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  • Title: Gypsy Boy On The Run
  • Author: Mikey Walsh
  • ISBN: 9781444720228
  • Page: 152
  • Format: Paperback

  • Gypsy Boy On The Run By Mikey Walsh Mikey is a Romany Gypsy and grew up living in a caravan on sites across the UK He adored his family and the rich and vibrant Romany culture he d inherited Eventually though he was forced to make a heartbreaking decision to stay and keep secrets, or escape and find somewhere to finally belong.But Mikey quickly discovers that life in the outside world isn t all he expectMikey is a Romany Gypsy and grew up living in a caravan on sites across the UK He adored his family and the rich and vibrant Romany culture he d inherited Eventually though he was forced to make a heartbreaking decision to stay and keep secrets, or escape and find somewhere to finally belong.But Mikey quickly discovers that life in the outside world isn t all he expected After learning his father had put a contract out on him and that he was being hunted down by gangs of thugs determined to claim their reward, Mikey realises that life will never be the same again.
    Mikey Walsh
    Mikey Walsh Writer author of that Gypsy Boy Book series.

    Gypsy Boy On The Run By Mikey Walsh


    I was a bit apprehensive starting this sequel to Gypsy Boy so quickly after the first book The fact that it appeared just about a year after the first one which had unexpectedly turned into a best seller also left me wondering whether Mikey or his publisher simply wanted to exploit what seemed a profitable moment before it might be gone The first couple of dozen pages do nothing to allay this fear since they are a recap of the first book but then the Walsh takes the story from when he ran away a [...]

    Lorenzio Phillibuster Fireworks
    Gypsy Boy on the Run is one of those biographies you don t want to believe is true simply because to acknowledge that such terribly sad, horribly awful things happen in the world let alone to the same person makes you want to hide under the covers and never come back out But Mikey Walsh didn t hide under the covers Despite all the abuse, heartache and loss, Mikey Walsh has not only found to strength to keep going, but also to share his story Mikey was born to a very proud and prominent Gypsy fam [...]

    But a solid three stars Stars taken off because writer is a bit lackluster though story is compelling I also had some issues with the sexual and physical abuse depicted.

    My Grade 88% BA few weeks ago I read the original Gypsy Boy which told of Mikey Walsh s first 15 years with the Romany Gypsies near Reading, Berkshire, England, before running away with Caleb, a gay 25 year old bartender who befriended him.The last chapter, Now, summed up what had happened to him in the five years since he ran away.I assumed that this new book, Gypsy Boy on the Run, would be a fleshing out of those five years, but was pleasantly surprised to find that it was a recounting of fift [...]

    I feel cheated.I read and loved Mikeys first memoir, and was sure I felt the same about Gypsy Boy On The Run.However, as I neared the end of this book, something wasn t ringing true Looking back, it felt and like a patchwork of fairy tales andes I don t know, maybe I m wrong, but something doesn t feel right about this It all seems a bit iffy I m struggling, I can t quite put my finger on it Maybe I m wrong and I kind of hope I am.Great story though, I can t shake the feeling that it is exactl [...]

    Absolutely amazing A very inspirational young man.

    I was completely overwhelmed by the first book And this one overwhelmed me even The story picks up where the last one left off, with Mikey leaving his troubled life as a Gypsy behind Sadly his bad luck doesn t end there After his boyfriend Caleb hides him from his father s thugs looking to claim a reward by finding him and doing him harm, Mikey finds that life outside the Gypsy community isn t as safe as he thought His father s thugs repeatedly beat his boyfriend to know Mikey s whereabouts Thi [...]

    Challenge Category A Book Set in a Country that Fascinates YouCountry England TravelersThe story of how a boy runs away from his abusive family and Gypsy culture to start a life from scratch Knowing very little of how to make a life, he uses his resilience, intelligence, and persistence to go after his dreams, to get to college and even write this book He has to learn not only how to survive, but also how to trust and how to learn who he should trust This book also features an LGBT lead main cha [...]

    I only started reading this because someone gave it to me, but to my surprise, I really enjoyed it.

    Forts ttning p f rra boken f r man mer i detalj g r in p vad som h nder n r han har l mnat sin familj, denna g ng med f rfattarinl sning Lite mindre tung bok trots allt.

    Tricia Toney
    This sequel was great.

    Sadie Rose Knight
    Absolutely loved this book, did not want to put it down.

    3.5 stars

    Continuing from where I left off in my review of Gypsy Boy , pretty much See that review for general gist of books One of the things I picked up on when reading the first book was that a lot of story was covered very quickly and skirted over towards the end of the book Well, that has definitely been righted in this follow up In fact, and perhaps oddly, the last few chapters of the first book are an overview of the whole of the second book pretty much, making it predictable and thus ruining it sl [...]

    Coleman Harrison
    NO SPOILERS About 30 seconds after finished Mikey Walsh s first book, the first thing I did was order his second book online His first book is a roller coaster of emotions One second you sides hurt with laugher, the other you are crying I am an 18 year old boy, and I can honestly say these two books are the only books I have read in a long time that made me cry If you are on the fence about reading this book, read it However, don t skip the first book, and go straight to Gypsy Boy on the Run The [...]

    To be quite honest I didn t held high expectations with regards to Gypsy Boy on the run Gypsy Boy its predecessor had already filled me in on what happened with Mikey when he ran away from home Moreover reviews of the book conformed that there is a lot of rehash Gypsy Boy on the run is in a way a rehash of Mikey Walsh s first novel but the tone is different enough and it touched me even than Gypsy Boy.Unlike Gypsy Boy which has a colourful setting with lots of humour, this book is subtle in hi [...]

    Jay Miraldi
    It s a good story, for sure, but after I finished the book I read accounts online from people that Walsh featured as characters in the book and they all suggest that Walsh is basically a Charlatan and that most if not all of the story is fraudulent Which would be completely fine if he had not passed it off as an autobiographical account of his life He may not have even written the book himself on account of the fact that he allegedly couldn t even read on a child s level until adulthood The whol [...]

    TiarnĂ¡n McMeekin
    The follow up to Gypsy Boy, I was unsure about whether or not to read Gypsy Boy On the Run, as the previous book seemed to offer a sense of closure and finality to Mikey s tale, and on paper this than anything felt like an attempt to squeeze out as much monetary and commercial gain as possible from the story When I finally did get around to reading it however I was delighted to find that it touched me just as much as the original, if not so Mikey spends a lot of time recapping the events of hi [...]

    Viv Ross
    First off I won an Advanced Reading Copy of this book via a giveaway hosted by.Through I have found myself exploring genres I had always considered not to my taste, biographies and autobiographies included However this is the second autobiography I have won from a giveaway and read I found myself smiling, laughing, crying, and floundering throughout the narrative of Mikey Walsh s escape from the Romany lifestyle he grew up in Leaving home is never easy, ask most people and that s what they will [...]

    Formalities, of course, I received this book as a giveaway.I am always fascinated to learn about other people s lifestyles, other cultures I love to compare them to mine, and see how they differ I believe it s good to know what all is out there, it s not good to be ignorant.The Gypsy culture, I ve never really known much about, I caught a tv show about Gypsy living in New York or someplace, but tv shows you don t know how much is real, and what is played up for viewers.This book, while not delvi [...]

    Sabrina Rutter
    Once again Mikey Walsh draws the reader right in A lot of people I guess didn t like the idea of him writing under a pseudonym, but if they can t understand why after reading his book then they missed a big part of his story it seems I admire his bravery, and his courage not only for sharing his story, but for living the life he believes is right for him He could have shut out who he really is like many other gay gypsies, and traveller men living a lonely life in a trailer by himself, and foreve [...]

    I d read Mike Walsh s first book, Gypsy Boy and enjoyed it This second book follows up on his story after his escape from a very abusive home situation, into an only slightly less dismal life on his own At first I,thought I was reading the same book, but the two books have an interesting relationship , The first books last chapters are a preview of the second book, and the second book s first chapters are an overview of the first book A bit confusing.There s something about the writing that make [...]

    William James
    Having read the first book, Gypsy Boy, I was left wondering about what happened after we left Mikey Walsh and so was delighted to find out that he had decided to continue his story with us.Gypsy Boy on the Run picks up from where Mikey leavs the traveller camp he has grown up on, and his family behind It was clearly a heartbreaking decision for someone so young at the time.The story follows Mikey as he is on the run from those who say he has disgraced his people, while in the meantime he is on a [...]

    I had hoped this book was a continuation or the story of the happily ever after ending of the last book, but it isn t that and left me as sad as his first book.My only complaint is the repetition of paragraphs and seemingly pages from the first book For people who didn t read Gypsy Boy, the recapping won t be an issue Those who haven t read it since its original release may find it less obvious and even helpful I read both books straight through, so the beginning and a couple of the stories were [...]

    Expected That s the best word I can think of for describing Gypsy Boy on the Run, which I received through the First Reads program Maybe it s that I ve already read so many other books about people fleeing insular religious and ethnic groups Maybe it s the Romany tell all media saturation of the moment Maybe it s that I hadn t read the first volume and didn t have the emotional investment in the author s story But I just never felt like I was hearing anything groundbreaking in this book All of t [...]

    Nic Adams
    I was certainly not let down by this book as it offered not only a continuation of where Gypsy Boy left off yet also revisited tales brushed in the first book and offered clarity.Mikey Walsh is a special person, one who realised at an early age that he was different from the Romany Gypsy bare knuckle fighting guy that was expected of him, being subjected to physical and emotional abuse from his father, sexual abuse from his uncle, psychological abuse from fellow gypsies, and yet finding the str [...]

    I received this book for free through First Reads.What a heartfelt story I did not read the first book, Gypsy Boy, but was able to just start reading this one After years of abuse from a relative he finally gets up the courage to leave his family even though leaving hurt him about as much as the abuse he was receiving Years go by and he is able to meet his family and finds out the relative that abused him is now doing it to one of his younger brothers and helps to try and stop it He is also able [...]

    I seldom don t finish books, but first of all I have the audiobook and Mikey Walsh is reading this so so badly Second of all, it s just not well written And I get where Walsh was coming from in writing how hard it was to go and leave his family behing, but on one hand making it clear that he s writing from a point where he had been in contact with his family again hence got to know things that happened when he was gone, but not bringing in a psychological view on how he was still seeking his fat [...]

    Just as compelling as his first book, this story of how a young Romany Gypsy boy must leave his family and his culture because he is gay is hard to put down The author s voice is utterly genuine, and the trials he s endured for being different in an insular and unforgiving society are sometimes difficult to read about because they are so painfully sad What makes the book ultimately redemptive is the author s inner spirit and astonishing resiliency He s only in his early 30 s now, but Mikey Walsh [...]

    Tina Hamilton
    Fighting Beating Screaming Drinking More fighting Fighting with everyone and especially with the Irish Travellers In all of the above, men, women, and children participate Big weddings for the lucky ones who find a spouse Or, old maid sister by 20 years of age made to take care of family Equal parts love and hate Not an easy life After reading the book, I can understand why some people do not like Gypsys I hoped the book would offer history I ll just need to read another to answer some of my qu [...]

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