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  • Title: Immortal Eclipse
  • Author: Sherry J. Soule
  • ISBN: 9780976180487
  • Page: 252
  • Format: Paperback

  • Immortal Eclipse By Sherry J. Soule out of print Skylar doesn t believe in things that go bump in the night But after her uncle s body is discovered with a mosaic of eerie symbols carved into his chest, she moves to his spooky California estate to get logical answers.
    Sherry J. Soule
    Sherry J. Soule Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Immortal Eclipse book, this is one of the most wanted Sherry J. Soule author readers around the world.

    Immortal Eclipse By Sherry J. Soule


    Anastasia シ
    ARC was provided by the Author for an honest review Upon reading the synopsis of this book, I didn t know if this book would be humorous, action packed, or mysterious But as soon as i started reading the novel I was hooked Immortal Eclipse is an action packed, character driven novel that is guaranteed to give you goosebumps The main character is Skylar Blackwell She was a fantastic protagonist, interesting to read about, she is kick ass, witty, and quite the fashonista Her character in a sense m [...]

    Minx -The Genre Minx Book Reviews
    Immortal Eclipse was an interesting story with great promises but I was not the biggest fan of Skylar She was almost an oxymoron She went to California to the estate she inherited from her Uncle in order to have some chill time and get to the bottom of her Uncle s death She felt that there were things that didn t add up and she wanted to really understand what happened with her Uncle When she finally gets to Summerwind estate, and the getting there was not the easiest trip, she finds that it was [...]

    Immortal Eclipse is a fascinating paranormal mystery with a dash of horror and romance Skylar Blackwell is a fashonista and photographer in the industry who inherits her uncle s mansion in Carmel Which couldn t have come at a better time, because Skylar s life seems to have a few changes in it She didn t have much family left, but Skylar was a very compassionate character, with a lot of moxy, not just an empty headed girl who loved designer shoes and purses She decides to go to the mansion to pu [...]

    A review copy was provided for an honest review Immortal Eclipse is an interesting paranormal mystery novel I found it very appealing and appreciated the detailed writing style although it was a little too descriptive at times The main character Skylar is daring and determined to find out the truth behind her uncle s untimely death While I liked the protagonist it was difficult to completely relate to her she s a little shallow aren t we all though , but also unbelievably stubborn in a Scully fr [...]

    Michelle Leah Olson
    Our Review, by LITERAL ADDICTION s Guest Reviewer Cheryl I received Immortal Eclipse as an eBook for review on behalf Literal Addiction I read the blurb and was really looking forward to it but have to admit that I tend to stay away from ghost stories and haunted house stories But, I honor my obligations so I tucked in yesterday to see what this story had to offer Skylar is a gifted photographer who has had photos on the cover of some of the best fashion magazines published She also spends than [...]

    Getting ready to re read this one soon and, it s a good fit for the Halloween season if you re looking for something with a spooky atmosphere.This is a very well written mystery ghost story with a few interesting twists on immortality Let s start with Skylar Yes, Skylar is somewhat of a fashionista her addiction to fashion is a good fit for her personality and photography career And, thankfully the name brand and fashion talk did not overwhelm the story which is good I ve read books before where [...]

    Kirsty Vizard
    Immortal Eclipse s female protagonist is Skylar, a city fashionista with a shoe fetish, not someone the reader expects to be moving to a supposedly haunted mansion by the coast However, I think that Sherry Soule wants the reader to feel disturbed by her characters and setting, as this helps to build the suspense of the story.Immortal Eclipse is in essence a ghost story with a romantic side plot Although the romance never replaces the main story, it does add to the atmosphere as Sherry Soule clev [...]

    The author gave me this ARC of the book for an honest review.I really didn t know what to expect from this book after reading the blurb I like a good mystery so I thought that I should give it a try I m glad I did it Although, there were some things not perfect, it was a nice read and I enjoyed it.The atmosphere in the book was exactly as it should be spooky and mysterious Sometimes I had the feeling that it was like watching a movie than reading a book Skylar isn t like other female main chara [...]

    I would like to start off by saying I got completely sucked in by this book, I just wanted to continue reading so I could know what was going to happen It was full of suspense and just when I thought I would get some answers the story took a new turn and kept me guessing Skyler is a great character who I related with, especially her love for shoes although I wish I could afford some of the shoes she has She learns so much about herself and grows to be a very strong person who is ready for anythi [...]

    Lola (Reading by Lamplight)
    I am always down for a good paranormal romance However, Sherry Soule combined PNR with a good haunted house story, which is just all kinds of amazing I was hooked as soon as I started reading this beauty Immortal Eclipse is an action packed, character driven novel that is guaranteed to give you goosebumps Skylar is a fantastic protagonist She is kick ass, witty, and quite the fashonista Her personality really comes alive when she arrives at Summerwind Mansion which is a character in itself Her i [...]

    First, I should mention that I was gifted an electronic copy by the author in exchange for my honest review From the cover and title, I thought that this was going to be another vampire romance immortal, eclipse thought of a solar one at first Then I thought, well maybe it s a werewolf story immortal, eclipse this time lunar But NO TO BOTH This is a haunted mansion story with ghosts and mystery and romance and violent deaths galore Skylar is a feisty, fashion obsessed NYC high fashion photograph [...]

    ☕ Kimberly
    Immortal Eclipse by Sherry Soule offers paranormal elements, and a suspenseful murder mystery complete with ghosts, the occult and a side dish of romance I found it to be a suspenseful, dark and haunting tale that I easily consumed Three word review suspenseful, eerie and strange.The tale begins in New York City where we meet our protagonist Skylar Blackwell She is a successful fashion photographer whose Uncle has recently died leaving her the Summerwind Mansion on the California coast When she [...]

    Jeann (Happy Indulgence)
    This review has been posted on Happy Indulgence Books Check it out for reviews Set in a haunted mansion inherited by cynical fashionista Skylar, Immortal Eclipse is a deliciously scary novel reminiscent of our favourite horror movies I ve watched many movies like it but never quite read a book like it, and as Skylar herself says, she s not going to be one of those dumb heroines that get prematurely killed.As she gets fired from her prestigious fashion photography job, she decides to investigate [...]

    I put this on my not yet released shelf when it had another cover, another blurb, another everything And when everything was changed, it got me very confused But still, back then, the cover was so pretty you wouldn t believe it seeing the new one and I just read the blurb while adding it to my shelves I mean, come on The blurb Nope I m reading it WHILE I m commenting it, so please bear with me view spoiler As an intelligent and sassy New Yorker, Skylar Thornton doesn t believe in the supernatura [...]

    I received Immortal Eclipse as an e Arc for review on behalf Literal Addiction I read the blurb and was really looking forward to it but have to admit that I tend to stay away from ghost stories and haunted house stories But, I honor my obligations so I tucked in yesterday to see what this story had to offer Skylar is a gifted photographer who has had photos on the cover of some of the best fashion magazines published She also spends than her fair share of money on designer shoes and clothes He [...]

    Warning some spoilers but they are hidden3.5 stars out of 5 I rounded up to 4 because of how clever the author was in this story.The Good1 Funny, smart and sassy heroine Skylar is believable and her inner dialogue is hilarious.2 Wicked good story Lots of twists and turns and while you are suspiciouse ending and the big badry creative and shocking but satisfying I usually figure out the ending early on but tricky tricky Ms Soule.3 Tortured hero Sigh.4 view spoiler Mega bitch of an ex that you wan [...]

    Liesl Biddell
    Spine chilling page turner with a touch of romance This book had me ditching my housework to get to the next chapter I was wonderfully frustrated by the ongoing mystery and teasers throughout that suggested I might get some insight on the next page I loved that.The action starts right at the beginning and Sherry gives you just enough time to catch your breath between events to stop you feeling overwhelmed but keeps the pace going.I dived into this book without reading the blurb so that I would h [...]

    Immortal Eclipse by Sherry Soule is an engrossing read with many layers for a reader to enjoy Skylar is a delightful main character surrounded by a fun and enduring supporting cast Paired with an excellent plot that moves along well the story provides solid entertainment Add in a charged romance and this book does an amazing job of blending genres resulting in something that appeals to readers of many different stripes.An ARC of this book was provided for me to review.

    Fashionable Booklover Reviews
    I instantly bonded with the shoe addicted heroine, Skylar What girl doesn t like cute, designer shoes Could not put this book down until the end I really loved reading about the very quirky, yet snarky and stylish heroine of IE Scary, funny, and fashion forward Go team Skylar Read the full review on my blog bookloverfashionablereviews.bl

    ☠ PNR Novel Review ☠
    If you like supernatural suspense mingled with a dash of chick lit and some fashion fun and a healthy dose of paranormal romance, then fashionatas will love reading this book No one is kickbutt than a girl who can battle the supernatural in stilettos

    Lalaine *myficbookreviews*
    I am so intrigued with this book I want to read this now.

    Skylar Blackwell at twenty five is still struggling to hit it big Just when Sky thinks she is going to land that big promotion, she is slapped in the face and fired Frustrated, she returns to her empty apartment Sitting on her table is an invitation from her uncle to visit him in California Unfortunately, Sky s uncle died a few days ago He apparently had a heart attack and fell of the cliff, but there were some unsettling marks carved into his chest that were supposedly self inflicted Something [...]

    ORIGINAL POST AT MY BLOG FANGS, WANDS FAIRY DUSTfangswandsandfairydustspoFIRST PERSON PRESENTThis book has the feel of a 1950 s thriller, mixed with a little Hitchcock, some Dark Shadows the TV show and a big helping of Nancy Drew I could almost see the estate on the ocean in California, buffeted by the wind and salt spray I m thinking Rebekah meets The Secret of Cliffhouse purely invented It was very atmospheric In Nancy Drew we would find a rational explanation for spooky ghost stuff bit here [...]

    Colleen M
    I want to thank the Disenchanted Published for offering me this advanced reader copy in exchange for my honest review.Skylar is a fashion photographer in Manhattan, except she is having a run of bad luck Her last living relative, Uncle Gerard, has passed away leaving her a mansion in California Shortly thereafter she loses her job and decides this is motivation she needs to head out and set her Uncle s affairs in order while also investigating the suspicious circumstances surrounding his death y [...]

    I received an e ARC of this book in exchange of an honest review Possible minor spoilers at the end.I was excited to receive this book after I read the synopsis, because I do love a good paranormal mystery, one that isn t just sex, sex, and sex but on that in a minute Enter our heroine, Skylar, in her apartment in New York Something creepy is trying to get in, but her grandmother had painted protective symbols on the walls before she had passed away, so the creepy thing cannot get in The next [...]

    e arc provided for review Let me start off by saying I had high hopes after reading the Acknowledgements I do not necessarily pay much attention to them, after all I start a book for a story not a thank you That being said, the first line made me automatically like the author so I am glad I didn t bypass it this time.However, the first line of the book made me dread continuing This novel is a first person narrative As I have stated before I hate them Not just dislike I absolutely hate them I may [...]

    First of all, I am not sure what genre this would fall into, because there are many facets to the story These are just a few bullet points that I came up with Horror, Fantasy, Paranormal, Romantic Suspense, Mystery and even Humorous in places I thought the writing style was good, it just seemed to take forever to get where the action was I was six chapters in and all I really new was Skylar liked fashion and especially shoes Because that is not something that I know anything about, this wasn t s [...]

    I enjoyed this story From the beginning, it had a wonderful mix of suspense and mystery I m a fan of subtle and situational creepiness and I feel like this book delivered on that right up to the end.Skylar was a good character You sympathized with her situation from the beginning and felt the need to route for her goals as the story progressed.I have to admit of the two men, it was blanantly obvious from the beginning which one was good and which one was not, and yet it was the method of the foe [...]

    Immortal Eclipse is full of darkness, deceit, and suspense Love a book with mystery and a lil bit of romance than this is the book for you Sherry Soule has her readers captivated straight from the start This thrilling story will keep you on your toes and wanting .Skylar, a New York fashion photographer is about to be thrown in to a world she swears doesn t exist After her uncle dies leaving her everything he owns, she moves to Summerwind leaving all she is behind Once arriving at Summerwind, she [...]

    C Joy
    I give this 3.5 stars After reading the story summary, I was intrigued by it cause mystery and suspense are just some of my favorite genres This was generously gifted by Karen, the EIC of Disenchanted Publishing.I liked the concept of the book but I found the pace a little slow It picked up about halfway when I started to be engrossed This is of mystery and suspense the scenes between Skylar and Dorian are a little chaste so it works for younger readers.I m not the type to spoil anything but I [...]

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