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  • Title: Passionate Ink: A Guide to Writing Erotic Romance
  • Author: Angela Knight
  • ISBN: 9781596323902
  • Page: 313
  • Format: Paperback

  • Passionate Ink: A Guide to Writing Erotic Romance By Angela Knight The forecast is in the future of romance is hot and steamy But riding the wave to success takes than stringing together a couple of sex scenes USA Today bestselling author Knight shares the down and dirty details on writing erotic romances that will keep readers coming back for .
    Angela Knight
    Angela Knight is an American author of mostly erotic fantasy She was a reporter for ten years and a comic book author She lives in South Carolina First published under Red Sage, she was able to write romantic fiction for the first time in 1996 She published several short stories in their Secrets anthologies Editor Cindy Hwang brought her to Berkley Publishing and has helped her become a best selling author.When developing her Mageverse series she wanted to create a unique spin on the vampire tale Taking the Arthurian legend and twisting it, she has vampires that are not evil, still possess their souls, and can reproduce Merlin was an alien who traveled to Earth from the Mageverse an alternate world where magic is everywhere to establish protectors Merlin s race had seen species that destroyed themselves as they advanced To avoid this, he searched Earth for worthy men and women who would give everything to protect others After drinking from the Grail, men became Magi, vampires and women became Majae, witches They have a symbiotic relationship The Magi have to drink blood from the Majae to help absorb the energies of the Mageverse The Majae have to donate blood or they will suffer heart attack from excess blood and elevated pressure The Majae are the magic in the Mageverse The Magi also sleep during the day as another means of gaining magic The men and women could theoretically live forever, should they not be killed.They are capable of reproducing with mortals to ensure that there are potential candidates to recruit Anyone born of such a union is a Latent Their Gift, becoming Magi or Majae, is triggered by three or sexual encounters with a Gifted man or woman A Latent must be approved by the Magi or Majae councils Many can not psychologically handle the impact of the Mageverse It can trigger insanity There are professional court seducers who Gift latents on the Councils orders.On Mageverse Earth, there are Fairies, Dragons, Unicorns and the city of Avalon where the Magi and Majae live They magically create gates to travel to Realspace Earth The Fairies are featured in Master of the Moon, which has King Llyr of the Faeries.Merlin, who knows that power can corrupt, created another magical species in case the Magi and Majae become out of control These are werewolves They do not have to wait until the full moon to change They are a rigid society that has been hidden from their inception In Master of Wolves, the werewolves declare themselves and fight alongside the Magi and the Fairies.Master of Swords introduces the dragons of Mageverse in depth and the hero for Master of Dragons is introduced.Futuristic BooksJane s Warlord introduces Jane Colby, a 20th century reporter Baran Arvid is sent back from the future to protect her from another time traveler, Druas Druas travels back in time to commit the Jack the Ripper murders and his next target is Jane Baran is a technologically and genetically enhanced human classified as a Warlord.Mercenaires is three short stories originally published electronically set in a future like Baran s They can be technologically and genetically enhanced Space travel has extended to other galaxies and other life forms have been discovered Humans have established many new colonies on planets capable of sustaining life.

    Passionate Ink: A Guide to Writing Erotic Romance By Angela Knight Passionate Ink Some Like it Hot What is Passionate Ink We re theonline erotic romance Special Interest Chapter of Romance Writers of America Our goal is to promote erotic romance through education, and to encourage good will and respect for all romance writers, regardless of the genre in which they write. Passionate Ink A Guide to Writing Erotic Passionate Ink un covers the erotic novel from conception to completion Straight talk, no purple prose Straight talk, no purple prose First, Angela will show you her useful writing techniques that have made her a successful author. Passionate Ink Some Like it Hot Join Passionate Ink is the Erotic Romance Writers Special Interest Chapter of Romance Writers Of America Dues Pricing Membership Year Mar Dec , FREE Due to technical issues with RWA s site and dues processing setup, we will waive dues for Passionate Ink The Official Passionate Ink Blog Get Instant Access To Over , Tattoo Designs Today Learn More Passionate Ink All rights reserved Home Passionate Ink Welcome to Passionate Ink We are a forum for writer s and artists Click on the image to see the message Welcome to Passionate Ink We are a forum for writer s and artists We come together as a family at Passionate Ink Be bold, be loving, and shine like the star you are at Passionate Ink. Passionate Ink Some Like it Hot FAQ Passionate Ink, Inc is a duly formed not for profit corporation that functions for a variety of purposes under the umbrella of Romance Writer s of America Because of this special association, members of Passionate Ink must be members of RWA. Passionate Ink Some Like it Hot About Passionate Ink Passionate Ink is a Special Interest Chapter of Romance Writers of America for erotic romance writers We are an online chapter with members from all over the world We are an online chapter with members from all over the world. Passionate Ink Some Like it Hot Workshops Passionate Ink workshops are held in our classrooms Access to the classroom will end two weeks after the workshop concludes, so be sure and download all related materials before that time Access to the classroom will end two weeks after the workshop concludes, so be sure and download all related materials before that time. Passionate Ink Some Like it Hot Blog Welcome to Questions Each month, we talk to a different member of the Passionate Ink community to ask them questions about writing Today, we re excited to


    Autumn Montgomery
    Passionate Ink A Guide to Writing Erotic Romance is not only a view into the writing process of a talented author, but also a look back at the steps she took or should have taken to achieve a successful writing career Ms Knight explained what an erotic romance is and how it differs from the other types of romances She introduced the steps in her plotting, writing, and re writing process, including excerpts and commentary from her own works The second half of the book contains information on agen [...]

    The reason this book rec d 2 stars instead of 1 is the fact that it has a section on writing erotica romance and how to make a sex scene count I found the information worthwhile Other than that it had the same stuff every other book on writing has and I am glad I checked it out before buying Read it if you haven t read any other help books otherwise borrow it for the section mentioned.

    Marian Perera
    I like reading books about writing, and erotic anything is a hot genre these days, no pun intended So when I saw Angela Knight s Passionate Ink, released by Loose Id, I had to give it a try.This book is ideal for writers new to the erotic romance genre The author explains the distinction between romance which relies heavily on sexual tension and erotic romance where the characters are having sex, and plenty of it Under those circumstances, something else will have to keep the characters apart ei [...]

    I found many parts of this book to be helpful I do recommend it for anyone writing romance books I am sure every romance author will find something in it to help improve their writing Love scenes for the romance genre are probably the most difficult scenes for any writer to write well You have to include really good conflict, you have to write sensations and feelings in a very strong and unique way and of course the loves scenes have to move the plot forward.

    S.M. Reine
    Some good writing advice, but the feminist in me raged at all the gender based generalizations thrown around in this book Most of the content was taken from Internet forums and you could see a few places where it hadn t been edited disappointing, considering the cost of the book Also, erorom is an extremely awkward thing to call erotic romance.

    Absolutely made me rethink my approach to character development and crafting a story Even if you are not going to write E Rom like me , it s worth the read to help get you motivated and writing.

    I really like this book and was glad to have found an ebook version on I originally read it when it was released in trade paperback and like the amount of information in it The only problem I have is that it has a lot of excerpts in it from one of my favorite romances, Jane s Warlord, and reading those bits makes me want to read that book.n If you are considering writing erotic romance, this book will help cover a lot of what you will no doubt need to know in this genre It s a lot of work, even [...]

    N.L. Riviezzo
    I found large portions of this book to be a very dry read and the others to be semi entertaining Knight s writing style struck me as rather inconsistent but, despite this, I did find a large chunk of the content to be interesting useful Knight brings up some suggestions ideas techniques with plot, character development and dialogue that I had not considered before with my own writing even the writing that is not of the Erotic Romance genre All in all, I thought it was relevant and worth the read [...]

    Like most books that propose to tell you how to write a specific genre, this book gives a few hints for that, then gives advice applicalble for writing any kind of book Nevertheless, Angela Knight is amusing and tells stories about her own experiences as an author This is interesting, but if you aren t remotely interested in erotic romance, you can get the same information in many other books.

    Claire Amber
    A really nice book to teach you a little something about writing erotic romance novels for beginners The cover is just gorgeous and really fits the theme nicely, which is the reason why I bought the paperback version and not the digital one.

    Eden Glenn
    I attended a workshop Ms Knight gave on writing short for Novella s Her direct easy to understand approach in the workshop led me to pick up this book when I saw it True to form the book is a keeper I recommend to aspiring erotic romance writer to make this one part of their learning library

    I ve got a long way to go with this one I love the way she romanticizes the writing life as she describes exactly how to get your bad self published.

    A nice look at what writing erotic romance entails, and what a good story needs

    Lesley Ann
    Theromantic conflict chart is a great tool.

    L.A. Jacob
    Good starter book but I already know most of the tricks here Maybe it s time to do something about it.

    Torrance Sené
    Longer review to come as there were definitely things in this that got under my skin.

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