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  • Title: Stand By, Stand by
  • Author: Chris Ryan
  • ISBN: 9780712677660
  • Page: 231
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Stand By, Stand by By Chris Ryan This sequel to The One That Got Away is a work of fiction detailing operations by Chris Ryan and his colleagues in the SAS that are too controversial to publish as non fiction.
    Chris Ryan
    Chris Ryan was born in 1961 in a village near Newcastle In 1984 he joined the SAS During his ten years in the Regiment, he was involved in overt and covert operations and was also Sniper team commander of the anti terrorist team.During the Gulf War, Chris was the only member of an eight man team to escape from Iraq, of which three colleagues were killed and four captured It was the longest escape and evasion in the history of the SAS.For this he was awarded the Military Medal During Ryan s last two years in the Regiment he selected and trained potential SAS recruits, he left the SAS in 1994 His work in security takes him around the world.He has also appeared in a number of TV programmes, including HUNTING CHRIS RYAN, PUSHED TO THE LIMIT Toughest Families and TERROR ALERT Sky TV, 2004.

    Stand By, Stand by By Chris Ryan


    Ryan s first fictional outing introduces the long running hero Geordie Sharp, a thin cypher for Ryan himself, a gung ho SAS veteran who fights and kills his way through a further three books in the series before he retired from duty As an action thriller, Stand By, Stand By is an accomplished work in which the realism is meted out in meticulous details, thanks to Ryan s first hand experience of the world of terror and counter terrorism It s impossible to say how much of the book is based on true [...]

    Pretty much what you d expect from Chris Ryan.Reads like a diary with little characterisation and a somewhat rambling plot this happened, then this happened Action bits are by far the best written.Entertaining quick read though.

    3.5 starsThis is not the best book by Chris Ryan that I have read but it was definitely readable I think it lost its way in parts and the ending was unexpected I m hoping that by the time that I read the next book that I will be a bit invested in the characters.

    Brendon McCarthy
    A good read and really intriguing If you like military stuff, you re going to devour this book my only complaint is the ending.

    Jo Trelfa
    Interesting books but a little long winded.

    Hilmi Isa
    Buku ini merupakan sebuah novel 2 dalam 1 Zero Option merupakan novel pertama yang ditulis oleh Chris Ryan selepas beliau menerbitkan buku memoirnya yang bertajuk The One Who Got Away Sementara itu,Stand By,Stand By pula merupakan sambungan atau direct sequel kepada novel yang sebelumnya Kedua dua siri novel menggunakan perspektif orang pertama dalam penceritaannya Jadi,para pembaca akan seolah olah merasakan sedang membaca buku memoir Perkara ini berlaku mungkin sekali kerana penulis buku ini,C [...]

    Richard Aliff
    Authored by Chris Ryan, first novel based on the Geordie Sharp series.I shall say, Chris narrated the character pretty well from the beginning, very in depth on the personality of the character who is part of British SAS.The story begins as Chris narrates on how Geordie s life is in the regiment and tough life he endures, during the story Geordie experienced something which a man of his position should not have experienced The event puts Geordie in a emotional state which he handled pretty well [...]

    Solid protagonist and a decent story in this first work of fiction loosely based on the author s real life, but I personally never felt invested in the stakes presented I see this as of an issue with me as the reader of this type of book, and not a problem of the author s or of the material itself, however.Thinking back to when I read Andy McNabb s Remote Control , I see a lot of the same concerns I had with that novel as I do with this one Firstly, though, I do recall that there were character [...]

    Stand By, Stand by by Chris Ryan, was an enjoyable read I thought that that I have is that some of the coincidences were unlikely, like meeting the exact same criminal in three countries, and that he happens to be a man you wish to kill The relationship between Geordie and Tracy seemed rushed and unnecessary for the plot line, and it was hard to gauge the times between different scenes in the novel.The ending was fast paced, and there were some interesting insights into life as an SAS soldier Th [...]

    An interesting and captivating read which gives the reader an impression of what life is like in the SAS Certainly a boy s book with many macho moments It initially follows Sgt Georgie Sharp to Northern Ireland in the early 1990s where he is up against the real IRA The second half of the book takes us with him to South America and describes an operation in Columbia where things don t quite go to plan A very good insight into the special forces which has the ability to keep the reader hooked.

    I enjoyed the book, but wasn t entirely captivated by it The action scenes are excellently written, and this is clearly where his experience comes to the fore and is invaluable However, I wasn t totally buying into the relationships finding some of the language phrases a little off putting It occasionally threw me out of the world of the story as I considered this, and that is obviously not the desired effect.

    Excellent choice if you want light, action filled read One thing that makes this book different from your usual Clancys and Ludlums is the no nonsense, almost sparse descriptions of enviroments and procedures of SAS you just get the feeling that the author knows what he s talking about and of course, being a former SAS himself, he does Very nice first impression, I will definitely pick up the second book in the series.

    Lydia Small
    Not as good as the other Chris Ryan books Did not like the way it was written, definitely prefer third person books as there is description and imagery used I would skip this one and read other books of his.

    The book started well but became a bit plodding towards the end A new twist was introduced ON THE LAST PAGE no less, which I suppose leads into a sequel As there was no prior mention anywhere, even on , of a sequel trilogy series I was left extremely disappointed and not a little cross.

    Andrew Herbert
    Good action adventure The ending is annoying.Ryan s writing does get better than this I ve read the Kremlin Device At any rate this is the first Geordie Sharp novel Very similar to some of Andy McNabb s books of course.

    It was okay Wasn t much of a real plot More like the main character completing different missions and also different events happening within the story The real twist comes at the very end which makes you want to read the next book.

    Great book really shows off Chris Ryan s ability to write.


    Cian O
    great bookris ryans first fictional bookarts off a bit slow paced but after a while you really get into it.

    A good read, interesting to read about Special Forces etc

    Angel Serrano
    La lucha antiterrorista contra el IRA Provisional se convierte en algo personal para un SAS.

    As always, a good twist at the end.

    Jim Whitefield
    I have read pretty well all of Chris Ryan s books, including the Alpha Force series for younger readers all well worth the time and great escapism Never been disappointed.

    this guy is becoming my favourite author at the moment

    Daniel Giuffrida
    Ok read Some interesting scenes but the story is all over the place Too many abbreviations.

    Charley Maxwell
    Brilliant Have the 2 book in one set so will move on quickly to Zero Option.

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