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  • Title: The Scorpion
  • Author: Gerri Hill
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  • Page: 284
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • The Scorpion By Gerri Hill Poking a sleeping bear with a sharp stick is foolish Marty Edwards is about to be very foolish Investigative reporter Marty Edwards has found her niche cold cases She loves pouring over old notes, hunting down long forgotten witnesses, and digging down through the layers of an unsolved murder case But this time, Marty is digging where someone obviously doesn t want hePoking a sleeping bear with a sharp stick is foolish Marty Edwards is about to be very foolish Investigative reporter Marty Edwards has found her niche cold cases She loves pouring over old notes, hunting down long forgotten witnesses, and digging down through the layers of an unsolved murder case But this time, Marty is digging where someone obviously doesn t want her And that someone might also include the Brownsville Police Department Why else would they assign Detective Kristen Bailey to baby sit her Barely surviving two attempts on her life, Marty abandons Brownsville and the case Danger follows her as the case turns red hot With Detective Bailey along for protection, they race along the Gulf Coast, neither knowing who, if anyone, they can trust The hardest part is learning to trust each other before it s too late for their hearts and their lives You ll hit the ground running with this exciting race of life and death from Golden Crown Literary Award winner Gerri Hill.
    Gerri Hill
    Gerri began writing lesbian romance as a way to amuse herself while snowed in one winter in the mountains of Colorado, and hasn t looked back Her first published work came in 2000 with One Summer Night Many romances have followed, with the occasional murder mystery in the mix.Gerri s love of nature and of being outdoors usually makes its way into her stories as her characters often find themselves in beautiful natural settings When she isn t writing, Gerri and her longtime partner, Diane, can be found at their home in East Texas, where their vegetable garden, orchard, and five acres of woods keep them busy They share their lives with an ever changing cast of furry friends.Her favorite pastimes include camping, hiking, birdwatching though she insists she doesn t wear funny hats yet , photography, and cooking She collects things nature offers, like an unusual pinecone, colorful rocks, or an abandoned bird feather Dawn is her favorite time of day, the moment right before sunrise from the author s website

    The Scorpion By Gerri Hill


    It s sort of like compulsive behavior I need to read a new Gerri Hill novel I no longer feel the need to preorder them and can wait a while to see if they find their way to me on their own, but I do need to read it Go figure.This actually was one of the better ones The crime part of it was incredibly fast paced and full of suspense Very well done The main characters are also well done in this aspect of the story and dance around the issue of how do you stay good while fighting evil and it gives [...]

    M.E. Tudor
    This was a really good Gerri Hill mystery thriller with a little romance thrown in.

    Jae Jae
    I like most of Gerri Hill s novels, and this one is a good read with really interesting characters Some parts of the plot seemed a bit unrealistic to me, but I still enjoyed this novel.It won a well deserved GCLS award in the category romantic suspense.

    I really enjoyed the plot of this book and the character development of both main characters except for one part That one part is a huge turn off for me The asexuality representation in this book is terrible The ace character thought she was broken and had major trust issues, so that s why she considered herself asexual Then she fell in love and her sexuality became awakened To me, that s just a poor representation and terrible excuse behind the falling in love process She can become a lesbian o [...]

    This I enjoyed this from the beginning to the end This story deserves than 5 stars because this book took me on a wild ride through Kristen and Marty s journey through their emotional upheavals as well as their professional challenges in the face of a dangerous and unknown entity who is bent on destroying them both I love the angst and suspense in this story, I was afraid for Kristen and Marty and I was cheering for them to triumph and expose the people bent on destroying them.

    mystery, suspense, romance reporter starts looking into unsolved case, she and detective assigned to supervise become target of El Escporio

    I didn t like the represantation of asexuality being ace means you re broken and it only takes the right person to heal you at all, but other than that it was a very enjoyable read as always.

    Wayne Spiceland
    There are so many good things about Gerri Hill s novels, including The Scorpion, it s hard to know where to begin The writing, from a purely mechanical standpoint, is absolutely sound, and the narrative flows smoothly, the narrative style well suited to the tale itself The pacing is just right, the violent scenes alternating with quieter, sometimes introspective sections in which we learn about the two main characters and in which they learn about each other Despite those relatively calmer pa [...]

    I was excited when one of the main characters said that she is asexual, and explained that she has never been interested in sex or sexually attracted to someone She refuted the usual maybe you haven t met the right person and what about your hormones and were you abused as a child maybe you re actually into women questions So far so good However, she is not happy with her asexuality and feels broken though I don t think she actually says that, it seems clear from her thoughts and has come to acc [...]

    Nice, quick read with great pacing for a suspense novel This is one of GerriHill s better ones, for sure I liked the unconventional setup of the two leads and how they grow to compliment each other on a personal and emotional level.My biggest point of contention plot wise is that their time going into hiding seemed too convenient Rico has access to weapons, cars, and money at and readily supplies them at the drop of a hat Having a supplier is convenient and that it s a common trope in suspense l [...]

    I feel like a lot of Gerri Hill novels play put the same way for me I find myself engaged and enjoying the story, but somewhere near the end it loses me This one was particularly egregious in that way I found the ending pretty unsatisfying.

    Initially this felt promising But nose dived straight into the trash 3 4s of the way through The idea had potential but I think it quickly grew out of control and now its this monster For as much emphasis as they put on how much of a mystery it was they really didnt ever really discover all that much before the answers were dropped in their lap at the end of the story A real joke if you came in expecting a logical explanation Im EXTREMELY nonplussed about Bailey s finally solution to el scorpion [...]

    Gaelle Cathy
    Although it is a very interesting storyline, like those I like a lot in Gerri Hill s books, I had a harder time getting into the story, or mostly, connecting with the characters Admittedly, the fact that I alternated reading the first half of the book with with studying for a major job interview might have a lot to do with this I read the second half much faster Overall a good story, good characters.

    I love most of Gerri Hill s books She has a way of pulling one into the story I m not a huge fan of the crime caper genre but she pulls it off I m not sure if the asexual community would be upset but I think she handled it cautiously I wish the characters were developed a bit But overall quite enjoyable Would recommend it.

    This book started so well that I devoured it in an evening Unfortunately, the ending was a little disappointing as our main protagonist happened to be Rambo Who knew that police officers were trained in espionage and counter terrorism Great read none the less Gerri Hill doesn t disappoint when it comes to character development and well written prose.

    This was a nice departure from what I am used to seeing written by Gerri Hill The premise revolves around a cold case murder mystery The two main characters are interesting It was easy to get caught up in the development of the characters I would have liked to see development of the Rico character In some ways I was hoping for a follow up book.

    I enjoyed the romance, but the case got a little too unbelievable I found myself skimming over some of the police case which is highly unusual for me because it was getting too far outside the realm of plausibility I liked the main characters and enjoyed the progression of their relationship.

    2 stars is the best I can give it cuz there is almost no investigation going on by the characters just stumbling on some leads, and I kinda knew who the Scorpion was before reaching 50% of the book so it wasn t really a surprise.

    Oh, never judge a book by its cover This cover looks so serene and calm, but the story behind it it s nothing but Action filled and suspenseful Another wonderful book by Gerri Hill my Lesfic Queen

    Great mystery There were no loose ends that left you wondering what happened.

    Lj Reynolds
    Great story Thanks Gerri

    Well, I guessed the villain but , a very very good read

    i am a huge gerri hill fan but it wasn t my favorite book still love her work

    M. Linda
    Good mystery that leaves you hanging on the bad guy until almost the end Not only a who done it, but do the characters survive

    Really trashy beach read Loved it

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