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  • Title: The Great Wheel
  • Author: Robert Lawson Richard Peck
  • ISBN: 9780802777058
  • Page: 147
  • Format: Paperback

  • The Great Wheel By Robert Lawson Richard Peck Your fortune lies to the west Keep your face to the sunset and one day you ll ride the greatest wheel in all the world When Aunt Honora reads this fortune in his tea leaves, Conn Kilroy knows he is destined for greater things than his small Irish village can offer A letter from his uncle Michael in America offering Conn a partnership in his New York contracting Your fortune lies to the west Keep your face to the sunset and one day you ll ride the greatest wheel in all the world When Aunt Honora reads this fortune in his tea leaves, Conn Kilroy knows he is destined for greater things than his small Irish village can offer A letter from his uncle Michael in America offering Conn a partnership in his New York contracting company sets Conn on his western adventure Just a few short months later Conn s Uncle Patrick lures him even farther west to Chicago, where they join the hardworking crew building what some called Ferris s Folly the first Ferris wheel then the largest wheel in the world and the showpiece of Chicago s 1893 World s Columbian Exposition.
    Robert Lawson Richard Peck
    Born in New York City, Lawson spent his early life in Montclair, New Jersey Following high school, he studied art for three years under illustrator Howard Giles an advocate of dynamic symmetry as conceived by Jay Hambidge at the New York School of Fine and Applied Art now Parsons School of Design , marrying fellow artist and illustrator Marie Abrams in 1922 His career as an illustrator began in 1914, when his illustration for a poem about the invasion of Belgium was published in Harper s Weekly He went on to publish in other magazines, including the Ladies Home Journal, Everybody s Magazine, Century Magazine, Vogue, and Designer.During World War I, Lawson was a member of the first U.S Army camouflage unit called the American Camouflage Corps , in connection with which he served in France with other artists, such as Barry Faulkner, Sherry Edmundson Fry, William Twigg Smith and Kerr Eby In his autobiography, Faulkner recalls that Lawson had a remarkable sense of fantasy and humor , which made him especially valuable when the camoufleurs put on musical shows for the children of the French women who worked with them on camouflage After the war, Lawson resumed his work as an artist, and in 1922, illustrated his first children s book, The Wonderful Adventures of Little Prince Toofat Subsequently he illustrated dozens of children s books by other authors, including such well known titles as The Story of Ferdinand by Munro Leaf which later became an animated film by the Walt Disney Studios and Mr Popper s Penguins by Richard and Florence Atwater In total, he illustrated as many as forty books by other authors, and another seventeen books that he himself was author of, including Ben and Me An Astonishing Life of Benjamin Franklin By His Good Mouse Amos and Rabbit Hill His work was widely admired, and he became the first, and so far only, person to be given both the Caldecott Medal They Were Strong and Good, 1941 and the Newbery Medal Rabbit Hill, 1945 Ben and Me earned a Lewis Carroll Shelf Award in 1961.Lawson was a witty and inventive author, and his children s fiction is no less engaging for grown ups One of his inventive themes was the idea of a person s life as seen through the eyes of a companion animal, an approach that he first realized in Ben and Me Some of his later books employed the same device which was compatible with his style of illustration to other figures, such as Christopher Columbus I Discover Columbus and Paul Revere Mr Revere and I Captain Kidd s Cat, which he both wrote and illustrated, is narrated by the feline in the title, named McDermot, who tells the story of the famous pirate s ill starred voyage, in the process of which he is shown to have been a brave, upright, honest, hen pecked man betrayed by his friends and calumniated by posterity His artistic witticism and creativity can be seen in The Story of Ferdinand the Bull, where he illustrates a cork tree as a tree that bears corks as fruits, ready to be picked and placed into bottles.In the early 1930s, Lawson became interested in etching One of the resulting prints was awarded the John Taylor Arms Prize by the Society of American Etchers.Lawson died in 1957 at his home in Westport, Connecticut, in a house that he referred to as Rabbit Hill, since it had been the setting for his book of the same name He was 64 He is buried in Mountain Grove Cemetery, in Bridgeport, Connecticut An annual conference is held in his honor in Westport.The Robert Lawson Papers are in the University of Minnesota Children s Literature Research Collections.

    The Great Wheel By Robert Lawson Richard Peck


    Michael Fitzgerald
    A nice historical fiction story I m not sure I agree with the choice of cover images, since it is a spoiler the first 50 pages or so have us wondering about what this great wheel could possibly be Lawson s drawings of Conn seem to make his head too small.

    Amber Scaife
    A sweet little story about a young man who helps build Ferris big wheel for the Chicago World s Fair.The details of the wheel s logistics were neat, and the parallel story of the young man immigrating to the U.S was a nice complement.

    Early this year I came across a list of 100 Books Every Boy Should Read The Great Wheel was one of the books on the list that I had apparently been deprived of as a boy, so I decided to correct the situation This was a great find Although it is written for younger readers, the story was uplifting and fun to read The life of a young Irish immigrant is changed in many ways when he is employed by Mr George Washington Gale Ferris in the construction of the first Ferris Wheel for the 1893 World s Col [...]

    Story Revolution
    Your fortune lies to the west Keep your face to the sunset and one day you ll ride the greatest wheel in all the world When Aunt Honora reads this fortune in his tea leaves, Conn Kilroy knows he is destined for greater things than his small Irish village can offer A letter from his uncle Michael in America offering Conn a partnership in his New York contracting company sets Conn on his western adventure Just a few short months later Conn s Uncle Patrick lures him even farther west to Chicago, w [...]

    Enjoyable JF on the building of the first Ferris Wheel for the World s Fair in 1893 Admittedly, I ve read other books on this Ferris Wheel so I m not sure whether I d have enjoyed this book as much if I didn t already have background on the events surrounding its construction Enjoyed this one, though, and wish I could have taken a ride on this Ferris Wheel myself

    I really enjoyed it Loved learning so much about the design and engineering of the ferris wheel Also about irish immigrants, mr Ferris, and the chicago world s fair Loved the way the author wrapped it up too, but won t say so as not to ruin the book for someone else.

    Jadd H
    This book was SO hard to read This book is 180 pages long, and probably some of the most boring 180 pages of my life This book is about these main characters who help Mr Ferris with his upcoming book project Unfortunately, the people do not have enough money to fund the wheel, so they have to build it themselves This book spends a lot of the time describing the adventures of working on the wheel The wheel later gets finished and people start celebrating and enjoying themself And thought was real [...]

    Jarm Del Boccio
    Your fortune lies to the west, lad Keep your face to the sunset and follow the evening star From Ireland to New York to Chicago to a farm in Wisconsin, this classic award winning tale slowly revolves and resolves as Conn follows his dreams and destiny to work for Mr Ferris on his fantastic wheel at the World s Columbian Exposition, and find Trudy the girl with the blond braids, blue eyes and Dresden doll complexion he met in steerage on his immigrant s journey to a new land The center portion of [...]

    I first read this charming story about 55 years ago Upon rereading it yesterday I found that I remembered some of it but had forgotten a lot Of course I now know much about the historical context of the 1893 World s Fair and about late 19th century immigration That added to my appreciation of the tale about a young Irishman s experience as a crew member who built George Washington Gale Ferris s great wheel, one of the marvels of the World s Columbian Exposition.Robert Lawson s pen and ink illus [...]

    Maximilian Lee
    I might of not liked this book because the first Ferris Wheel might have been crudely built at least I think so I also think the Ferris Wheel was a big wastes of time in a way because some people destroyed it after the world s fair This book was about a boy named Conn and his fortune in the U.S Overall, this book is very informational about the time when the first Ferris Wheel was getting built.

    Very interesting story about the construction of the first Ferris Wheel for the Chicago Exposition My children and I thoroughly enjoyed the characters and the historical information, as well as the charming story woven throughout about a young man in search of his destiny.

    I had never heard of this book before we got it with Sonlight E My daughter and I both thought it was very interesting It was a little hard to read aloud in places due to the dialect, but over all it s a great story of hard work and not being afraid to follow dreams that others may call crazy.

    Jenny Yahn
    This was a good read that required a little bit of Irish background information to get going for my 5th grader Armed with that information, the book was a delight, full of interesting information and story about the first Ferris Wheel It was a great read in our homeschool.

    A young adult historical fiction telling of how the first Ferris Wheel came to be at the Columbian Exposition in Chicago at the turn of the century Parts of the book were slow, but overall it was a nice little story with a budding romance worked in My sons both liked it ages 10 and 12.

    At first it was boring Then it turned out a great book

    3.5 stars

    Christa R
    It was interesting to see how much things had progressed just since the Civil War Having visited Chicago, it was interesting to learn this history.

    Gloria Russell
    I really liked this immigrant tale about the first Ferris wheel So did my boys read aloud for homeschool One star off bc sometimes it was hard to follow the descriptions of the construction.

    An enjoyable read about the construction of the very first Ferris Wheel and the story of a young man woven through it.

    Laura Verret
    I thought that this story would be from the perspective of an attendee of the 1893 Chicago World Fair Instead, it tells the story of one of the men who helped build the Great Ferris Wheel The Story.Cornelius Terence Kilroy has never dreamed of going west but the west is calling his name His Uncle Michael has offered for Conn to cross the Atlantic Sea, leaving his home in Ireland to live and work in New York City.Conn agrees and the next day begins his journey to New York City He enjoys his life [...]

    Becky B
    Our story starts with Conn, a young man in Ireland, who is told by his aunt that he will journey west following the evening star and ride a great wheel Conn soon does find himself going west, called to join his Uncle Michael in a successful sewer and drain business in New York City Conn quickly learns the trade and is a great help to his uncle who starts talking about making him a partner, but Conn isn t sure he wants to make drains all his life He keeps thinking of his aunt s fortune for him an [...]

    The Great Wheel is the story of Conn, who helps build the world s first Ferris Wheel It s also the story of his family, friends, and fellow immigrants, and each character is distinctive, colorful, and lovingly drawn Take his Uncle Patrick, who assures Mr Ferris that for every 1 16 of an inch wrong in the measurements, that amount should be sliced off his nose Or Martin Brennan, master rigger, who jumps aboard the derrick raising the largest piece of steel ever forged the size of which was never [...]

    Christopher Bunn
    Robert Lawson is a superb children s writer, responsible for books such as Smeller Martin, Ben and Me, and Rabbit Hill He s consistently good The Great Wheel does not deviate from his high standards It follows the story of a young Irish immigrant who comes to America and ends up working on the construction of the world s first Ferris Wheel at the World Expo in Chicago.Part coming of age, part romance, delightfully humorous and full of colorful, finely crafted characters, this book is a keeper I [...]

    I picked this up totally on a whim because it was sitting on an endcap, and had that bright, shiny Newbery seal on the cover It was a new version with a celebrity foreward by Richard Peck, and I didn t realize until I cracked the cover that it was actually written in about 1950 I found it pleasant enough, but without much of a hook It s the story of an Irish boy of about 18, circa 1900, who goes to America to seek his fortune, first working with his uncle laying sewers in New York, then recruite [...]

    This fun book from 1957 is about an Irish immigrant who comes to America and helps build the giant Ferris wheel for the 1893 world s fair This is my favorite type of read aloud we enjoy the story, learn some history, learn about amazing people who were not afraid to try the impossible , and follow an innocent romance It s amazing what men could accomplish back then without all of our bulldozers and modern technology This was Robert Lawson s last book, and it was named a 1958 Newbery Honor after [...]

    Not terribly impressed The author throws around engineering vocabulary when explaining the building of the Ferris wheel without explaining the meaning or function of those parts And I didn t find it interesting enough to want to learn the meanings Granted, I read this on the heels of several Newbery Honors by Holling C Holling, who is peerless in his explanations and illustrations of machinery, among other things Still, there was nothing particularly gripping about the story or characters.

    I think this is supposed to be a children s book It s on reading level 5, but there were many engineering words in it that I didn t know, so I m wondering if a 4th or 5th grader would understand.This book is about a young man who comes to America from Ireland and ends up helping to build the world s first ferris wheel.I really liked learning the history of the ferris wheel I liked the first part of the book and the last part, but I got kind of bogged down in the middle where it told a day by day [...]

    This is a superb book about Conn, an Irish emigrant who crosses the great ocean to build sewers with his rich uncle and perhaps take over the business because Uncle Michael has no sons But when big breezy Uncle Patrick comes and tells Conn of a better way to work, Conn decides to follow his star Perhaps even as far as Wisconsin, and ride the greatest wheel of all Well written and entertaining, with delightful illustrations by the author.

    Monica Fastenau
    Read the full review here newberyandbeyond newbery bThis Newbery honor book was a pretty interesting look at the 1893 Chicago World s Fair It follows Conn, a young Irish man who moves to Chicago to help his uncle build the first Ferris wheel in time for the fair I do wish women weren t relegated only to a romantic role throughout the book, but it s still a fun read.

    Thomas Bell
    Pretty good book The story of the building of the first Ferris Wheel for the 1893 Chicago World s Fair was really good The story of a boy traveling to the United States on a prophecy and a dream and then working hard for that dream was good The story of falling in love with a beautiful german woman he met once as a boy and then saw her again as a rich girl and married her was not really that good.

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