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  • Title: Rowan and the Travelers
  • Author: Emily Rodda
  • ISBN: 9780060560720
  • Page: 395
  • Format: Paperback

  • Rowan and the Travelers By Emily Rodda A mysterious danger threatens Rowan s village, Rin But who is the enemy And what is the strange spell that is putting all the townspeople to sleep The Travelers, a roaming people who are friends of Rin, might be able to help, but Rowan isn t sure he can trust them Especially since they tell him that to find the answers to Rin s problems, Rowan must go to the legendaryA mysterious danger threatens Rowan s village, Rin But who is the enemy And what is the strange spell that is putting all the townspeople to sleep The Travelers, a roaming people who are friends of Rin, might be able to help, but Rowan isn t sure he can trust them Especially since they tell him that to find the answers to Rin s problems, Rowan must go to the legendary, noxious Pit of Unrin, from which no living thing has ever returned Book Details Format PaperbackPublication Date 2 17 2004Pages 192Reading Level Age 8 and Up
    Emily Rodda
    Emily Rodda real name Jennifer Rowe was born in Sydney, Australia and graduated from the University of Sydney in 1973 with an MA Hons in English Literature Moving into a publishing career, first as a book editor, and finally as a publisher at Angus Robertson, Rodda s first book was published in 1984.

    Rowan and the Travelers By Emily Rodda


    Ahmad Sharabiani
    Rowan and the Travelers Rowan of Rin 2 , Emily Rodda 2005 2 1383 189 9789643691196 1386 .

    OMG this book was such a blast please note that I m exaggerating a lota little I didn t expect the second book to be so interesting.Although everything was predictable, I still had a fun time reading this story and even got surprised at what had happened with the people of the City of Gold.Apparently, I still enjoy children s books as much as when I was a kid Going on to read the next one

    This book was magical I m so pleased with it D

    This book is a sequel to the book Rowan of Rin and is solves some of the problems with the first This book has diverse characters, explaining about of the town folks and most of the travelers that we learn about There are also details, explaining some of the tents and surroundings in good detail Some problems in this book are for people who have read the first An entire chapter in this book is devoted mostly to a summary of the first book This is not very excited or interesting if you rememb [...]

    Arito Sato
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    This was a fun quick read, I thought it was a good story about a skinny little rabbit boy, who does great things, not because he really wants to, but to save his family Even though he s not big, strong, brave, or exceptionally clever, he s able to prove himself a hero just by being true.

    Benjamin QuiƱones
    I remember reading this book when I was little, and I loved it So much so that I read the entire series Because it has been so long, I may be over fantasizing my memories Regardless, five stars For lots of action and monsters and coming of age heroes

    Annelise Lestrange
    review coming soon

    Rachel (Sfogs)
    Loved it

    Robin Helweg-Larsen
    Another excellent children s book from Emily Rodda in her series on the young boy Rowan and his development as an honest and brave young man The Travellers and their stories and legends play a large part in the book, and the witch Sheba again produces an enigmatic verse that describes the problem mysteriously and hints at its solution.In fact Sheba s verses are part of the wonder of the stories, the clues to the mystery, slowly deciphered by the reader and the characters Unfortunately in this pa [...]

    The pride of the past could prove to be Rin s undoing That, and their unwillingness to accept anyone else of a different calibre and tradition than themselves But, luckily for all of Rin, Rowan is there to save the day again Again, he proves that strength and blustery courage isn t everything, and that sometimes it is the very fear that can be someone s best companion, and a people s saviour.The pride of the villagers of Rin is kind of grating in Rowan and the Travellers, but it is a good vessel [...]

    Possibly one of those rare cases of even better than the first book, Rowan grows even adventurous and somehow having a cold saves the day Also, the pacing is great fun and there s a bit of a sense of danger for the characters even though you know it s going to work out fine because it is a middle grade series after all

    Spoonlord Chacken
    It is the second book in the Rowan of Rin series, and Rowan is trying to find out what is putting the city to sleep.

    I liked this one although I haven t read the previous books I thought the author was very good Easy to read I would recommend for a 10 reader as there is a fair bit of suspense.

    I love Rowan a true hero one that steps up even when he s scared.Well told and highly enjoyable.

    Whymsy Likes Books
    In book two of the series Rowan, must face unknown dangers and save his people from a strange sleeping sickness overcoming the village His only help comes from the roaming Travelers, but they may be the very enemy Rowan is looking to defeat With time running out and lives in the balance can Rowan unmask the true enemy and save his people before it is too late With the same high caliber writing I expected after reading book one, Ms Rodda effortlessly weaves together a mystery I was eager to see R [...]

    Sarah Eagle
    I wish this book could have been longer, which is something I don t say often Emily Rodda really does it again The first book wasn t that strong, but this one made me very sorry I ever doubted her.Rodda shows off her cleverness, mastery at storytelling, her quick, straightforward character development, and capacity to worldbuild a multi faceted community heaped in lore and affected by very realistic forces in this case, racism and distrust Where in the first book, the prophecies were very simple [...]

    A tribe called the Travelers comes to the village of Rin Young Rowan, formaly a savioir of the town, has supisions that the young Traveler girl might be the dangerous one in the prophcey he was warned about.However, soon he finds himself traveling with this mystious girl on another quest to save Rin Rin is slowly getting destroyed by a sleeping sickness the animals are dying because the humans are too sleepy to feed them, so are the plants NOW the stream runs with water aplenty, but no one is dr [...]

    Daniel G
    I finished this book Rowan and Zeel trust eachother and they set out on foot to find the valley of gold but then the ground shook and thetrees came alive and grabbed Rowan and covered his whole body in branches while Zeel was trying to kill it Rowan bit one of the tree s branches and it screeched and dropped Rowan This was a great book and now I m on the third book Rowan and The Crystal Keeper which I m on page 19 of that because I just started Read this series everyone YOU WILL LOVE IT I SWEAR

    In this book of the rowan of rin series the magic and fantasy gets a lot interesting For a sequal this book is surprisingly very good if not better then the first In this book the Travelers a tribe arrive at the village and after their arrival another threat is set on Rin This threat that the people of Rin are being taken over by a sleeping sickness Rowan must one again find the courage that he found in the last book to save his people Again these books are great to just get away, although it i [...]

    Not meaning to mock the book, but every time the sentence The Travelers are coming showed up, I was screaming, I KNOW THEY ARE COMING, SHUT UP ALREADY Such fun I felt like I was a villager in the story PIt took awhile for the action to start and get to the point this time My favorite part was when everyone was falling into that sleep spell I m afraid I had a little trouble understanding the story otherwise lol But I ll read it again sometime

    Second in a series but you do not have to read the first one to read the second Geared for the upper elementary crowd, the non typical hero ends up saving the community through quick thinking and perserverance.Has some time sequence issues but that does not really hurt the story line for the set of readers it is geared towards.

    I loved the first Rowan of Rin book and when I saw this on the shelf, I had to borrow it It doesn t hold the charm the first book did for me, but maybe I m growing too old for it However, I do wish the library had the rest of the series I think children will generally like the book the riddle is rather clever, I think P

    Another quick read.Rowan of Rin is a series of books that centers around moral lessons of self worth and acceptance Each book in the series sets out to prove that even the littlest can achieve great things if they push their fear aside and dream big Emily Roda, best known for Deltora Quest, has created a finely woven tapestry of non violent riddles, mysteries and thought provoking messages.

    Johnny Bennett
    This book felt like the author wanted to write a Young Adult book and then remembered it was for smaller kids so she cut it short Still an interesting book that I enjoyed A little darker than the first book in the series.

    Another very cute book Easy read and perfect for the mid elementary school age I really enjoy the riddles in these books and seeing the characters try and figure out the puzzles I also enjoy reading about the main character, Rowan, and how he overcomes the various obstacles in the book.

    I like this series It is a good series for boys between eight and twelve The hero Rowan is a quiet boy who learns a lot about himself through facing things he fears This book could be a little scary for sensitive children.

    Sounds cool I look forward to reading it

    What is causing everyone in the village of Rin to fall into a deep sleep and not awaken It will be up to Rin and Zeel to find the City of Gold to discover the truth

    Henry Moss
    A good book with a solid storyline

    • BEST MOBI "☆ Rowan and the Travelers" || UNLIMITED (AZW) ☆
      Emily Rodda