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  • Title: Anime gemelle
  • Author: Elizabeth Chandler
  • ISBN: 9788854117761
  • Page: 451
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Anime gemelle By Elizabeth Chandler L a non ha confini per un angelo caduto in voloTornato nel mondo dei vivi come angelo dopo aver perso la vita in un terribile e misterioso incidente, il giovane Tristan cerca disperatamente di entrare in contatto con Ivy, il suo grande a Grazie all aiuto di Lacey, un angelo femminile, Tristan scopre la tremenda verit che si nasconde dietro il suo incidente QualcL a non ha confini per un angelo caduto in voloTornato nel mondo dei vivi come angelo dopo aver perso la vita in un terribile e misterioso incidente, il giovane Tristan cerca disperatamente di entrare in contatto con Ivy, il suo grande a Grazie all aiuto di Lacey, un angelo femminile, Tristan scopre la tremenda verit che si nasconde dietro il suo incidente Qualcuno ha rotto i freni della sua macchina stato un omicidio, non una fatalit E il colpevole una persona di cui nessuno pu sospettare, che nasconde dietro un caldo sorriso e un affettuoso abbraccio la follia che divampa nella sua mente L assassino ormai fuori controllo, i suoi piani sono sempre pi deliranti, colpisce senza pensare, risucchiato in una spirale di odio e pazzia C in ballo l eredit del patrigno di Ivy, una fortuna che vale milioni E adesso che il cerchio si stringe intorno a Ivy, solo un angelo pu salvarla, proteggerla dai pericoli che incombono Ma Tristan sa che il suo tempo sta per scadere, perch nessun angelo pu rimanere sulla Terra per sempre L oscurit , il grande buio in cui prima o poi cadr per non tornare pi , lo chiama, cerca di catturarlo Ma Tristan non pu cedere, non pu lasciarsi andare L a della sua vita ha bisogno di lui.
    Elizabeth Chandler
    Elizabeth Chandler is a pseudonym for Mary Claire Helldorfer She currently lives in Balti, Maryland.

    Anime gemelle By Elizabeth Chandler


    Rebecca Gyldenlev
    Klart den bedste i serien ELSKEDE SLUTNINGEN

    Meagan G
    The last book was like a typical suspense movie The pyscho goes really crazy Kills the cat, tries to kill the main person they want to kill but end up dying instead Blah, blah, blah You ve seen the movies I liked the first two books better instead While reading the books I felt Tristan Ivy were a hotter couple then Ivy and Will So I was disappointed that Will Ivy hooked up Will really didn t do anything special to garner attraction True he helped Ivy did the hand holding, I m there for you crap, [...]

    So, explanation on this seriesoverall, I loved them but there were several things that happened and several themes throughout that were kind of hard for me to accept They were very emotional, which I liked because it challenged my feelings as I read, but it didn t make it any less difficult to come to grips with everything that happens I d still recommend these books, they were different from what I m used to reading which was a nice change , but the recommendation should come with the warning t [...]

    Sin duda, un gran final de trilog a o al menos, eso es lo que fue para m durante mucho tiempo, hasta que me enter que en realidad era una saga La lectura me mantuvo en vilo la mayor parte del tiempo, aunque fuera consciente ya de lo que ocurrir a, y al fin pude entender al completo mi fascinaci n con estos libros cuando los le por primera vez La forma en que la autora lleva a cabo ese misterioso y espeluznante final, en que entremezcla lo paranormal con la propia realidad del ser humano, simplem [...]

    Finally an ending to this story, although the series goes on At least we have some answers And the twists and turns were interestingBut I must admit, I had come up with some pretty elaborate endings This one just seemed bland.

    Lucy (Talk Less, Smile More)
    Throughout reading these books, I kept noticing the synopsis mention trilogy , and that Soulmates is the last book If this stayed as a trilogy I would ve been so disappointed Now don t get me wrong, this is a great story, but somewhere down the line this book became predictable and the characters started to frustrate me I ll get into all of that in a bit, but I just want to say that I am so glad that the author decided to extend this to three books My Rating 3.5 starsSoulmates doesn t quite pic [...]

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    How can I even start to describe this book I don t remember feeling so sabotaged for having spent my money on something in a while, but this trilogy covers it Every possibility of having character development is smashed and destroyed with so much effort that it cannot be described in any other term but colossal view spoiler We could have a shot at having Gregory a believable villain, but instead we have his crazy mind fuck lack of sanity and that s about it We could have a shot at having Eric a [...]

    Heather P
    This book was the book that finally got me interested in finishing the series I have three problems with the book though 1 The ending with Lacey was too open ended Tristan really needed to truly understand how she felt about him in my opinion Last problem with the book series 2 Demons That was random besides the talk about Bad Angels but it isn t really the same and unexplained 3 Ivy was in love at the end, but there weren t a whole lot of conversations between her and Will There wasn t anything [...]

    One less star because ivy moved on too quick atleast mourn for another year or soo I like Will he seems nice But I love Tristan he was down right irresistible I wish he would come back All the books I ever read the first lead guy is always the the guy never the second one Example Vampire academy Dimitri Twilight edwardNight huntress bones crispinAnd a lot So the first lead guy should always be the main love

    For a detailed review, please check out my review below Debra s Book CafeDebs

    Summative Review Book 2 January 29th 2015 I have now finished the third book in the Kissed by an Angel series called Soulmate s by Elizabeth Chandler Once again I fell in love with the third book even than the book before In this book we found out many new discoveries about peoples real personalities This book was definitely my favourite out of the three I read before as so much was happening Throughout the book our minds are being twisted and spun in circles of confusion The reason for this is [...]

    Zoey Fischer
    ok so I for sure liked the first book way after the first book, everything seemed to go downhill like, Ivy was in love wth Tristan, the he dies, then she falls in love with Gregory even though he is her stepbrother, then he tries to kill her, and then it ends with Ivy telling Will that she loves him like how can a girl love someone so much, and then fall in love with two other guys in a course of a few months I don t know how that is possible I loved the first book, the second one was ok, but t [...]

    The story line over three books honestly could be 1 book.

    3 stars

    This was the best book out of the trilogy If you read this make sure you read them together Individually they don t really make sense.

    Dawlyn LBBF
    Even though I found the mystery to be predictable, I still enjoyed this conclusion and I m glad to know that Elizabeth Chandler continued on with the series
    Review brought to you by OBS staff member HeidiIvy is back in school after the terrible incident with the train that happened at the end of the previous book, The Power of Love, but she doesn t remember anything about what happened that night Everyone thinks that the loss of Tristan was too much for her and that she decided to take her life by throwing herself in front of that train.She has grown cautious around Gregory and when she finally starts believing the story Phillip is telling about ang [...]

    Ohhh realmente tengo muchos sentimientos encontradosSpoilers Por un lado estoy feliz de que ya se haya resuelto el tema de quien intentaba asesinar a Ivy, y quien fue el maldito que mato a Tristan aunque era algo que se sab a mucho antes,no podemos negarlo Pero me cuenta aceptar los giros en la relaci n de Ivy y Tristan Sencillamente no puedo aceptar que el se vayaque l haya muerto eso me parte el coraz n.Ellos estaban destinados el uno al otro Te amo, Ivy Nunca dejar de amarte.Ella se inclin co [...]

    ZUM INHALT Ivy ist einem neuen Anschlag des M rders nur knapp entgangen Doch alle glauben, Ivy h tte in ihrer Trauer um Tristan versucht, sich das Leben zu nehmen Nur Tristan und ihr kleiner Bruder Philip wissen, was wirklich geschehen ist Denn sogar Ivy selbst fehlt jede Erinnerung an den grauenhaften Vorfall.Sie ahnt nicht, wie nah ihr der M rder tats chlich ist Und es ist nur eine Frage der Zeit, bis er seine Schlinge endg ltig zuzieht MEINE MEINUNG Dies ist nun der finale Band der Engel Tril [...]

    Wow, che sorpresa Questo libro potrebbe essere considerato un thriller a tutti gli effetti se non ci fosse la presenza di angeli che risolvono situazioni altrimenti irrisolvibili e danno un tocco fantasy al tutto Se il primo libro della serie L a che non muore poteva essere considerato un genere per ragazzi grazie a tutta la dolcezza e al sentimento d a profondo che segnano tutta la storia, il secondo libro e il terzo compiono un salto di genere Il personaggio negativo di cui non sveler il nome [...]

    This book was recommended to me.I really did enjoy this series but I found that it was lacking The third book in the series is after Ivy and Tristan discovers who committed the murders and now they have to find evidence against him before he kills Ivy.It would have been a touching book if the characters had gone through life changing events Spoiler Ivy does learn to love someone else, which is something I don t really have any complaints against her.Tristan was an idiot It was sweet how in love [...]

    Elen Tabita Bertoldi
    Lica ReadsOMG This book was pure emotion I got through anger, sadness, frustrations, hate, etcHave you ever wanted to murder a character in a book so bad that you felt like throwing the book Well, I did, I wanted to murder Gregory so bad that I was itching to get inside this book and doing it myself.And Suzanne, oooh she pissed me off too What kind of friend puts a guy before a childhood friend A guy that loves to play games with girls and play hard to get and even harder to keep Yes, Ivy had be [...]

    Daniela(Lost in a Book Blog)
    09.10.13 I m so happy exists Without it I wouldn t be able to find so many good books So thank you Kissed by an angel was a really good book I enjoyed it very much, so If you re looking for a book with romance, mystery and guardian angels, this is it.The story was really interesting and different, the romance was the right amount of heartbreaking and lovely, although I thought we could ve read a little of Tristan and Ivy as a couple The mystery was really good, I had so many theories of what wa [...]

    Ho dato un buon voto a tutti i libri di questa trilogia molto prima di venire a sapere che l autrice avesse in mente di continuare a scrivere.Ripensandoci, adesso non li avrei valutati cos bonariamente, sarei stata un pelino pi spietata A distanza di anni di questa serie non rimasto nulla, se non il cartaceo a casa.Della Chandler apprezzo di pi gli stand alone, anche se quelli a cui mi riferisco fanno parte di una serie Ricordo che Le Visioni di Megan mi avevano estraniata dal mondo per qualche [...]

    Jordan C.
    February Book Report, Soulmates, Elizabeth ChandlerThe final installment in the trilogy Kissed by an Angel, Soulmates finishes the story of Ivy and her dead, guardian angel boyfriend, Tristan After being murdered, Tristan is determined to find his killer before he she gets to Ivy Ivy is believing in Tristan, allowing them to talk and fit together clues When their suspect, Ivy s step brother, Gregory, weaves lies to break Ivy apart from his girlfriend and Ivy s best friend, Suzanne, Gregory becom [...]

    Yani Daniele
    Re lectura de este libro para el reto Saga del foro The guardians, vamos que me faltan 3 m s para antes de fin de a o jajajaContinuamos con la historia de Ivy, al fin ha recordado lo que ocurri en el accidente donde Tristan perdi la vida y al fin ha recuperado su fe en los ngeles pero el peligro est a n m s cerca y v ctimas inocentes mueren en el camino.Lo malo de la re lectura es que ya sabes que va a pasar y sientes la impotencia de no poder intervenir y cambiar las cosas view spoiler Ella la [...]

    bookishheaven.wordpress 2 Kissed by an Angel trilogy is an angelic romantic suspense trilogy I absolutely love the books and I TOTALLY recommend them This book series consists of a combination of romance and mystery.It s about Ivy and Tristan, a teen in love couple that got teared apart die to a terrible accident that changed EVERYTHING Tristan ended up dying in the accident leaving Ivy devastated and depressed which resulted in her loosing her faith in Angels Tristan returns as an angel and mee [...]

    Courtney Squire
    I give this book a rating of 4.5 stars I enjoyed every bit of this book It was awesome It gave me feels and made me pretty sad and depressed, lol This book was super cute and romantic, but also extremely suspenseful and creepy At parts, it creeped me out real badly And I love it when a book does that.But it was mostly really sad and depressing WHY Why does he have to die Why does this book have me feeling so horrible inside I JUST WANT THEM TO BE TOGETHER IVY AND TRISTAN BELONG TO EACH OTHER AND [...]

    wietna kontynuacja, pe na zwrot w akcji, napi cia i strachu o bohater w By o niepokoj co i frustruj co, bowiem oczywi cie Ivy ma sw j w asny rozum i pcha si w najwi ksze k opoty, kt re mog aby bez problemu omin Jej matka to totalna psycholka, wnerwia a mnie niesamowicie swoj g upot jak mo na nie wierzy w asnej c rce A do tego Ella naprawd , niez e odjazdy ma ten Gregory, boj si jego kolejnych pomys w A w tek Tristana jak zawsze najfajniejszy, bo wraz z Lacey tworz zabawn park.Ksi ka sko czy a si [...]

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      Elizabeth Chandler