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  • Title: United Moon Colonies
  • Author: Tom Merritt
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 405
  • Format: ebook

  • United Moon Colonies By Tom Merritt Richard Chong just led the United Moon Colonies to victory over the Fundamentalist Union, or Fundys, saving Earth from a totalitarian madman Now as the Moon finally gains respect on its parent planet, a new madman wants to kill Chong But it s not all about the President They have an even insidious plot to rule both worlds and bring the Fundys back for good.
    Tom Merritt
    Tom Merritt is a technology journalist and broadcaster Tom has previously worked at TechTV, CNET and TWiT He currently hosts the Sword and Laser book club podcast, Daily Tech News Show, Current Geek and Cordkillers among othersoto by Andrew Mager

    United Moon Colonies By Tom Merritt


    This is a really fun book The story moved along at a brisk pace with plenty of twists and turns After listening to Tom Merritt on countless podcasts over the years I think I have a bit of a feel for his personality, it was fun to see it coming through in this story Mostly I d say this is a Sci Fi thriller, with some humor mixed in and a dash of hard boiled style to it Merritt did a good job with the narration of the audio book The mistakes in his reading were minor and easily forgivable It s fre [...]

    So my rating was a bit higher than most would expect I enjoyed the book and note it probably could have used a bit body to it, however, it was written in a month as part of NaNoRMo or however you abbreviate it I enjoy the others work on Buzz Out Loud, Tech News Today and The Sword and Laser Book Club so it was nice to see this side of him as well Interesting to see if there is a part two.

    This is a fast pace, very engaging and interesting read The topic of a religious war combined with Moon colonies makes it both a current and interesting book The fact that Venezuela appears promptly, even if in the side of the bad guys, was just icing in the cake My only criticism is the use of phrases like he looks Venezuelan I don t care how advance is the future, distinguishing between different nationalities in Latin America will always be a question of accent than of looks.

    Bill Nobes
    Got it from to support one of my favorite podcasters and was expecting to write a polite review Turns out I can write a very honest review and say I quite enjoyed it There were some hints of Slippery Jim DiGriz with a little Scalzi for flavor Nice work Mr Merritt

    Not a stellar read, but produced enough moments to be enjoyable It was a National Novel Writing Month project, so that makes it impressive.

    Very interesting book dealing with politics in minor ways, but turns into a great adventure story of conspiracy and mistrust The hero is believable and likable, as is his love interest and their relationship that adds a little lightness to the adventure The universe of a future world where the Moon colonized and influential to the war torn Earth is something I d like to see of It s a shorter book, but well worth the time.

    A well done especially for a Nanomo project science fiction yarn The characters are nicely fleshed out and the background story seems to hold up I think the science part is a bit space opera than hard science fiction but that is a stylistic choice.

    Jim Corbett
    An enjoyable read for a National Novel Writing Month book It is paced well, with good suspension to keep you reading.

    John Hester
    You go Tom

    Really enjoyable, simple romp into the near future

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