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  • Title: The Windward Shore: A Winter on the Great Lakes
  • Author: Jerry Dennis
  • ISBN: 9780472118168
  • Page: 472
  • Format: Hardcover

  • The Windward Shore: A Winter on the Great Lakes By Jerry Dennis Our country is lucky to have Jerry Dennis A conservationist with the soul of a poet whose beat is Wild Michigan, Dennis is a kindred spirit of Aldo Leopold and Sigurd Olson The Windward Shore his newest effort is a beautifully written and elegiac memoir of outdoor discovery Highly recommended Douglas Brinkley, author of The Wilderness Warrior Theodore Roosevel Our country is lucky to have Jerry Dennis A conservationist with the soul of a poet whose beat is Wild Michigan, Dennis is a kindred spirit of Aldo Leopold and Sigurd Olson The Windward Shore his newest effort is a beautifully written and elegiac memoir of outdoor discovery Highly recommended Douglas Brinkley, author of The Wilderness Warrior Theodore Roosevelt and the Crusade for America Come for a journey stay for an awakening Jerry Dennis loves the Great Lakes, the swell of every wave, the curve of every rock He wants you to love them too before our collective trashing of them wipes out all traces of their original character Through his eyes, you will treasure the hidden secrets that reveal themselves only to those who linger and long Elegant and sad at the same time, The Windward Shore is a love song for the Great Lakes and a gentle call to action to save them Maude Barlow, author of Blue Covenant The Global Water Crisis and the Coming Battle for the Right to Water In prose as clear as the lines in a D rer etching, Jerry Dennis maps his home ground, which ranges outward from the back door of his farmhouse to encompass the region of vast inland seas at the heart of our continent Along the way, inspired by the company of water in all its guises ice, snow, frost, clouds, rain, shore lapping waves he meditates on the ancient questions about mind and matter, time and attention, wildness and wonder As in the best American nature writing a tradition that Dennis knows well here the place and the explorer come together in brilliant conversation Scott Russell Sanders, author of A Conservationist ManifestoIf you have been enchanted by Jerry Dennis s earlier work on sailing the Great Lakes, canoeing, angling, and the natural wonders of water and sky or you have not yet been lucky enough to enjoy his engaging prose you will want to immerse yourself in his powerful and insightful new book on winter in Great Lakes country.Grounded by a knee injury, Dennis learns to live at a slower pace while staying in houses ranging from a log cabin on Lake Superior s Keweenaw Peninsula to a 20 million mansion on the northern shore of Lake Michigan While walking on beaches and exploring nearby woods and villages, he muses on the nature of time, weather, waves, agates, books, words for snow and ice, our complex relationship with nature, and much .From the introduction I wanted to present a true picture of a complex region, part of my continuing project to learn at least one place on earth reasonably well, and trusted that it would appear gradually and accumulatively and not as a conventional portrait, but as a mosaic that included the sounds and scents and textures of the place and some of the plants, animals, and its inhabitants Bolstered by the notion that a book is a journey that author and reader walk together, I would search for promising trails and follow them as far as my reconstructed knee would allow.
    Jerry Dennis
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    The Windward Shore: A Winter on the Great Lakes By Jerry Dennis


    Every once in a while I read a book that makes me think I should buy all my friends and family a copy so they can read it too This is one of those kinds of books I can t really say that every part of the book was important, and some was just too much, so I could have downgraded my rating of five stars but as usual when I try to justify another star I reflect on what makes a book AMAZING I found the answer to this persistant question by Jerry Dennis himself In the clutter of the outer edges of th [...]

    A wonderful read for anyone who lives or has lived on the Great Lakes It mixes personal reminiscences as well as natural history.

    Lovely book, and one that captures the magic of the one place on earth I know reasonably deeply Dennis also manages to capture the wide swath of issues and consequences that affect this area of northern MI the shift away from cherries to wine, the algae that kill loons and others, and so much without being dogmatic Dennis is humble, as nature and especially winter is wont to make us, which keeps the book observing without judging The format of the book is a sort of loose collection of essays, b [...]

    Robert Dejonge
    As a native Michigander I ve spend many wonderful days, in every season, walking the shores of the lakes I have never found such thorough observations and exquisite descriptions of the places that I love as are found in this book If you ve ever walked the shore you know that you are never sure what or who you will find around the next curve in the waterline, and when you turn back toward home the wind and the waves have erased your footsteps and revealed yet another set of wonders The Windward S [...]

    There are chunks of this that thin book of essays that are deep and beautiful Dennis hunkers down for the winter in three different houses on the coasts of Lakes Michigan and Superior, letting his thoughts on life, the natural world, and winter itself percolate The better parts read like a cross between Aldo Leopold and Ralph Waldo Emerson A couple of the later essays do dip a bit too close to hippyesque platitudes on nature and spirituality, but this is a quibble I loved most of this book A fav [...]

    Annis Pratt
    I love Jerry Dennis s writing about rivers and lakes, wooden canoes and the journeys he has taken in them, about rain and clouds and storms and how they work He is one of our best nature writers, and I read him for the way he captures the minutiae all around us The moon hung high and full but was diffused behind a veil of cirrus, making it glow weakly, like a flashlight at the bottom of a river It lit the field with dusky life Of his cabin fever in a style which might seem overdone if I didn t f [...]

    Loreen Niewenhuis
    I have settled into a little cottage on the shores of Lake Michigan for a time The season seems disjointed, though, with the unseasonably warm weather We ve had a stretch of seventy degree or higher days with two days pushing up against eighty degrees so it feels like June and summer than October and fall I just finished walking the beach for several miles, then turning back to retrace my steps back to my cottage It is odd for me to retrace my steps.I am used to walking on and on and onIt s bee [...]

    Ruth Campbell
    A lyrical and profound respite for today s crazy world.

    Very local very philosophical very observant First book I have read by the man Another reviewer suggested that the end part of the book lagged somehow, and I feel the same thing in a way But the writing is beautiful throughout, actually probably equal to any of the classic naturalist observers to whom Dennis s prose and observations are compared on the book jacket and blurbs To mention another one from a different region of North America that it somewhat reminds me of would be to say Pilgrim at [...]

    I really enjoyed this book and it is close to 5 stars for me I read it at the perfect time of year since it is all about appreciating winter in Northern Michigan The author s writing style is lyrical and descriptive It is a book I would recommend to friends and family who enjoy nature and contemplation Although short, it is not a book I could sit down and read from cover to cover I think it is best enjoyed in small sections when you can really take in what Dennis is saying and think about it for [...]

    Disappointing After The Living Great Lakes I was expecting thrilling narrative, detailed history and science, and topics totally unique to the region The science of lake effect snow Adventures in large scale snow removal Ecology of hibernation migration Survival techniques of ancient native tribes What you get instead is the trippy and broad philosophizing of what sounds like a very bored white dude Almost no mention of Huron, Erie, or Ontario If I wanted to ponder the atomic structure of a dead [...]

    I dog eared so many pages in this book, wanting to remember and re read many of the sentences or passages His writing is like poetry and in effect he s writing a poem to the Great Lakes and the shores that surround them.Over the course of the book set in various winters, the author lives in many houses and notes his experience with the winter, nature, animals and mostly himself.I highly recommend.

    It doesn t seem like he had enough material to write a book Okay at beginning but had some really boring and not relevant parts I agree with another review sounds like a really bored guy It was nice to read about one of the nicest places I was lucky enough to spend 4 summers at, but I m glad I m not there also Way too crowded.

    This is a book that is to be savored The writing is purposely soulful at times, and sprinkled with historical and natural facts at others It will make you want to walk along the shores of the great lakes as quickly as you can and it will make you fear for their safety in this world of short sighted politics Highly recommend.

    Jerry Dennis spends a winter on the Great Lakes and recounts his experience Once again, Dennis, articulates his story with the feeling that you are standing next to him on his journey I could identify with parts of the story but it lagged somehow in other parts This comes as a surprise to me since I loved Living on the Great Lakes.

    This wonderfully descriptive book gave me an excuse to lose myself in Great Lakes lore The stories of agate and fossil stone explorations, vivid starry nights and beautiful beach walks were engrossing and so true to what I love about the area.

    So nice Musings about our great state and her lakes.

    What a perfect book to read during the Arctic Vortex I was there on the shore of Lake Michigan along with the author.

    I cannot say enough good things about this book If you love Northern Michigan, excellent writing, and nostalgia the way I do, this is a MUST read.

    Good Michigan winters from Jerry Dennis.

    I appreciated parts of the book and his descriptions of living by the great lakesI got bored toward the end The first sections were the best from my perspective.

    Absolutely beautiful, poetic and thoughtful makes our horrible winter this year seem a bit betterI did say almost.

    • BEST KINDLE "☆ The Windward Shore: A Winter on the Great Lakes" || UNLIMITED (MOBI) ☆
      Jerry Dennis