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  • Title: Buccaneers and Pirates
  • Author: Frank R. Stockton
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  • Page: 489
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    Frank R. Stockton
    Frank Richard Stockton was an American writer and humorist, best known today for a series of innovative children s fairy tales that were widely popular during the last decades of the 19th century Stockton avoided the didactic moralizing common to children s stories of the time, instead using clever humor to poke at greed, violence, abuse of power and other human foibles, describing his fantastic characters adventures in a charming, matter of fact way.

    Buccaneers and Pirates By Frank R. Stockton


    Very entertaining

    Giovanni Idili
    Classic pirate loreGood old fashioned pirate stories Most of the pop culture, movies etc seem to based on stories from this collection.

    I enjoyed this because it offered up facts and stories from history that most people will never know about.

    Wayne Walker
    Finally The last of the pirate related books that I picked up at the Pirates of the Caribbean section of Disney World I think that I just about overdosed myself This book was written primarily for young people In fact, the author begins by saying, When I was a boy I strongly desired to be a pirate, and the reason for this was the absolute independence of that sort of life Restrictions of all sorts had become onerous to me, and in my reading of the adventures of the bold sea rovers of the main, I [...]

    I found this book to be very one sided.

    Somewhat dated it was written in 1898 but very entertainingly told, this book traces piracy in American waters from Columbus to Captain Kidd Stockton is pretty fair minded, and speaks of Columbus second voyage as the first serious piratical expedition in the New World He avoids dwelling on gore and outrages, even when discussing L Olonnais Instead he attmepts to give an historical overview of the buccaneers, Brethren of the Coast, and privateers, with entertaining narratives of particular pirate [...]

    Karolina Kat
    Buccaneers and Pirates is a unique reading It may be childish or naive at times, certain gruesome historical facts are omitted, but it is after all a book for youngsters It is an amazing experience in this respect that it allows the reader to reveal two types of history at once facts and history of the American pirates,and the attitude towards young people at the turn of the 19th and 20th century Taking into consideration the target audience of the book, as well as the time in which the book was [...]

    Thom Swennes
    Published in 1898 by The Macmillan Company and written by Frank R Stockton, Buccaneers and Pirates of Our Coast was written to appeal to and acquaint children with history and the seafaring life in time gone by Although it is predominantly factual, the life and times of the sea rovers of the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic coast was also shrouded in a mist of fable The book gives a chronological and comprehensive history of both men and women that took to a life as highwaymen and women of the sea I f [...]

    While it pains me to give just two stars to any book teeming with pirates, matey, this book simply didn t work for me, as it failed to fulfill any one of the three requirements one looks for in a nonfiction book about pirates and buccaneers enough tawdry detail to make it a guilty pleaure, the type of analysis needed to understand the politics and economics of piracy, or descriptions of pirates and their lives by a first hand witness Still, though, it s not a terrible place to start for someone [...]

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    Pretty interesting but a bit too much bad men .Everyone loves a pirate and we all know they were brutal so the constant moralising gets a bit boring, the author says things like wicked things were done but we ll not list them here which is rubbish as he s refusing to write the juicy bits which we re all reading the book for in the first place Captain Johnson s book is much better, but still, this was entertaining

    Robert Evans
    This is a 1960 edition of Frank R Stockton s 1898 classic book of piracy for young adults It uses Exquemelin s and Johnson s works as source materials, so most fans of pirate tales will be familiar with these It is considerably livened up by drawings from the pencil of Bernard Krigstein, who made his name drawing for EC Comics.

    Jason Pym
    A non fiction book on pirates for kids, the main drive of which is to tell children that pirates were not colourful adventurers but rather brutal robbers So Stockton gives a series of cautionary accounts of real pirates, with the minimum of context or detail I could only get about halfway through it s not a patch on Stockton s Bee Man of Orn.

    Melissa Renee
    Really fun read but I wish there was colorful description of the events being described I would guess this book was definitely aimed at older children seeing as how so many gory and brutal details are left to the imagination and the stories are presented as cautionary tales, where the author is constantly pointing out how brutish and immoral pirates were rather than glorifying them.

    An interesting book about the history and the lives of the most known pirates Unfortunately this Librivox recording is at times annoying Some readers have bad recording equipment which results in a very soft sound.

    Keith Hull
    3.5 5 I really wish they d allow half star ratings.

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