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  • Title: The Ghost of Nicholas Greebe
  • Author: Tony Johnston
  • ISBN: 9780803716483
  • Page: 410
  • Format: Hardcover

  • The Ghost of Nicholas Greebe By Tony Johnston In Colonial Massachusetts, the ghost of a recently buried farmer haunts his widow s house after a dog takes one of his bones on a long journey.
    Tony Johnston
    Tony Johnston has written many acclaimed books for young people She and her husband lived in Mexico for fifteen years, where they raised their children She now lives in San Marino, California.

    The Ghost of Nicholas Greebe By Tony Johnston


    The book was interesting It was about a man who died and a dog who unburried his bone Due to the dog the bone made a trip basically across country and found it s way home The ghost of Nicholas Greebe was unhappy until the bone to his body came home.To find out about the travel of the bone and where it went, how it got there, and how it got home was interesting How the dog was involved and how a relative brought it home My kids really liked this book and found it funny.Non Fiction Picture Book

    A book my 5 yr old as well as my twin 3 yr olds loved A solid reading level 3 book, this spooky Halloween story keeps all ages engaged with the bright colorful pictures and fun story A great addition to any children s library.

    Nicholas Greebe was a farmer in colonial New England He died in winter and his family buried him in a shallow grave because the ground was so hard to dig.About a ear later, a dog dug up his bones and ran off with one Nicholas s leg bones Nicholas s ghost rose from his grave and began to haunt his farmhouse where his family still lived.Nicholas s leg bone went on an adventure of its own The dog took it on a ship and sailor carved the bone with pictures The ship sank and so did the bone.After a lo [...]

    Spooky books are a favorite during the Halloween Holiday in which children look forward to collecting candy and getting spooked This is a perfect little story about an old man who dies and is buried outside his home Then one day a trouble making puppy comes along and digs up his bones You can only guess what will happen next I was laughing the whole time and just enjoying this story because it reminded me so much of a story that my grandpa had shared with me as a little girl There is a lesson to [...]

    Linda Lipko
    Library Book, not originally on my tbr listLovely illustrations render the coldness of winter in New England Whenfarmer Nicholas Greebe died, it was midnight and frigidly frosty While shaking and shivering, the next day, his relatives dug a shallow grave One year later, the relatives came to the farm to celebrate the life of farmer Greebe When a small dog ran outside, no one seemed to notice.Finding the grave, and digging, soon the dog found a bone Jumping into a nearby carriage, the dog hastily [...]

    A longer story that s well suited to the lower primary grades during Halloween season as it s not too scary Pretty much all Nicholas does is sit and complain that From this night forth I quest, I quest, till all my bones together rest Disconcerting to be sure, but not precisely threatening S D Schindler s ink illustrations are full of tiny details and have a washed out palette that suits the ghostly story.Used for Spooktacular Tons of Fun program for 2nd and 3rd graders in October 2009.

    Haunting, humour and expertly crosshatched seventeenth century detail make the moonlit migrations of a borrowed bone a slightly spooky Hallowe en favourite.You can listen in on our chat about this book on ourJust One More Book Children s Book Podcast.

    We picked this book up at the library about two years ago and my daughter instantly fell in love with it This is definitely one of those books that she loves to read over and over again Unfortunately, I haven t been able to find it to buy for her, so we ll just have to keep borrowing it from the library.

    Shayna Katz
    This is a book that I ADORED as a kid and still do It is a story of a ghost wailing for a bone and the journey his bone takes to get home It might sound silly based on my description but it is not It really is a ghost story and one that I have loved since before I could walk.

    Scaaaaaarry Seriously, the illustrations are wonderfully ghoulish, and the story is as wonderfully rural and folksy as Sleepy Hallow ForeverI quest, I quest,till all my bonestogether rest

    I had the great pleasure of reading this book to my daughters 2nd grade classroom Never have I seen so many kids, sit so quietly and riveted to a book They loved it I loved it Great read aloud story I need just like it

    Brendan Howard
    Vocal way too advanced for folks being read to.

    This book is so much fun to read aloud

    4.5 5 starsI believe this is a very cute ghost story.

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