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  • Title: Brighton Honeymoon
  • Author: Sheri Cobb South
  • ISBN: 9780966800524
  • Page: 320
  • Format: Paperback

  • Brighton Honeymoon By Sheri Cobb South Newlyweds Ethan and Lady Helen Brundy The Weaver Takes a Wife go to the seaside for a wedding trip, and find their honeymoon cottage filled with people including a disapproving dowager, a young woman claiming to be Mr Brundy s sister, and a skeptical dandy determined to expose her as an impostor.
    Sheri Cobb South
    Sheri Cobb South Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Brighton Honeymoon book, this is one of the most wanted Sheri Cobb South author readers around the world.

    Brighton Honeymoon By Sheri Cobb South


    4.5 rounded upYes, this is lacking some of the conventions of Regencies, but it s lacking those affected ones entering the fray with Georgette Heyer which I tend to detest Nor is it one of the near erotica lately cropping up within the genre This has a real story, no unnecessary misunderstandings, lots of action, a really plucky, strong heroine who did the best out of some dire cards she was dealt Add a prose and voice I found easy and fun to read, and a plot which pulled me in and veritably rac [...]

    Brighton Honeymoon is a wonderful sequel in the Weaver series Oftentimes the second book in a series falls flat but the I loved the couple in this book, Polly and Aubrey, and it was grand to pick up with Ethan Brundy and Lady Helen as they settle into married life and each other This time, sweet Mr Brundy just wants some time alone with his new bride and plans a honeymoon trip to Brighton However, fates put Polly Hampton into Mr Brundy s path, she is claiming to be his sister in order to escape [...]

    a great sequel, plot even better than the first one Very evocative of my favourite Heyer I like how she wove the sequel, fresh.

    not nearly as good as Weaver Takes a Wife.I was happy to see Ethan and Helen back, but they didnt get nearly enough time Plus they werent written the same The chemistry just wasnt quite there this go around.The book was cute and well written, but it was just OK for me.I didnt really like Polly I think that was my main problem I felt that she was just blah and how could sir aubrey fall in love with someone like that I much prefer Weaver Takes a wife over Brighton Honeymoon.

    Lynne Tull
    This series of books reminds me of watching romantic movies in the 50 s The love scenes don t give us way too much information The scene fades and we get to figure it out all on our own They don t get in the way of the story I liked that the characters in the first book played an integral part in this story There is one book in the series French Leave Looking forward to meeting these characters again in it.

    audiobook review Charming and Funny This was a charmingly funny audiobook to listen to The messes that young Miss Polly gets herself into were delightfully absurd Polly has moved to London in hopes of discovering who her father was but ends up posing as Mr Brundy s sister when she finds herself in dire straights Mr Brundy s new wife Helen insists on letting Polly stay and many humorous antics insue Sir Aubrey Tabor volunteers to help rid Mr Brundy of his unwanted houseguest but finds himself in [...]

    I really enjoyed this book, the characters are engaging, the story line is solid and it s well executed The blurb that comes with the book doesn t do it justice.There was a fair bit of drama in the story but it s very well done and does not come across as manufactured, rather it just seems to fit The same can be said when there are misunderstandings between the characters.Polly is a charming character, her naivete and her determination mix together well to create a very likable woman that you ca [...]

    At first I was a bit leery about the credibility of Helen s swift acceptance of Polly s story I was listening as it were, to hear Ethan tell Helen her swift acceptance of Polly was nothing but a scheme Helen cooked up with Polly to embarrass or fleece him Whether he actually believed so or not at the very least it would get Helen to think twice about hugging Polly to her bosom on sight and perhaps ask some very obvious questions of Polly that needed asking.Yeah, well, since all that did not happ [...]

    I liked this book The narrator Noah Michael Lavine does a wonderful job with this book I don t tend to read romance or historical books but I was gifted this book with the understanding I would leave an honest review Honestly I really enjoyed the book I am not sure I would have enjoyed it as much if I had read it and not listened to it Noah really brought life to this story for me I will look for in this series if I can have them read to me

    Felicia J.
    3.5 starsBrighton Honeymoon was a worthy follow up to The Weaver Takes a Wife, but not quite so disarming Its charms weren t enough to keep me from occasional annoyance at the cliche Regency tropes deception, silly misunderstandings It was a delight to encounter Lady Helen and her Mr Brundy again.

    Bettye McKee
    What a tangled web we weaveOrphaned Polly Hampton loses her employment at the bookstore when she refuses her employer s advances Having overheard idle gossip in the bookshop, she attempts to pass herself off as Ethan Brundy s non existent sister.The highlight of the story, however, is Ethan and Helen s Brighton honeymoon with a houseful of guests.3

    Perhaps I should have read The Weaver Takes a Wife first It might have given me a greater appreciation for the characters While I liked Sir Aubrey on the spot, Ethan, Lady Helen, and Lucy remained a mystery to me Ethan s h dropping and frequent use of me instead of I drove me crazy I inwardly winced every time he opened his mouth Helen s random affection and subsequent championship of Polly against her husband s wishes was confusing Without the first book as background, I failed to understand th [...]

    When I learned that the two protagonists from The Weaver Takes a Wife Ethan and Helen were featured as a secondary romance in the following two installments, I wanted to read the rest of the series right away Unfortunately, I found Brighton Honeymoon to be a serious disappointment As the title implies, the book opens with Ethan and Helen about to begin their honeymoon in Brighton But before they can do so, the heroine shows up on the hero s doorstep claiming to be the hero s sister The heroine i [...]

    This is a QUICK REVIEW of my thoughts on the book I liked it well enough but it was nowhere near as good as her other two books I ve read Sure there was a plot of sorts and some characters, but there just didn t seem to really be a point to the book The ending was pretty much set in concrete before you even read the first page, so not much suspense An ok way to pass the time that didn t require much thinking.Is there a Happy Ending view spoiler Yes if you read that far hide spoiler Content Ratin [...]

    This story is a drawing room comedy type romance but fails to meet my exacting standards I really felt bad for Polly Her story brings home just how hard it was to be a woman in the nineteenth century I wanted her to find happiness but I felt that she didn t have much of a connection with the hero The hero is a bit arrogant and rude, understandably so, but he doesn t make much of an attempt to be nice or sympathetic not even once he learns her true story Some parts of the story are funny and ther [...]

    This was really good I love everything I read by Sheri Cobb South DI was laughing from start to finish I loved the whole story line and set up Polly was such a sweet heroine, and Lord Tabor was awesome I was so glad that even the the plot revolved mainly around Polly, Ethan Brundy and Lady Helen were still primary characters, and still as delightful as they were last time we read of them As far as secondary characters go, I really liked Lady Tabor and her comedic rudeness Evers the butler was in [...]

    It s hard to say why this is quite as charming as it is Perhaps it s the complete lack of artifice the plot is absurdly straightforward the heroine attempts to blag her way into a rich household , and the characters are if I m being honest two dimensional The heroine is innocent, cute, slightly ditsy and remains thus The hero is suave, elegant and projects secret amusement a lot I think it s the background Ethan Brundy with his defiantly dropped aitches, and his aristocratic wife elen and the si [...]

    Book 2, Sequel is as good as the first Mr Brundy is planning on a Brighton honeymoon with Lady Helen when a girl appears claiming to be his sister Helen believes her and not only takes her in, but she is added to the trip to Brighton He enlists his friend, Sir Aubrey to help him remove the girl from his honeymoon plans and ends up with Aubrey and his mother also moving in with him.Who is this girl How many people can a honeymoon cottage hold Will Mr Brundy ever be alone with his new wife These a [...]

    I liked this book but I didn t like it a lot, or even as much as the first book It was nice to get information about Mr Brundy, but the plot just wasn t quite as fun This was worth the read, fun and interesting.

    MB (What she read)
    My favorite is still Miss Darby s Duenna, but these are very fun for Georgette Heyer fans who need a fix.

    Fun, likeable characters So glad to see the Weaver and his wife again.

    Loved it especially as the author revisited Ethan Brundy

    I enjoyed this one very much too, I think mostly because the characters from the first book made a reappearance I would definitely recommend reading the series in order.

    This is 2 in the Weavers series I cannot locate 1 The aWeaver Takes A Wife anywhere.

    Lighthearted sequel to The Weaver Takes a Wife.

    Elaine Shandra
    Regency romance is so funny I think I may have found another favorite genre, lol

    Let s face it It s the Weaver who is the most interesting character in this trilogy and he plays a much smaller role in this one, which means it s that much less interesting

    A nice book Not as good as the first A Weaver Takes a Wife But a nice little romance when you need something brainless to read.

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      Sheri Cobb South