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  • Title: 50 Underwear Questions: A Bare-All History
  • Author: Tanya Lloyd Kyi Ross Kinnaird
  • ISBN: 9781554513536
  • Page: 443
  • Format: Hardcover

  • 50 Underwear Questions: A Bare-All History By Tanya Lloyd Kyi Ross Kinnaird Most of us take our underwear for granted, but throughout history our undies have revealed a lot about who we are king or peasant , how we work in fields or factories or the shapes we value manly calves or tiny waists The third book in Annick s 50 Questions series tackles questions such as What s that smell Medieval Europeans thought bathing made you sick and DMost of us take our underwear for granted, but throughout history our undies have revealed a lot about who we are king or peasant , how we work in fields or factories or the shapes we value manly calves or tiny waists The third book in Annick s 50 Questions series tackles questions such as What s that smell Medieval Europeans thought bathing made you sick and Did boxers arrive in the Nick of time When blue jean model Nick Kamen stepped out of his denims to reveal his boxers, sales of the underwear soared Underwear has played a role in ancient crusades, city sieges and even modern economic predictions Obviously, it s time to uncover the facts about everything from loincloths and T shirts to bloomers and lingerie Young readers will laugh their pants off at the accompanying cartoons and get the bare, but fascinating, facts about the history of our unmentionables.
    Tanya Lloyd Kyi Ross Kinnaird
    Tanya writes both fiction and non fiction, often choosing topics related to science, pop culture, or social history or a combination of the three She enjoys combining factual research with intriguing narratives, or the life stories of interesting folks.In her spare time, Tanya likes to run, bake, and read Her favourite meal is breakfast, her favourite color is blue, and her favourite children s book is A Wrinkle in Time.Tanya grew up in Creston, B.C and now lives in Vancouver with her husband, who claims to be the world s only Burmese occupational therapist She balances writing time with parenthood, caring for her daughter Julia and her son Matthew.

    50 Underwear Questions: A Bare-All History By Tanya Lloyd Kyi Ross Kinnaird


    Nicola Mansfield
    Reason for Reading I love social history and I thought the history of this topic geared towards children could prove to be quite funny.A very colourful book written on blue pages which have the appearance of fabric This is a bright bold, attractive book that grabs your attention right away the artwork is cartoonish and silly, some characters even felt a bit Simpsons ish too me The information is highly interesting and unless you read a wide variety of historical fiction through all time eras, yo [...]

    Ever wondered about underwear and its history Well now you don t have to with this book 50 Underwear Questions gives the history of underwear and has some very interesting facts.One thing I really loved was that there were some neat little fact boxes in great illustrations I was always entertained by them The facts were really interesting too.The whole book has illustrations that I really enjoyed A lot of the time I am pretty good at ignoring illustrations in books but these ones stood out to me [...]

    This book was awesome I liked the pictures because they were funny and they made funny comments about the topic It was also cool to learn about how underwear changed over time It also had cool facts For example Did you know that people back than bathed only once a month Gross This book was really good

    I really liked this book because the information is funny and kind of good to know for future progects.For excample if you were to do a progect on an inventor mabye he or she invenid under ware.I also like the pictures because they are really funny.

    Although the style of its cover illustration did not appeal to me at all, I spontaneusly requested a review copy of 50 Underwear Questions A Bare All History as soon as I my eyes fell on the title, because since I paged through a wonderful children s book about the history of underwear in a British bookshop about 15 years ago and forgot to write down the bibliographic data, I am on the lookout for a title that is equally informative, well written and illustrated I have to admit that about the on [...]

    An Abundance of Books
    Featured at An Abundance of BooksThis was a cool history book I m not quite sure who the audience would be, but I sure enjoyed it Kyi traces the history of underwear, from prehistoric to modern day underwear and styles Readers learn how religion, nobility,pop culture, war, wealth, and access to new materials affected styles and the underwear beneath In the 1520s men wore pads under their hose to emulate Henry VIII calves European countries passed laws to prevent the lower classes from embroideri [...]

    Rick Budding
    Have you ever considered whether wearing woollen underwear would help you gain strength, lose weight and improve your singing voice Well, Dr Gustav Jaeger, a German physiologist and zoologist in the 1880s did, and his woolies were sold by a London business man in over 20 stores in the early 1900 Or maybe you ve wondered about the elastic in your undies After reading this book you d probably be thankful you didn t have to wear British inventor Thomas Hancock s first rubber elastic for underwear i [...]

    Sara Thompson
    Picking up a book about underwear may not sound interesting but I couldn t help but wonder what it was about This galley was amazing I never really thought about underwear prior to this book but I realize it has significance than I ever gave it.50 Underwear Questions follows the history of underwear through 50 questions I didn t notice the questions much but I appreciated the information The book was colorfully illustrated with fun pictures The subject matter might get a little uncomfortable bu [...]

    Laura Mcclanahan
    Genre Non FictionWhat a FUN book This text anticipates children s questions about where underwear came from, what underwear looked like around the world during different time periods, how certain styles came to be, and what materials the underwear is made from The text presents each question on top of a graphic of underwear hanging on a clothesline, but the rest of the pictures are cartoons The colorful drawings mixed with the playful writing style of the author makes this text an easy and fun r [...]

    Loincloths, crinolines, and knickerbockers what are they and what was their purpose You ll learn these facts and a lot in this clever book about the undergarments worn since the beginning of mankind The reasons for a particular style of under things will amuse and possibly amaze you Thoughtful consideration went into the styling of this book, with a blue plaid background on most pages being reminiscent of the fabric of boxer shorts, additional information being printed on what appears to be a f [...]

    Did you know that in the 1500 s noblemen wore pads under their tights to enhance their calves They wanted to look like King Henry VIII who was known for his way with women Imagine if you couldn t fit through a doorway because your underwear was too wide Women in the 1740 s had hinges on the wooden or metal frames they wore under their skirts That way they could lift the structures up under their armpits and squeeze through doorways 50 Underwear Questions presents a brief history of the world by [...]

    The history of underwear for children, useful for ages 7 11 depending on the child, of course Underwear isn t a subject you can find much source material on, especially for this age range, so this is a welcome addition to books on costume even if it does have a jokey approach and cartoon illustrations that are about appeal than accuracy It offers a pretty good outline of different types of underwear for men and women through the ages There was one glaring omission in women s body shapes corsetr [...]

    50 Underwear Questions by Tanya Lloyd KylbookloversparadiseWhat a fun book Imagine an entire book about underwear Yes, underwear I can t say I ve ever really thought much about underwear I see now that was a mistake Even the cavemen thought about underwear, if only to protect their sensative parts I was amazed to learn about all the different styles of underwear throughout the ages The illustrations in this book were spectacular I laughed out loud while reading and looking at the pictures I par [...]

    Great book on the history of undergarments, stripping the myth away while giving a body of evidence in the origins and importance of underwear in society It was most often created for practical reasons, but has frequently become fashion statement, driven for or by social and personal definition You ll learn where the term jock came from it has to do with Boston bike couriers , how vitally important the suffragette Elizabeth Cady Stanton was to a women s freedom to wear pants, which innovations c [...]

    The development and extinction of both men s and women s underwear is followed through time with a nod to events in history and how they relate to underwear From loincloths to bloomers, superheroes to laws this book answers all of the readers questions about underwear.Cartoon style illustrations accompany a multitude of interesting facts about a strangely fascinating subject This well organized book is easy to read and provides a bibliography and books for further reading Recommended 8 12 yearsS [...]

    To learn that man has been wearing under clothing for eons is an unstated fact of history I never knew what lay beneath a mummy s wraps but, now I do To have the history behind the Ice Man WOW How underwear were the ONLY clean item worn in the middle ages well that one just boggled my mind This is the type of fact book that as a parent I would place it in the boy s reading room I love that it teaches children about history from a perspective that is somewhat taboo naturally making it one that ki [...]

    I really enjoyed the funny pictures because most of them involved people in their underwear I think talking about the evolution of underwear was hilarious and intersting but sometimes I kind of got lost in all the talk about underwaer and was bored Other then that one thing I really enjoyed this book

    Cheri Williams
    I ve gotta say, 50 Underwear Questions delivers in a big way Awesome illustrations, humor clad history and fun underwear facts what else could one want The illustrated asides are at least as awesome as the main text Not sure it would hold the attention of the younger set but it definitely held mine arc provided by publisher

    I did not really like this book because the facts are interesting but it just draged on about one thing I did like a little bit of the book and that is why i gave it 3 stars instead of 2 One of the facts i did like was how underwear changed over time, the fact I thought was boring about the hoops that just dragged on It was an okay book.

    I think it was wierd to learn about underwear from long ago and the most surprising part was somthing that popped out at me.It was somthing about a war and the princess at the time said to her husband im not going to change my underwear untill this battle is over pg 22

    Not sure what I was expecting I thought perhaps a funny book my son would like Not sure this is for him but parts were funny.If you are looking for information about the history of underwear and crazy, funny facts about underwear than this might be for you Maybe 2.5 Stars

    Zack Blaze
    this book was not bad but i really like the pictures they were funny you learn pretty cool stuff like when underwear was invented it was cool there are alot of funny underwears like the old looking ones and icwill remember the pictures

    Logan D
    I loved the book It was easily the funniest book I ever read It was soooooo funny.I also liked all hthe funny cartoons and speech bubbles Have to give it a 4 5 but i would of gave it 5 5 if there was in the book There was alot but i wish i cuold read .

    Makayla Thomas
    I have to say this was an interesting read Being that I enjoy history, I knew about a lotREAD REVIEW HERE makaylasbookreviews.c

    Great little read, ebook from the library Fascinating progression of underwear throughout history and its relevancy to society, even economic indicators Society is WEIRD and silly, just like our underwear

    It s an awesome book I love how each page is focused around a question at the top of the page and it has just the right amount of silliness I liked learning about corsets and how they ve changed over the years.

    Net galley early read, Funny informative book for older elementary kids about the history of underwear, men s and women s

    A humorous and entertaining history of the development and invention of underwear More us going on underneath than you think

    Navdeep Mann
    looks like a good and funny book to read

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      443 Tanya Lloyd Kyi Ross Kinnaird
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