[AZW] ✓ Blaster Master | By ☆ F.X. Nine A.L. Singer Peter Lerangis #2020

  • Title: Blaster Master
  • Author: F.X. Nine A.L. Singer Peter Lerangis
  • ISBN: 9780590764810
  • Page: 362
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

  • Blaster Master By F.X. Nine A.L. Singer Peter Lerangis A novel based on the game Follow Jason into a mysterious underground cavern full of strange alien beings Soon he is locked into a battle with a gang of radioactive mutants fighting to save the Earth from destruction.
    F.X. Nine A.L. Singer Peter Lerangis
    F.X Nine is a pseudonym used by Seth Godin for the Worlds of Power series He was the creator of the series and wrote outlines for each book Authors were hired to write the novelizations based on Godin s vision and outline.

    Blaster Master By F.X. Nine A.L. Singer Peter Lerangis


    Why does it rate so high was a cool game, and probably one of my first sci fi reads in school Sentimental I know, but it was fun then and not too bad when I re read it lately.

    Amy Prosser
    Loved this book as a kid It would probably be terrible if I re read it now, but as an elementary school student, it was awesome.

    Fun read Would have loved it as a child To keep it at the rather short 90ish pages it has a lot of off scene adventures Well I m glad we killed those 9 level bosses.

    Willow Redd
    One of my major issues with the World of Power books is that the writer takes a bit too much creative license with the original story For example, in Blaster Master, Jason is not aided by anyone, yet in the book he s got a young girl from an alien world and a human boy who failed the same mission he is now on Personally, I think this book would have been better if it had just been Jason against the Plutonium Boss and really, American Sunsoft employees, that s the best you can do.As with the othe [...]

    Harry Collier IV
    This book is not classic literature It will not reveal the truth of the universe or the deeper meanings of existence It will not even reveal the shallow meanings.What this book is is fun I first read this nearly 20 years ago when I was a big fan of the game and though I haven t played Blaster Master since then this book served to bring back a lot of good memories.It is a page turner and can be finished in about an hour so the time investment is definitely worth it.On a negative note, the author [...]

    A powerful coming of age tale of a young boy, Jason, and his overly active frog Through a confluence of age and being at wrong place at the wrong time Jason s frog becomes slathered in radioactive goo, grows in girth, and promptly disappears down a giant hole The only explanation of this sudden phenomenon would be aliens snatching up young men s small and benign pets to make them engorged giants out of the control of their owners I do believe the nefarious aliens were beat back with the help of [...]

    Richard Knight
    I remember reading this book on the bus ride to school Memories The best story ever about a boy and his frog.

    • [AZW] ✓ Blaster Master | By ☆ F.X. Nine A.L. Singer Peter Lerangis
      362 F.X. Nine A.L. Singer Peter Lerangis
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