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  • Title: Stay At Home Dead
  • Author: Jeffrey Allen
  • ISBN: 9780758277596
  • Page: 471
  • Format: ebook

  • Stay At Home Dead By Jeffrey Allen It s a day like any other for Deuce Winters, a stay at home dad in sleepy Rose Petal, Texas, where he and his three year old daughter Carly are making their weekly trip to the grocery store But the discovery of a dead body in his mini van quickly throws his quiet life into disarray In a town where gossip spreads faster than a brush fire in July, it doesn t help that theIt s a day like any other for Deuce Winters, a stay at home dad in sleepy Rose Petal, Texas, where he and his three year old daughter Carly are making their weekly trip to the grocery store But the discovery of a dead body in his mini van quickly throws his quiet life into disarray In a town where gossip spreads faster than a brush fire in July, it doesn t help that the victim ruined Deuce s high school football career and married his ex girlfriend.As the number one suspect in the court of public opinion, Deuce is determined to clear his name, with a little help from his wife Julianne, a high powered attorney who lovingly refers to him as her househusband His search for the killer leads him to a business plan gone awry and a gaggle of jilted lovers All the while, he ll have to contend with a diminutive but feisty detective, the ruthless preschool PTA, and than his fair share of Texas sized hairdos not to mention the laundry.First in a New Series
    Jeffrey Allen
    Jeffrey Allen is the alter ego of national best selling mystery writer Jeff Shelby He is a recovering stay at home dad who now teaches high school English and coaches basketball A graduate of the University of California, Irvine, he currently lives with his daughter in the suburbs of Dallas, TX Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name.

    Stay At Home Dead By Jeffrey Allen


    Imagine my surprise when I picked up this book for a quick little look and found that I could not put it down Recently, I have had horrible luck with cozies thinking that this was just another in a long list of less than entertaining fluff, I kept by expectations low Jeffrey Allen another pen name for Jeff Shelby surprised me The humor is over the top funny, the main characters are engaging, and the storyline, though a bit simplistic is very entertaining In this book, you get to meet the people [...]

    Text Addict
    This was fun snappy prose, wisemouthed narrator, day to day absurdities mixed with routine stuff, plus a murder mystery That fourth star is totally for the amusement value Deuce Winters is a stay at home dad in a Texas suburb and also an ex football player married to a high powered attorney which is why the stay at home dad thing his teaching and coaching salary was peanuts compared to hers He s found that he enjoys full time parenting and three year old Carly is well written too , but as the bo [...]

    Ellie Oberth
    This was the first in a new series a mystery set in a small Texas town The hero is Deuce Winters, a stay at home dad taking care of his 3 yr old daughter, Carly.Allen s way with words is beyond funny The mystery itself was well done and the characters presented from Deuce s point of view made me laugh He handled the descriptions in a clever tongue I laughed out loud when Deuce rode shotgun in his wife s car.I highly recommend this cozy

    This was a flat out FUN read Great characters can you not love a dwarf P.I with a serious attitude Wasn t sure about a stay at home dad, but Deuce is great I ll be anxiously awaiting the next one HIGHLY RECOMMEND

    While the basic idea of a homemaker father being drawn into a murder investigation after discovering the body appealed to me, I had a number of problems with this book Most of my problems revolved around Allen s character development Several characters were unbelievably stupid, as in they were simply not credible One character that stupid I might be able to buy, but Allen dumped a whole bunch in Add that most of them are antagonistic to the main character for no reason other than to give Allen a [...]

    I liked the concept of this series Its not often you find a male author with a character of a stay at home dad It was refreshing While the plot was good, the characters all seemed to have tempers The dad needs to go to anger managment class, and I felt the wife was verbally abusing to the husband And Duece s dad even seemed to put his son down a lot I know that it was supposed to come off as humor, but I didnt feel it that way Because of that, I m not sure if I will read the rest of the series.

    This is what I call a good bathtub mystery it s an easy read perfect for reading in the bathtub or at the beach I look forward to reading when they come out.

    This is one of those mystery that s entertaining but also interesting The main character is a stay at home dad who has an uncanny knack to discover dead bodies anywhere Duece Winters our hero and sleuth discovers a body in his minivan, when picking up groceries at the local supermarket It turns out to be the body of his old high school rival, Benny Barnes, with a knife sticking out of his gut Everyone in the town assumes that Deuce is the killer, because of what happened in high school Deuce not [...]

    This is such a great book I absolutely love the sarcasm and side comments throughout This is how I would write a book The characters are fun, entertaining and some hilariously over the top I found myself literally laughing out loud many times Good mystery, great story line I look forward to the next book sad to see that there are not many in this series though

    Lyn Soulia smith
    Funny, kind of cute Not fond of male readers but this one was good and nice voices of wife, child and so on Laughed out loud, and had a few head shakes Excited to start next one which I started on 05 03

    Hated all the characters, except dad and his cohorts Never give up on books but couldn t wait to finish so I could find something else to read

    Cindy Stevens
    Very entertaining

    Felicia Gardner
    This is a cute cozy mystery Somewhat predictable but a fun read Will read from this series.

    Review Originally Posted At FictionForesightIn a small Texas town, one can never forget their high school sports glory For Deuce Winters, it comes back to haunt him when his rival, and career killing tackler, is found dead in his minivan in a crowded parking lot Will Deuce deduce the real killer before his reputation is ruined for his daughter Like many of the books that I have read in the cozy mystery genre, this one had so much potential, but got muddled somewhere in the middle Deuce started o [...]

    This is another cozy mystery that s due at the library So, I had to read it A lot of times this doesn t work well I feel resentful while reading in this situation I also had some major doubts about this book the cozy field is pretty much dominated by women In essence, I went into this book expecting to hate it To my surprise, I finished this book in less than 24 hours For the most part, I liked the main character who is a stay at home dad I m putting down his experiences with people looking funn [...]

    I think I liked this one I certainly read it quite quickly, which often means I am enjoying the story The premise is interesting, a happily stay at home dad in small town Texas i.e a man bucking the trends and expectations of his social cultural setting with a high powered attorney wife and cute three year old There are also some interesting supporting characters the little person PI, the sidelined sheriff, etc The story moved along with just enough character development to let you easily follow [...]

    A Voracious Reader (a.k.a. Carol)
    Deuce Winters is that rare individual, a stay at home dad Living in the small town of Rose Petal, Texas with his beautiful, intelligent, funny and successful lawyer wife Julianne and their three yr old daughter Carly, Deuce spends his days doing laundry, cleaning, cooking and caring for Carly For three years the town of Rose Petal thinks Deuce can t find a job, but Deuce is happy being a stay at home dad while his wife is the breadwinner His days are busy, happy and normal That is, until the day [...]

    Lisa Cox
    This was a fast, fun mystery My sister loaned it to me, I started reading it about suppertime, and I couldn t go to bed until I d finished it I liked the short chapters and the fast pace I liked the characters, although there were several times I found myself thinking, Men are surely not that dumb I enjoyed it, and it was humorous enough that I recommended it to my husband He rarely gets than 50 pages into anything I recommend, but he wound up finishing the book in 3 days I did take the opportu [...]

    David Bailey
    This book is a laugh riot literally from page 1 I did not know a man could write something so hilarousi I am a man, so do not think this is a sexist opinion This is one of the best first novels I have read in a very long time It is as enjoyable a read as some authors 10th book It is an easy read, despite an array of murder suspects And as in all good mysteries, the murderer is not anyone you would suspect, until he she is revealed near the end But solving the murder is actually not the most impo [...]

    Deuce Winters is house husband extraordinaire He runs the errands, does the laundry, cooks the meals, and cleans the house He does all this and still takes most careful care of three year Carly while lawyer mom brings home the bacon While Deuce had been a coach and teacher, he and his wife realistically concluded that she would earn money that he ever could, and that Carly would be far better off with dad rather than with a paid care giver So he enriches Carly s life 24 7 and mom is there when [...]

    Jeannie and Louis Rigod
    This debut novel started off with a laugh and a dead body What could a reader of cozy murders want Mr Allen has a firm handle on how children speak and think I found I liked the characters, sleuth stay at home Daddy, Deuce Winters, his wife, attorney, Julianne, and charming daughter, Carly.Mr Allen has accepted the very hard job of being a househusband, even to the point of being the classroom Dad He is holding his own but finds himself at a loss when he and Carly find a dead man sitting in the [...]

    Meg Fee
    This was my first cozy mystery with a male main character and or written by a man not using a woman s name so I started reading it with curiosity And I m glad I read it because it was enjoyable The main character used to be a high school coach but retired when he became a father He had no trouble with his successful lawyer wife being the bread winner in his family while he took on the difficult duties of stay at home dad husband Although the other people in their home town seem to think he d bee [...]

    Connie N.
    1 in the Stay at Home Dad seriesThis was such a fun and quick read I loved the main characters Deuce, his wife Julianne, and daughter Carly I laughed out loud in many places since Allen s humor hit exactly the right spot for me Poor Deuce has to often explain that his job is to take care of their young daughter he hasn t been looking for a job, he hasn t lost his job, he has no anger about not having a different job, etc On the first page, he gets closely embroiled in a murder, but he also has t [...]

    A highly entertaining start to a new series Deuce Winters has his hands full as a stay at home dad to a cute little 3 year old daughter Between household chores, grocery shopping, running errands, and keeping Carly entertained, he has no time for trouble But finding a dead body in his van in the grocery store parking lot brings on a load of trouble he has no choice but to deal with Now, Deuce has to figure out who really killed Benny before he gets railroaded into a jail cell Someone is determin [...]

    Lynn Demsky
    There s not enough stars to recommend this book As 1st in a new series it was just totally terrific The characters were human, believable, some eccentric, some not likeable the whole story was written with a sense of humor, love and plotted extremely well This ex teacher coach deciding to stay home and be a house husband to care for his little girl is just adorable and such a lovely different from all the amateur stay at home Mom s His wife being a lawyer they decided this was the best way to ca [...]

    Lots of fun Deuce, the protagonist, has his priorities right and is devoted to both his wife and child for whom he is the primary caregiver He s got sass and Victor the little person detective is a great secondary character I enjoy fiesty, lippy, has some common sense people who are great foils for the hero Not to mention both have pretty amazing women in their lives You re gonna love Deuce s wife, Julianne She kicks butt My only question is as a partner in a law firm, how does she get home for [...]

    Paul Penney
    The humor works in this novel, but there are not enough laughs to consider it a comedy Yet, there is not enough action or suspense to consider it a thriller It is a mystery, but to me, it was unable to hold my interest enough to care who the killer was The humor reminds me of a less offensive version of Konrath s Jack Daniels stories, but without any of the action or violence It s actually a lot like Murder She Wrote So, if you are a 75 year old woman who cannot get enough of Murder She Wrote, [...]

    This was a very quick and easy to read cozy mystery I really like the premise, and was excited to get a perspective that I ve never before encountered in this genre The story is written by a man from the point of view of a stay at home dad who gets caught up in a small town mystery involving him Every other cozy mystery I ve ever read has been written by a woman about a woman sleuth The story was interesting because of that, and it was well written It had enough humor to make me laugh several ti [...]

    Roman Milner
    I didn t realize until my forties, when I had my first child, that my ultimate career would be fathering I can t be a stay at home dad, I never will be, but I can live the dream by reading Jeffrey Allen.It doesn t hurt that the character is this book has a daughter the same age as mine, and like them, I live in Texas and grew up in a small town.A little time could have been spent on the father daughter relationship Most of the book is about the mystery at hand, which I guess is to be expected.I [...]

    Nola Arganbright
    This was a fun read for me This book was unusual for me due to the main character being a man and being written from the man s point of view Deuce Winters is a stay at home dad who when leaving the grocery store with his four year old daughter, finds a dead body in his minivan The rumors start to fly and Deuce is accused by some town citizens as the murderer This is a fun tale and reminded me of small town Texas life and the love for the high school football heroes no matter how old they became [...]

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