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  • Title: In Search of Stupidity: Over 20 Years of High-Tech Marketing Disasters
  • Author: Merrill R. Chapman
  • ISBN: 9781590597217
  • Page: 471
  • Format: Paperback

  • In Search of Stupidity: Over 20 Years of High-Tech Marketing Disasters By Merrill R. Chapman In Search of Stupidity Over Twenty Years of High Tech Marketing Disasters, Second Edition is National Lampoon meets Peter Drucker It s a funny and well written business book that takes a look at some of the most influential marketing and business philosophies of the last twenty years Through the dark glass of hindsight, it provides an educational and entertaining look aIn Search of Stupidity Over Twenty Years of High Tech Marketing Disasters, Second Edition is National Lampoon meets Peter Drucker It s a funny and well written business book that takes a look at some of the most influential marketing and business philosophies of the last twenty years Through the dark glass of hindsight, it provides an educational and entertaining look at why these philosophies didn t work for many of the country s largest and best known high tech companies.Marketing wizard Richard Chapman takes you on a hilarious ride in this book, which is richly illustrated with cartoons and reproductions of many of the actual campaigns used at the time Filled with personal anecdotes spanning Chapman s remarkable career he was present at many now famous meetings and events , In Search of Stupidity, Second Edition examines the best of the worst marketing ideas and business decisions in the last 20 years of the technology industry.This second edition includes new chapters on Google and on how to avoid stupidity, plus the extensive analyses of all chapters from the first edition You ll want to get a copy because it Features an interesting preface and interview with Joel Spolsky of Joel on Software Offers practical advice on avoiding PR disaster Features actual pictures of some of the worst PR and marketing material ever created Is highly readable and funny Includes theme based cartoons for every chapter
    Merrill R. Chapman
    Rick Chapman is the managing editor and publisher of Softletter He is the author of In Search of Stupidity Over 20 Years of High Tech Marketing Disasters Apress , The Product Marketing Handbook for Software, and SaaS Entrepreneur The Definitive Guide to Succeeding in Your Cloud Application Business Rick has worked and consulted in the software industry for such industry pioneers as MicroPro WordStar and Ashton Tate and consulted for a wide variety of software and high technology firms such as IBM, Novell, Microsoft, Sun and many others In his career Rick has worked as a programmer, sales engineer, product manager, and VP of marketing and product management Rule Set A Novel of a Quantum Future is his first novel.

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    I couldn t walk past a book with a title like this, could I Written in response to In Search of Excellence, this book is an excellent read for anyone in the computer industry and interested in the history behind how some companies became icons overnight and how some others screwed their own markets The book starts from the halcyon days of the late 1970s and comes on toward the first decade of this millennium Along the way we get a history lesson on the computer industry, from the genesis days wh [...]

    Tomas Bella
    This book contains some interesting bits about the software industry in 80s and 90s, but as a whole, it was a big disappointment The author is quite self centered, never forgetting to mention that he was there , whether it has any relevance to the story or not This quickly becomes very annoying.The structure of the book is a bit strange, some parts are repeated several times and the lessons learned for each chapter are oddly placed at the very end of the book, where you have already forgotten wh [...]

    Bhashit Parikh
    Amazing overview of some of the fatal mistakes that some really large companies made and ended up fading into oblivion If you are fan of Joel Spolsky s writing, you will definitely enjoy this Most of the things are indeed very practical and the software industry does seem to have learned a lot from these disasters.I noticed that some of the reviewers are annoyed by the fact that the author has added several footnotes about mentioning his presence at certain events relevant to the story Well, I t [...]

    Thomas Paul
    In 1982, Tom Peters told the world about how excellent companies were turning around the US economy What Peters failed to recognize was that many of the companies that he was looking at weren t actually excellent but were in fact huge clunking dinosaurs that were producing buggy whips in the age of the automobile New, smaller companies came around and ate the lunch of the big excellent guys and then proceeded to make either the exact same stupid mistakes as the big guys or new and innovative st [...]

    Another lucky find at the library book saleDespite the title a self avowed dig at, In Search of Excellence by you know who , this book covers than just marketing blunders.First off, High Tech here refers to the computer hardware and software industries mostly software Other industries that have taken on or been painted with the high tech moniker think gene therapy, designer drugs, etc are not part of this work Nor, for that matter is that most famous marketing disaster of all time, New Coke.Mr [...]

    As someone who enjoys the history of the computer industry I think this book is on the top of my list up there with Accidental Empires Some good insight into why many of the high tech companies didn t survive in the twenty first century and how a company like Microsoft with there own stupidity he uses the example of the period between NT 4.0 and Windows XP, but leaves out other disasters like Xenix I think it also gives one of the better arguments why CP M and Gary Kildall eventually lost out to [...]

    Alberto M
    Una lettura brillante e divertente su un argomento difficilmente trattato con questi toni Certo, forse il caso di glissare sul contenuto didattico per dire, uno dei messaggi dell autore che Apple ha sbagliato a puntare troppo sui prodotti di qualit , e per questo ha perso nei confronti di aziende vincenti come Dell e HP Se per si ha l accortezza di prendere il libro come una semplice raccolta di aneddoti e gustosi retroscena, vale sicuramente la pena di leggerlo.

    Glenn Robinson
    A basic rehash of failures in the computer industry Written like someone was at a barstool at a corner drinking hole telling some young bucks about the history of goofs and failed efforts over the last 50 years,,,,Borland, 1 2 3, Netscape, the 1999 2001 dot bubble and Very little analysis, zero quotes from those in the offices making decisions For lessons learned, this could have been much much better, but a simple rehash relegates it to Old Joe at the corner bar.

    Two words Freakin Awesome.You will read the sweet nectar, that is, corporate failure through very, very public stupidity.Lots of people read books about economics, business, and management written by some academic or some feel good expert who hasn t a clue what he s talking about.I like the contrarian view, learn through the mistakes of failures Not necessarily stupid people, but definitely people who made big mistakes.

    If you want to know why IBM finally left the market of personal computers, what happened to Netscape Navigator browser, or how so many software companies managed to went bankrupt, this book is an excellent source of knowledge Sometimes you can disagree with the author it was not all about stupidity but the facts are really interesting The author put a lot of irony and jokes in the book, but most marketing and technical details are also there.

    Philip Sugai
    Very fun book to read, with some great examples from Chapman s first hand experiences The beginning is much better than the ending, as his first hand knowledge of senior executives and their approach to business and marketing seems to wane But overall a good book with many examples of what NEVER to do I will use some of these timeless examples in my own Marketing classes.

    John Muyskens
    Excellent summary of the past several decades of high tech business, told with a fun tone Chapman knows how to tell engaging, amusing stories about the tech industry His advice learn from history, hire an excellent team of managers both business and technical.

    As a tech guy who has had to deal with marketing people, the schadenfreude to be found within was delicious The author has been involved with so many failed companies that he is either extremely experienced and sought after, or he is what epidemiologists refer to as Patient Zero.

    Not being a die hard techie, I didn t understand all of the most technical references in the book, but that didn t take away from my enjoyment of the writing and the subject matter Very entertaining and interesting read.

    Matt Ruma
    I enjoy stories about the beginnings of the computer industry this was a very entertaining take on the subject An easy read.

    Humorous, interesting look at the history of well known high tech companies blunders Some experience in programming might be required in order to truly appreciate the stories.

    Peyton Stafford
    Fascinating anecdotes of the consequences of mis reading the market and confusing customers with conflicting product lines Not to mention insane egotism.

    Concise, fun and useful Just read it.

    The title has promise, so as a software developer myself, this looked like a worthwhile read Sadly, there s no delivery Forget I said sadly It s a repetitive, dull book with little to no informative value If you scratch the surface of tedious reminiscing and boy does the author love to remind you he was there , just in case you re also stupid, and forgot he d mentioned it on the previous page there are some attempts to provide marketing advice, but none of it is ground breaking, original or new. [...]

    Il libro farcito di metafore allo scopo di rendere la lettura pi accessibile, ma ci sono anche imprecisioni qua e l ad un certo punto con nonchalance viene detto che Apple di propriet di AOL.Gli ultimi due o tre capitoli sono comunque pi interessanti e meglio scritti rispetto al resto del libro, secondo me Qualit un po altalenante, rivolto comunque al grande pubblico.

    A very good overview of some of tech s infamous marketing blunders the IBM DOS deal, Ashton Tate Borland Novell flameouts, the Sony rootkit imbroglio and many others.The author s colorful turns of phrase make this an even entertaining read.

    Read it a long time ago but I have fond memories about how entertainung it was Not sure how relevant it would be if read now.

    More marketers need to read this Seriously That high risk, high reward phrase we all love to bandy about Sometimes it ends going down in flames.

    Greg Stoll
    Basically a collection of tech companies doing stupid things in the 80 s and 90 s Pretty entertaining and possibly helpful

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