[AZW] ✓ The Way of the Eagle: An Early California Journey of Awakening | BY ✓ D.E. Lamont J.H. Soeder #2020

  • Title: The Way of the Eagle: An Early California Journey of Awakening
  • Author: D.E. Lamont J.H. Soeder
  • ISBN: 9780983500704
  • Page: 391
  • Format: Paperback

  • The Way of the Eagle: An Early California Journey of Awakening By D.E. Lamont J.H. Soeder Just honored as a medal winning Finalist in the Novella category of the 2012 Next Generation Indie Book Awards In this tale set in the world of a nearly extinct Native American tribe which prospered thousands of years before that same locale became the city of Los Angeles, a young Tongva brave, Tacu, struggles to understand and survive the baffling and often dange Just honored as a medal winning Finalist in the Novella category of the 2012 Next Generation Indie Book Awards In this tale set in the world of a nearly extinct Native American tribe which prospered thousands of years before that same locale became the city of Los Angeles, a young Tongva brave, Tacu, struggles to understand and survive the baffling and often dangerous lessons of Takoda, his mysterious mentor from the North.Until he does so successfully, he won t be allowed to travel to the village at the Place of the Stones to undergo his vision quest and formal initiation into manhood and only by doing so can he earn back the respect of his peers and court the maiden he loves, for he is now shunned by the village as a despicable coward.But he is being held to a different and difficult path by Takoda He must go through harrowing life lessons and experiences to prepare him to face his future courageously and with honor, and bring him to recognize his own spirituality Tacu never imagines the crucial impact these teachings will have on him, the spiritual gifts with which he will be endowed, or how dramatically his life will change before his journey to manhood is complete A thoughtful and moving addition to the treasure trove of inspirational stories about America s First People.
    D.E. Lamont J.H. Soeder
    D.E Lamont s interest in books and writing developed as a preteen when her favorite aunt, Libby, took her to the big Hollywood book shop of the era, Pickwick Books, and let her pick out as many books as she wished to get Delighted, she became an avid reader and visitor to the library from that time forward Her reading interests varied among the classics, adventure, western, fantasy, thrillers, science fiction, historical fiction, biography and autobiography Growing up in the mushrooming residential developments of the San Fernando Valley of Southern California, she and her brothers explored the wild chaparral covered hills and canyons surrounding the Valley, where they found signs of former Native American inhabitants These discoveries excited her interest in earlier times and left her with the haunting impression that many stories about these mysterious, missing people waited to be told.Only many years later did she learn who those Indians were the Tongva, who had been driven to near extinction over the last four and a half centuries by the Spanish, Mexican, and then American conquerors D.E wished to feature these little known people and let people know about them in her novella, The Way of the Eagle D.E Lamont s latest story is a new e novelette, LOST WITHOUT LOVE A Hollywood Tale of the Future Her e book, TWO SHORT FANTASIES, A Starry Night s Dream and The Prisoner consists of two short short stories, and she is presently working on the sequel to THE WAY OF THE EAGLE and another full length novel.In addition to her fiction, she writes nonfiction under the name Daveda Lamont In May 2012 BECOMING A TRUE CHAMPION Achieving Athletic Excellence from the Inside Out, by former 3 time All American gymnast Kirk Mango and heself, was released by Rowman Littlefield Ms Lamont also worked as an independent nonfiction editor from the early 1980s onward.D.E Lamont lives with her husband and their beloved birds and plants in an apartment overlooking the Hudson River Shortly before publishing her first novella, a rare experience gave her the name for her self publishing company after a big storm, the Hudson, mile wide where she lives, transformed into a mystical rolling river of clouds that moved downstream before her eyes This magical phenomenon inspired the name Cloud River Press for her imprint.

    The Way of the Eagle: An Early California Journey of Awakening By D.E. Lamont J.H. Soeder


    At 140 pages long, about a third the size of an average paperback these days, The Way of the Eagle is really of a novella than a full blown novel, but there is much to recommend it The story reminded me strongly of the Native American myths and legends I read as a child, it manages to capture the same spirit and essence, but the characters and the plot are all new, and Lamont adds a fresh twist to the tale by including elements of the modern the nickel that his uncle gives Tacu as a keepsake tr [...]

    Lindsay (Everyday Is An Adventure)
    For my full review and accompanying pictures please visit everydayadventure11.cThe Way of the Eagle An Early California Journey of Awakening by D.E Lamont is a quick, short read but one definitely worth a reader s time.My Thoughts I really enjoyed this book, and felt like it was a real tribute to a culture and a people that are worth recognizing and honoring Like many Native American tribes, the Tongva People of the Earth were a people whose culture and way of life were wiped away when Europeans [...]

    I wrote this novella about the almost forgotten Southern California tribe, the Tongva, after growing up in the countryside and city that they once called home As a kid, it was so unreal to me that authentic original peoples might have once occupied the same land as our concrete and asphalt surrounded homes, that it took me up into my 40s before the truth really dawned on me and I began to seek out information about them Los Angeles s development era boomed for decades and an untouched canyon or [...]

    I enjoy anything that has to do with Native American culture and I was not familiar with this tribe at all It is definitely a time travel to think what southern California is like now Tacu was brave and I don t think I could have went through this period of initiation like he did I liked the patience of his mentor Takoda I also liked when he gave him the nickel and he had no idea what this little disc was My favorite quote was, As you live, be what you are as faithfully as you possibly can take [...]

    I was extremely excited that I won this book from The book reflects back to a time when everything was simple and beautiful All of the illustrations are absolutely amazing The book is worth reading.Tacu learns his lessons from his Uncle about becoming an Indian man Truly a lot of research was put into this book about the Tongva People of the Earth The images that are created by D.E Lamont are fantastic.Please read Lindsay Everyday Is an Adventure review of The Way of the Eagle An Early Californi [...]

    I received this book and in that one night I read it beginning to end D.E Lamont brings into the world of a native American young man and through her writing you will go on a vision quest with this young man It is a truly warm book and a wonderful read Ms Lamont s writing style is great So, read it and you will not be sorry.

    J.H. Soeder
    The Way of the Eagle, is a remarkable book Although a fictional story, the author pulls you into the story, purely because of is wonderfully simple presentation It is a very spiritual book about a race of people that time forgot A proud people of the earth.

    Phoenix Reads
    Wonderful spiritual journey of a young boy The research of this extinct tribe in California is terrific.

    I received this book through GoodReads First Reads The book was okay, but honestly I enjoyed reading the extras in the back than the story itself I felt like the story was a little flat and the characters were one dimensional There were a lot of questions about why one of the main characters was in California since he was from a Plains tribe It doesn t seem very plausible that he would travel all the way to southern California I suppose there was a lot of research that went into the book to cre [...]

    This novella is the tale of Tacu, a young Tongva man, and his coming of age in the early days of what is now Southern California Tacu despairs of not having been through his band s manhood ceremonies, which will allow him to marry.Tongva is visited by an uncle, Takoda, who appears to be from the Plains peoples He helps Tacu through his vision quest by showing the younger man how to interpret the signs given to him.Because of its brevity, there is not as much character development in this story a [...]

    Haven t received my copy yet, just received notice I had won Super excited 1 10 12Received my copy and can t wait to start Have 5 plus my current read in front though 01 23 12Started and finished yesterday 2 12 12Tacu is an indian brave growing up in what is now mid southern California This is the story of his journey into manhood I was immediately drawn in because I am familiar with how that area looks now, and it is strange to think of how it was before I liked the message of the book especial [...]

    I don t give many 5 star ratings Those books have to blow my mind This book was close though It was actually closer to a 5 star than a 4 It s a book about a young Native American boy and his uncle s teachings and guidance before he is allowed to go through the tribe s initiation into manhood He learns about his true self, his father and his mother He learns to be true to himself and it s okay to question the teachings of others as long as the questioning is done with tact It s a short book, but [...]

    Sherrie Saint
    This is a fantastic book It is a wonderful journey of a boy that leads from childhood into adulthood I was particularly taken with the quote on p 109 As the moon dieth and cometh to light again so we, also having to die, will live again This is one of those books that can be read and reread again My Dad would have loved this book When I was a kid, my Dad didn t read your regular children s books to me Rather, he read me books from western favorites such as Louis L Amour, Zane Grey, etc I have al [...]

    The Way of the Eagle tells the tale of a Native American boy learning who he is D E Lamont weaves a beautiful tapestry filled with details of native life in southern California at a time before European conquest Her writing blends the exacting detail of daily Native American life with an exquisite spiritual quest that makes it easy to experience the beauty and power of a culture all but lost in the modern world Reading this tale was a pleasure, and I highly recommend it as entertaining and enlig [...]

    In compliance with FTC guidelines, I received the book for free through First Reads.I enjoyed this short, coming of age, spiritual journey of a young Native American story The author provides a bibliography and a glossary at the end of the book, showing how much research went into writing this brief historical fiction Her writing style is smooth and flows effortlessly I wish there was slightly character development, yet even in this brief narrative, I felt connected to the main character.

    I really enjoyed this story I didn t feel like the story really went anywhere though I still have questions that never got answered which is a little frustrating as a reader I wish Lamont would have went a little further with the story and incorporated other aspects of native american life and culture instead of just spirit guidance.

    This is a story of a young boy wanting to grow up into a young man to fast His uncle is trying to teach him life s lessons so he can support himself and a wife and family The boy is impatient His uncle sends him out on vision quests to learn When the boy learns from his quests then his uncle tells him he is ready I enjoyed this short story.

    Margaret Rymer
    I finished this book in a couple of nights and really enjoyed the style this book was written in, I learned quite a lot from reading it and it really made me think about how their life changed I passed the book on to my sister who also enjoyed it and she then passed it on so I guess it is still doing the rounds and giving pleasure in ti s wake.

    Marilyn Clement
    Thanks to the Author for researching and sharing the spirituality of the Native American Tongva in this novelette of a young Tongva boy approaching manhood As Lamont states in the book, the Tongva people called themselves People of the Earth The illustrations are by J.H Soeder and are beautiful Anyone that enjoys reading about Native Lore and spiritual quests will enjoy this book.

    While certainly an interesting story, I felt it was limited by its narration The writing felt awkward and took a while to settle into itself though I d be interested to see how it would ve turned out if it were longer or detailed.An easy afternoon read that acted as a filler between longer novels, it simply didn t appeal to me in any great way, hence my two stars.

    win Thank you Very enjoyable book, about a young man coming of age His birth and his background and coming into manhood He is from the Tongva tribe, from Southern California and he is different from the rest of his tribe Nice Glossary in the back with Tongva words and English meaning, and also information on the Tongva people I know my grandchild will enjoy this book also.

    Really makes you see what is like to soar the skies like an Eagle, from the perils of being a newly born eaglet fighting for survival with your own siblings the being kicked out of the family nest and looking alone for a wife A must read for fans of nature.

    I found this novel very engaging You get a glimpse into the life of a young warrior to be as he learns many lessons of life I would have loved for it to have been longer as it ended before I would have liked I definitely recommend this one for all ages.

    Anna Meghan
    I received this book for free via giveaways This was a lot shorter than I expected it to be When I first request the book I had something much different in mind but I must say I did enjoy the book A nice quick read.

    i found this well written book to be very interesting and a wonderful tribute to the native american culture.

    Jesse Kimmel-Freeman
    Great book, love the story.

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