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  • Title: Learning to Walk
  • Author: Drew Zachary
  • ISBN: 9781610405546
  • Page: 345
  • Format: ebook

  • Learning to Walk By Drew Zachary Sometimes love means learning to walk all on your own.A terrible motorcycle accident leaves Kit in pain, living with his father and needing to teach his legs how to walk again He s actually lucky to be alive, but don t try telling him that Kit s too wrapped up in bitterness and pain to feel any sort of happiness.Neil knows exactly how lucky Kit is As Kit s physiotherapiSometimes love means learning to walk all on your own.A terrible motorcycle accident leaves Kit in pain, living with his father and needing to teach his legs how to walk again He s actually lucky to be alive, but don t try telling him that Kit s too wrapped up in bitterness and pain to feel any sort of happiness.Neil knows exactly how lucky Kit is As Kit s physiotherapist, he s seen the man s medical records, and knows a lot of people never recover after an accident such as Kit s His job is to get Kit moving and to get him walking again, so when Neil finds himself attracted to Kit, he buries the feelings and focuses on the job.That s hard to do, though, when Kit starts falling for Neil in return And starts making moves Neil is determined to keep things professional between them, though, because he feels that Kit s recovery is far important than a physical relationship Can Neil teach Kit to walk again without either of them getting their hearts broken
    Drew Zachary
    Drew Zachary is the pen name of co authors Chris Owen and Vic Winter Born in the wilds of Canada, Drew grew up with an axe in one hand and a book in the other Drew s love of writing is outshone only by his love of men Lucky for him, he can combine the two.From his father, Drew learned how to wield that axe, fix a carburetor and bake a mean can of beans using fire, gas or electricity From his mother, he learned how to rotate the tires, turn apples into just about anything from cider to pie to a meatless lasagna, and how to swim At twelve Drew ran away to join the circus, only to run away from it when he realized just how badly elephant poop stinks.When Drew ran out of books to read he started writing his own and never looked back His home is filled with books, unfinished manuscripts and his grandmother s knick knacks His best friend is a dog named Barney and his pet fish keep him entertained for hours.Drew writes about love because he still believes in it Even though he s never found that special man himself, he s never given up hope Well, never on a permanent basis, anyway Source drewzachary

    Learning to Walk By Drew Zachary


    While this is 3 in the series, there is no overlap with the other books so is essentially a stand alone I thought this did a really good job at the beginning of showing how Kit was coping, or not as the case may be, with the fall out of motorcycle accident He felt guilty that now he father had to care for him when he should have been having his own life and I imagine like most of us, the whole Well, at least your alive thing wore thin as he struggled with life in a wheelchair Needless to say, he [...]

    Sweet, slow paced romance although maybe a bit too sweet cute by the end.

    Wonderful and heartwarming book I liked the less than usual amount of sex, it fitted my mood and it was refreshing.Very sweet and likeable characters and touching story.

    Fernanda Parente
    l Love this kind of books just love no angst Real sweet

    Barb Manning
    Learning to Walk is part of Drew Zachary s City Hospital series The focus of this tale is physical therapist, Neil Kirkpatrick and his new patient, Kit Matheson Kit is recovering from a life altering motorcycle accident and has to learn to walk all over again Kit is angry and in pain, but Neil can see past the hurt to the strong, young man beneath.Neil is immediately attracted, but he s also aware that he must maintain a professional relationship with Kit to insure that Kit receives the best tre [...]

    Mandy*reads obsessively*
    Kit is recovering from a very bad motorcycle accident.He is angry and frustrated with his situation and feels helpless and guilty for needing to rely on his father for so much.His physical therapist Neil knows he can get him back n his feet, but they are attracted to each other and Neil doesn t want to jeopardize his patient therapist relationship.Here I had a few niggles, Neil himself admits he shouldn t do all these things with Kit, but can t seem to help himself, I can understand Kit feeling [...]

    I really liked the first half of this book and I was sure it was going to be a 4 or at least a 3 stars read, but if I want to be honest with myself I can t give it than 2 stars.From the moment they started flirting with each other and especially after they got together the dialogue became a bit silly and they started to sound like teenagers instead of grown men Everything became just way too sweet for my taste I realize they were supposed to be giddy with love and some of it did make me smile, [...]

    3.5After reading on Fire from the same author, I was prepare for a sex marathon.For those peoples who don t like much sex in a story this would be perfect as it is hardly any.Plenty dialogues between the 2 characters, that I m afraid was I getting a lit of bit bored in the middle of the story.Towards the end, it got much better Enjoyable.

    Sue bowdley
    I ve enjoyed these City Hospital books and this one was just as good as the rest.Kit learning to walk again after a motorcycle accidenthe was not happy about it but he soon started to enjoy his sessions with physical therapist Neil much so that he ended up firing him just so he could go out with himA nice easy feels book x

    3.5 stars Sweet m m romance about a guy, seriously injured in a motorcycle accident, who develops feelings for his physical therapist Since there s not much conflict in this one, I think it d be a good read to help recover from an angst fest book.

    This is a sweet story and doesn t have the angst I expected Honestly, I was sure at the beginning that Kit would be a lot grumpier All in all, if you re feeling the need for a nice, angst free read, then you ll probably like this one.

    A very solid 4 stars for me I liked that there wasn t some stupid, big misunderstanding that drove the couple apart for weeks or months There was a real and valid issue that when pushed had one of the mains taking decisive action to correct it A fresh, easy mostly read.

    3.5 stars


    Probably my favorite of the City Hospital series, although they are stand alone they barely mention the other MC s This one has the most angst but the sweetest love story.


    3.5 stars

    3.5 stars

    3.5 stars

    Re reading August 2015

    Was expecting way drama with this Kit is in a wheelchair due to a motorcycle accident and doesn t have the greatest attitude For about twenty pages The it s sweet and simple and easy.

    3,5 stars

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