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  • Title: Book Lust: Recommended Reading for Every Mood, Moment, and Reason
  • Author: Nancy Pearl
  • ISBN: 9781570613814
  • Page: 357
  • Format: Paperback

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    Nancy Pearl
    Nancy Pearl Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Book Lust: Recommended Reading for Every Mood, Moment, and Reason book, this is one of the most wanted Nancy Pearl author readers around the world.

    Book Lust: Recommended Reading for Every Mood, Moment, and Reason By Nancy Pearl


    I have great respect for Nancy Pearl Anyone who has turned reading into a profession deserves some serious props That combined with a title as awesome as Book Lust I tried to read this in public as often as possible, holding the cover up where everyone could see my wanton bibliophilia on display was an irresistible siren song to which I had to give in After an inspiring introduction on the pleasures of reading, the book basically consists of recommended reading lists for an eclectic collection o [...]

    Amalia Gavea
    One of the most interesting book about books I ve had the pleasure to read Nancy Pearl divides different themes, structural techniques, genres and authors, in alphabetical order, and each one of the chapters is accompanied by a comprehensive list of suggestive readings Her writing is comprehensive and flowing, and although, I thought that she missed some books that are landmarks in a few of the genres, she brings to focus many less read novels and non fiction books Perfect for those of us who wi [...]

    I can t begin to tell you how many wonderful books that I ve gotten from Book Lust It s a perfect manual for deciding just what to read It s also a great conversation starter While carrying it around I ve had people ask me about it So besides being a wonderful book of books, it also has gained me some literary friends.

    Arun Divakar
    The prospect of books to read has always been a seductive one for me Knowing that there are books out there than I can ever hope of reading is a fact that stimulates to read and depresses but I can t read them all me in equal measure It was a conscious decision to read books about books this year and keep fantasizing about them all It certainly made me think if this is what they might someday call bibliophilic masturbation So, I did start off the year with Heather Reyes followed closely by [...]

    Erin ☕ *Proud Book Hoarder*
    First, the title How could a reader not love the title Book Lust Paired with the enchanting cover, it s a perfect cover package deal that immediately drew my eye I really need to find books ABOUT books, and have several on my wishlist.Nancy Pearl is an admirable woman the intro to the book is one of interesting parts as she discusses having a troubled childhood and using books as a path of escape She emphasizes the second home she made in her local library and the respect gathered for the loca [...]

    What an unfortunate title I expected some bibliothecal titillation, Viagra for the bookworm, tales of mad pursuit, extreme in their quest to hunt, have, and swallow whole the objects of our literary passions But like all lusts, this joy proposed proved a very woe Instead of a biblio buzz, I wasted an hour or so skimming over some of the most limp and dispassionate recommendations of modern writing imaginable To my shame, I didn t finish the book In fact, Pearl recommends that you abandon any boo [...]

    I m a huge fan of booklists, and this was a good example of one Most of the books chosen by Pearl aren t bestsellers or award winners, but are obscure options that you probably haven t read yet She arranges the collection into 175 useful, creative, and humorous lists The lists are named specifically, presented in alphabetical order, and posted in the Table of Contents Some examples are Adventure by the Book, Bird Brains books about birds , Fathers and Daughters, First Novels, Shrinks and Shrink [...]

    I found it a bit sloppy Half hearted reasons reviews, then chunks of books thrown at the end of each category for no reason whatsoever it seems She also seems to be obsessed with adventures to the arctic and Antarctic circles and mountain climbing I got a few recs but I think I could write this book in my sleep.

    I normally love books about books but this one was very sloppily written The author gave recommendations of books to read but gave me very little reason or enthusiasm to further investigate those books Some good reviews and descriptions of the recommendations would have been a lot nicer than just a sentence saying don t miss this book, this author is great here is a complete list of their books with a star by my favorites Really GR readers offer me than this author did in an entire book Skip th [...]

    Not sure how useful this book will be to me, since it tends to confirm my own tastes I knew that from the moment I spotted a recommendation of Dorothy L Sayers Gaudy Night but I think it s worth keeping around Nancy Pearl s recommendations are very brief, but here and there they spark a thought or lead on to another book you really must get round to reading.Something to keep around for reference, though, not something to read cover to cover If you re in a mood for, say, a coming out story, then [...]

    I live by what I call the rule of fifty, which acknowledges that time is short and the world of books is immense If you re fifty years old or younger, give every book about fifty pages before you decide to commit yourself to reading it, or give it up If you re over fifty, which is when time gets even shorter, subtract your age from 100 the result is the number of pages you should read before deciding.

    Esteban del Mal
    This lady has read a lot.

    Anyone who stumbles over the intriguingly titled Book Lust is obliged, as a book lover, to pick up this book and see what it s about.The book is organized into LISTS, similar to a GoodReads list, except with only one voter, the author Some of the lists are worth checking, like Civil War Fiction or Russian Heavyweights Other lists are absurd, like Books about Cats , or Books about Elvis Presley.There are hundreds of lists in the book, and Pearl mentions thousands of books and writers, including m [...]

    What to read next is every book lover s greatest dilemma Any real book lover knows that picking the next book is hard, but this is not the book that solves this issue Book Lust is a collection of different reading lists for different topics, moods and so on Say you want to know what Russian books to read or want a list of coming of age books That is all well and good, hats off to Nancy Pearl for able to make a collection of book lists into a book series The problem I found is book lovers are awa [...]

    Every morning after my alarm goes off but before I actually get up I read a couple pages from the book on my nightstand In past years the books on my nightstand were books like The Bedside Baccalaureate orThe Intellectual Devotional, which is the name of an actual book but also describes a category of books that aim to educate readers in short, easy bursts This year I am really trying to put in a dent in my 300 TBR pile, so instead of buying a new devotional I picked Nancy Pearl s Book Lust out [...]

    It s not like I honestly need any book recommendations, my to read list is already than I m likely to get through in a lifetime But Nancy Pearl grew up near my hometown, I enjoy her reviews when I hear her on NPR and when it comes to lusting after books I think I ve found a kindred spirit So I thought I d take a look The recs are divided into all kinds of lists such as books about zero, Elvis, New Orleans, sex and natural disasters It s sure to expose me to some books I never would have discov [...]

    Get our of your rut Get this book My daughter works at a used book store, and gave me this to keep me from constantly asking her to recommend books for me, since our preferences have diverged in recent years I m just not into graphic novels and microbiology That said, everyone should have a copy of this book and its companion More Of course, it s not the list of the thousand books you must read before you die Someone else did that, so don t whine that it doesn t have all your favorites in it Th [...]

    this book was written in 2003 and the author has written other book lust books after this one It s great for readers who need a little help finding their next book to read It has 175 lists in all kinds od categories I ve added a few books to my own list.

    Jeanette"Astute Crabbist"
    I have very much enjoyed perusing this book full of possibilities Nancy Pearl s true love of books permeates every page, and her categories are unconventional and sometimes amusing.

    Diane Challenor
    Some years ago I was fortunate to attend a talk by Nancy Pearl at the Sydney Writers Festival I was very impressed with her enthusiastic stories about her reading life From that time forward I had a desire to own her book, Book Lust And when the second Book came out ie More Book Lust I had a desire to own that book too Life got in the way and I forgot about Nancy Pearl and her books And then, two weeks ago I was in the 2nd hand section of a wonderful well known and loved bookshop in Oxford Stree [...]

    4.5 STARS

    Shellie (Layers of Thought)
    Original series review posted at Layers of Thought.If you love books and lists, and are an eclectic reader, you will adore this series Each recommends books which are organized into themes, with great little descriptions all are softbound, small and easy to read.Books reviewed Book Lust Recommended Reading for Every Mood, Moment, and Reason by Nancy PearlMore Book Lust Reading Recommendations for Every Mood, Moment, and ReasonBook Crush For Kids and Teens Thoughts Nancy Pearl, librarian extraord [...]

    This is not a book of reviews.Despite the fact that Nancy Pearl is a well respected critic and possibly one of the most famous librarians in history not that I know much about famous librarians , Nancy very rarely details why she chose the books that she did Instead, we are to assume that every book that Pearl lists is one that she likes after all, why else would she bother to mention it And I imagine that every title listed must be at least somewhat notable if it managed to stick in her memory, [...]

    Akemi G
    I m happily surprised how functional and professional this book is It s a collection of short essays, each 1 2 pages long, that introduces books of that topic You can read the headline and the first paragraph to decide if you are interested in that topic Book titles are in bold, so it s easy to catch them None of the nasty self indulgence rambles on and one about the books they ve read and guilt trip Oh, but you SHOULD read this if you wish to be considered seriously, etc of many books of the sa [...]

    Janet Gardner
    It s hard to know how to rate a book like this, as it s not really meant to be a great reading experience itself, but rather to point to future great reading experiences It s a collection of short 1 3 page, mostly mini essay lists of Pearl s book picks on topics ranging from novels about mothers and daughters, to presidential biographies, to children s fantasy that adults enjoy, to fiction and nonfiction about the world s great rivers, to Polish poetry in translation , to well, just about anythi [...]

    Book Lust Nancy Pearl 2003 Sasquatch Books 287 pages ISBN 1570613818.Nancy Pearl is a long time librarian and writes book reviews for both local and national publications Her book expertise and recommendations are gathered in Book Lust, a compilation of books of all genres for every mood, moment, and reason as is her catch phrase.Thumbing through Book Lust, you ll find the most intriguing categories and descriptions of books and novels you most likely would never have thought to pick up Pearl wr [...]

    Amber Ditullio
    If I remember correctly, Paul Weimer was the one who recommended this to me And I haven t regretted it since This is actually the second time I ve read through it, and this time, I have a notebook to write down the books that interest me and I want to read.The book is incredibly easy to read, with lots of different categories for the reader to immediately go to some of their favorites While there are some books that I am disappointed to see missing most particularly Neil Gaiman s The Sandman fro [...]

    I love lists.While some of Pearl s recommendations are predictable and mainstream, her lists are quite varied and interesting There are a number of books listed here that I ve never heard of before and many that sound wonderful My to read list is in danger of overflowing beyond what is attainable in my lifetime.I borrowed this copy from the library and read through it quickly, but this is one of those references that I d like to have available on my shelf for those times when I m in the mood for [...]

    I am a sucker for lists My journals are full of them As one who is also a sucker for books, I had to check this out Oh, lordy, what a quandry Every time I go to the library I complain that my arms are too short I can only carry so many books I think they should have complimentary wheelbarrows As I read this book, the bookworm by now I think that bookworm has already morphed into a giant moth stirred within me I was making a list of my own of to read books Yeah, like I need any help with that As [...]

    Erin W
    This book was not what I imagined I suppose I expected a book of essays, with each essay an analysis of a particular book and why it was significant for the author For the Love of Books is something of a model for that But no, Book Lust is basically a thickened out list of librarian approved you might also like s There s nothing wrong with that The books are spread apart into different chapters which represent categories and genres, so you can find recommendations for exactly what you might be l [...]

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