realities For a while, she counts herself amongst the lucky But will she survive when she s forced to live in an abandoned parking structure This is a scary future but there are no werewolves, vampires or zombies in this future, human beings are the scariest creatures of all.
    SunHi Mistwalker
    Author of dystopian and post apocalyptic fiction Mistwalker enjoys writing books about how societal collapse can change individuals and families She specifically explores class, economics, environmentalism and state sponsored oppression within post apocalyptic and dystopian futures.

    The Shelter By SunHi Mistwalker


    Ten year old Sunni Brown lies upside down on a tweed couch with her head hanging over the side and her feet thrust into the air Wearing pink ballet slippers and a white tutu, she flutters her pointed toes through the five positions A television blares a short distance away and a dust covered fan blows lukewarm air across the girl s face Food riots have broken out for the second time this week, the newscaster announces, but Sunni doesn t pay much attention Her ears strain to hear another conversa [...]

    Elsa Carrion
    I m kind of glad that this was a short story I read it was a dystopian and I loved these types of stories I was enjoying the story very much, the characters were believable the situation was sad the mother should have been sterilized But the synopsis left one very important detail off Sunni is 10 years old and is about to be part of a real world sexual abuse situation When it comes to innocent children I can t seem to enjoy reading about how they suffer Although the story does not go into detail [...]

    Tatum C. Rose
    The Shelter is a short, addictive, bone rattling prequel to a yet to be released full length novel due out this year I reccommend this novella for adult or mature YA lovers of dystopia The Shelter had me itching for pages, descriptions, explanationsd with that, SunHi Mistwalker did very very well, I am looking forward to the release of the full length book This novella was a bit disturbing in parts, but much of a realistic version of life in a parking structure with hundreds of other familie [...]

    Amos Cassidy
    I flew through this short story Despite the lack of world building, or any proper explanations as to what has happened to the world and society, this story had me hooked I understand that it is a prequel to a novel out in the fall, and I will definitely be buying it I loved the writing style and the author succeeded in creating an atmosphere of dread and desperation An intriguing taste of the novel to come.

    Shadow Girl
    This is a short story of a sad lonely little girl.It begins with addict, and her daughter, being physically evicted from their home All of their belongings are being put out by the street, with no way to move them, or protect them The sheriff seems kind, but he has to do his job Within an old parking garage, the former parking stalls are now used to give shelter to the homeless With a mother whose only concern is getting high, the daughter tries to make friends, and tries to not starve She is le [...]

    Denise Weldon-siviy
    CliffhangerThis is well written although definitely depressing Unfortunately it doesn t provide a resolution of any plot twists It just stops somewhat abruptly with an ad for the next installment I suppose if the follow up was included in Kindle Unlimited, I wouldn t mind But it s not

    christina dale
    Weird buttely original so farOriginal, terrifies interestingly keep your attention I think because it s a little girl and you don t want things to get any horrifying for her than they already have.

    Lizzie Winns
    Pretty good book

    Mark Morris
    A brief introduction to the series.A short But good look at one version of a future I would not want to live in, but possibly could.

    Jett Cat
    Disturbing, in that there are activities, actions, and events in this world that we like to partition into corners of our minds.We know there are events occurring every moment in our world that would make us fall down and just reach for sweet oblivion if we really acknowledged them This is how this book is disturbing Much like comedy that makes you laugh because if you don t laugh you would have to really confront an issue, this book is disturbing because it puts you in a situation that as much [...]

    This book was in third person, narrated by the author He mainly cynosures on a ten year old called Sunni who s life seems to dematerialize like a house of cards We aren t given precise place of the location or time period From the use of the television and phone at the begginning of the book, I can only guess that the stoary is based sometime near the 21st century The message that I have percepted from this allegory was that we should be gratified for what we do have The protagonist was deprived [...]

    Christen Tyre
    I was excited to read this short story because I found the description to be interesting I enjoyed the first section of the book, and I was getting very interested, but as I continued I found it hard to stay interested.At the beginning, a young girl and her mum are removed from their apartment and forced to live in a place called The Shelter There isn t much description on the shelter, but I imagine it something like a parking garage From the time the two come to live in The Shelter to the end o [...]

    A disturbing gritty tale of a dystopian future where the rich exploit an underclass of poor, homeless people by renting spaces of a multi story car park to them Often these spaces are shared Guards are open to bribes and corruption drug abuse and sexual abuse is rife It is chillingly not so far from the reality of the dispossessed in today s richest countries where inequality has reached an all time high in the UK and US We see the world through ten year old Sunni s eyes and the effects on her m [...]

    I was given a free copy of this book for review purposes The review is based solely on my opinion and was not influenced by author or publisher 10 year old Sunni and her mother just lost their house Her father disappeared a while back After a couple of days on the street they are able to obtain a space at The Shelter to camp out Life on the street is bad, life in The Shelter isn t much better.This short story is quite the teaser The author does a great job introducing characters and setting a so [...]

    David Caldwell
    Hard timesIn a world where things have gotten a little worse, it doesn t take much to lose everything A mother and her young daughter are evicted The only place that they can go is The Shelter Once, a parking garage, now a home to desperate people with little, including hope How far are they willing to go to survive It isn t totally clear what has happened in this world It sounds like a modern day depression where money and work are scarce The scary thing is that it doesn t seem to have been so [...]

    Sannie Hald
    The Shelter is a short story concerning people in poverty and the ones who abuse the sad situation.Sunni is a little girl who lives with her mother who is on drugs Due to getting evicted they move to The Shelter, which is a massive place where people live Her mother is far gone on drugs, so Sunni is left to herself, and the people in the Shelter are not nice people.I liked this story even though it is really sad I hate to say this but Sunni should never have been born, then she would have been s [...]

    Melissa Levine
    I was confused as to what exactly was going on in this story There are lots of poor homeless people because of what I didn t get it I think they re suppose to be in the south, yet, everyone seems to speak horribly It s like they ve never been to school or something Unless the author wanted to sound like redneck type people IDK Either way, it was a weird story Questions Comments Sunni and her mom get kicked out of their house because of what Unpaid bills Why are their belongings taken and placed [...]

    Angie ~aka Reading Machine~
    Sunni Brown is ten years old living with her mom but her dad is nowhere to be found Shannon and Sunni are evicted from their home only to move into the Shelter The Shelter is a parking garage converted into homes for the homeless At first, Sunni s mom Shannon stayed to take care of Sunni but slowly she became addicted to crank Sunni is friend s with Jennifer Will Sunni and Jennifer stay friends Will Shannon stop her addiction Will Sunni survive in the Shelter Your anwers await you in The Shelte [...]

    Denisa Howe
    Wow This was a short story I was able to read during lunch time I was so engrossed in this reading, my lunch got cold and I suddenly wasn t very hungry at all I wished this reading had gone on to a novel length book mainly because it was that good I could see all the characters, smell the urine and unwashed people, feel their sadness and hope for them too I closed my story with a silent prayer for a little girl who wanted to be a ballerina that isn t even a real person This writing reached out a [...]

    This short was very interesting I long to read the complete novel to see how Sunni fairs in her new life as the landlords property Her mother can hack life so Sunni is left to suffer Her new roommates Dorothy Daughters don t help Sunni Dorothy only cares for her own, but willing to get Sunni the scraps of her family dinners Dorothy barely tries to save Sunni from the Landlord but Sunni will not go with her Would you really expect a starving 10 year old to pass up food to go with a woman who has [...]

    Kellie Wagner
    First off, I totally flew through this I understand that it s meant to be a short story, but the tempo was not slow, by any means Reading felt like I was running a marathon, and always just one step behind where I had to be It was an interesting take on a dystopian world, I will give it that But it didn t really teach me anything there was no moral to the story or a lesson to be learned I m glad it was short, at least.

    This was a really, really dark book but I don t think it makes it a bad book It was gritty and raw and I thought the writing was well done I am interested in seeing from this author and might actually pick up the full length book that this is sort of a companion book to from what I understand.

    Michelle McPherson
    The Shelter Completely heartbreaking I do realize this is a short story, but I feel as if I really don t have enough information about the events in the world, how they end up this destitute, the population Although it is enough to interest me in the full book to see if the questions can be answered.

    The little girl is named Sunni One would like to think that Sunni s life is sunny, but it is not She and her mom are evicted from their house They end up living in a parking garage in slot 202 Sound interesting to you Yep, it got my attention THE SHELTER is a short story a prequel to the book NEW HOPE CITY.

    Yet another attempt to sell a longer story Short stories are usually self contained, completed tales, not half the story as hook, line and sinker so the author can sell books.The story itself is well written, but the whole make the main character suffer and each chapter to build up sympathy very quickly became irritating to the point where I really didn t care any longer.

    J. Kahele
    Well writtenForced out of her house Sunny is forced to live in The Shelter with her mother It is a filthy place littered by people who have no means to support themselves To make matters worth Sunny s mother because addicted to crank leaving her basically alone to survive.

    This is a prequel to a novel, I do not think I will read the next one There was not really a proper explanation of what was happening I don t think its my kind of book it was too raw and depressing for me, personally.

    This was an unexpected disturbing read, however I did enjoy it The only downer for me was not knowing the reason for this dystopian setting, nor the era that this was taking place The near future or way beyond

    Morgan Schell
    This is a short book that gives you an idea about the full series It s gritty, certainly not a sweet story, but you can t help but continue reading I think it s going to be emotionally challenging, but I definitely want to read the rest of this series

    March Shoggoth Madness The Haunted Reading Room
    One of the most depressing Dystopians I have ever read It left me with such a sense of hopelessness, like a juggernaut smashing every hope to bits It seems this will be expanded into a novel in Fall 2012, but I don t expect to be reading it.

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