[E-Book] ✓ A Prayer for the Damned | by Å Peter Tremayne #2020

  • Title: A Prayer for the Damned
  • Author: Peter Tremayne
  • ISBN: 9780312348335
  • Page: 202
  • Format: Hardcover

  • A Prayer for the Damned By Peter Tremayne In February of 668 A.D Fidelma of Cashel and her companion Eadulf are about to get permanently married As the sister to the King of Muman, Fidelma s marriage ceremony is a major event the High King of Ireland, as well as other kings and major figures, are going to be in attendance On the eve of the ceremony, the fanatical and much disliked Abbot Ultan is found murdereIn February of 668 A.D Fidelma of Cashel and her companion Eadulf are about to get permanently married As the sister to the King of Muman, Fidelma s marriage ceremony is a major event the High King of Ireland, as well as other kings and major figures, are going to be in attendance On the eve of the ceremony, the fanatical and much disliked Abbot Ultan is found murdered in his chamber and one of the distinguished guests, the King of Connacht, is accused of the crime Her wedding delayed, the high born guests restless, and the murder and its aftermath threatening chaos, it s up to Fidelma to uncover the murderer and the truth behind the murder itself if the often tenuous peace of the land is to be maintained.
    Peter Tremayne
    Peter Berresford Ellis born 10 March 1943 is a historian, literary biographer, and novelist who has published over 90 books to date either under his own name or his pseudonyms Peter Tremayne and Peter MacAlan He has also published 95 short stories His non fiction books, articles and academic papers have made him acknowledged as an authority on Celtic history and culture As Peter Tremayne, he is the author of the international bestselling Sister Fidelma mystery series His work has appeared in 25 languages.

    A Prayer for the Damned By Peter Tremayne


    The umpteenth in the Sister Fidelma series set in 7th c Ireland Fidelma and Eadulf s wedding ceremony is postponed by the murder of an odious abbot who had come to Cashel specifically to protest their wedding, being a proponent of the Roman way of thinking which demands celibacy for the Christian religious But Ireland has no such rules, and Rome does not have an official ban on marriage among the religious either and Abbot Ultan had other reasons for being among the highest ranking political and [...]

    Sister Fidelma series, 17, and still a favorite of mine A Prayer For the Damned has a surplus of suspects that keep the reader engrossed until the very end The historical aspects also appeal to me, as do the points of law and the faith of that period of Irish history that appear to have been much civilized than our society is today If only time travel could bring Fidelma to us today

    Great read.I was unsure who was guilty until the very last All the facts were presented and the plot was clear Fidelma is her usual logical self There were quite a few suspects I loved the ending.

    C. W. Wilson
    Complex and satisfyingFidelma of Cashel solves her most complex mystery yet Good plot twists and a host of interesting characters add interest along with a touch of ecclesiastical history and theological commentary Another good read about Fidelma and Eadulf.

    A Prayer for the Damned is the 17th book in Peter Tremayne s Sister Fidelma series of murder mystery novels set in 7th century Ireland In this story, an abbot is killed on the eve of Fidelma s wedding to Eadulf The murder has significant political repercussions, that could in the worst case lead to Fidelma s brother, Colgu, losing his kingship.As a murder mystery, this book works quite well It is not until about 50 pages from the end that we see a slip up by the murderer that will eventually lea [...]

    I often enjoy historical novels, and I enjoy detective novels, so historical detective novels tick a lot of boxes for me Sadly, this turned out to be an exception to the rule.Unlike other historical detective novels I have read see my review of Alex Grecian s The Yard for example, I didn t think this was not a good book because of historical clangers The author, Peter Tremayne, is an expert in ancient Irish culture and language And boy do we get to know about it It reminds me of the young child [...]

    The very first thing I like about this book is that it is set in 7th Century Ireland I find enormous pleasure in exploring the customs and circumstances of the past It gives me insight into how our present was formed The second thing I enjoyed is the depiction of women as liberated and equal in standing in the community and before the law I also enjoyed the theological arguments between Brother Dron an umlaut over the o , a fanatic right winger if ever there was one, and our heroine, Sister Fide [...]

    17 in the Sister Fidelma series 7th century Ireland had a system of laws that were light years ahead of its time the Dark Ages Their provisions concerning women were better than any country including the U.S in 2011 There were protections against domestic abuse, divorce, rape, child molestation, etc Family bonds were emphasized along with loyalty to one s clan Succession of clan leadership and even kingship were not based upon the oldest son but rather voted in based on the vote of three levels [...]

    Laura Edwards
    A nice, fast paced book Plenty of suspects and an irredeemable villain And there were quite a few humorous moments with Brother Eadulf I especially like the part where he referred to himself as shy Ha ha Also, in this book Fidelma displays a wide range of emotions makes her human I also love the last line in the book It s the sweetest thing Eadulf has ever said to Fidelma Finally, a few glimpses of tenderness between them are given in this book Definitely one of the best in the series all aroun [...]

    TIme to throw in something different Well, sort of different A murder mystery only this time set in Ireland hundreds of years ago A female, who s all at once a lawyer, sister to a king, a religious pre cursor to a nun , a wife and a mother, investigates murders in her spare time My aunt gave me a couple Peter Tremayne books for Christmas a couple years ago, knowing I liked anything set in that area and general era and that I devour mystery novels If you like historical settings and mysteries, I [...]

    I have been reading this but the bad characters are so mean, it s like watching Republican nominee hopefuls trying to claw the others away from the rim of the crab bucket Ugly, ugly, ugly.Abbot Ultan, who was only too happy to come to Fidelma and Eadulf s wedding to protest it, is killed So many people hate him that it s hard to winnow out one with the opportunity to kill him Then the key suspect is also killed Are the murders connected Will the wedding ever come off

    Sister Fidelma and Eadwulf are about to be married for reals Everyone has gathered, due to Sister Fidelma s relationship to the king A hateful abbot is killed and there is no lack of suspects as everyone hated him and had reason to kill him While sorting out the mess, Sister Fidelma s marriage is put on hold and two other deaths occur Somehow she is able to work it all out to suspect someone no one else did.

    The wedding day has arrived just as Fidelma promised last time it is all set to go on the arranged date Then an abbot is killed in Cashel after he arrives to challenge the wedding A king is suspected and asked Fidelma to represent him The wedding is then delayed as Fidelma attempts to get to the bottom of things in front of all the high ranking members of the five kingdoms Lots of twists, lots of clues.

    This story of 7th century Irish dalaigh and religieuse, Sister Fidelma, finds her on the verge of her marraige to Eadulf The plot continues to sharpen the edge of the inevitable conflict between the Celtic Church and the Roman Church with its denigration of women Will Fidelma leave holy orders I kind of hope so I liked the fact that this mystery stayed in Cashel, too.

    I really enjoy exploring the culture of ancient Ireland and the learning about the conversion of the land to Christianity I find it incredibly interesting to read how women were treated and seeing the different concepts of Christianity and how it was changed over time The story is also fun to read and it is fun to try to solve the mystery.

    I think my favorite thing about this Fidelma book besides the fact that she was not always irritated with Eadulf was that the author included examples of how other old Irish laws would have worked I also could not pick out the culprit from the first page plenty of arrogant people in this story.

    09 10 Punkte gebe ich f r diesen 15 Band der Reihe Langweilig wird es bei Fidelma und Eadulf nicht, das ist mal sicher.Meine Rezension k nnt ihr hier nachlesen sunsys blog 2014 1.

    I love Peter Tremayne s series of books on Celtic Ireland Always a good mystery which Sister Fidelma solves with her usual logic The history of the time period 600 AD is interesting as well as the Irish History which is interwoven in the story line.

    Good St Patrick Day read set in Ireland of A.D 668.

    Again, another mystery which draws us into intrigue, mystery, 7th Century Celtic life, and Christianity in 7th century Ireland Fun.

    Great series, mostly in Ireland in the 660s Much about the fine Celtic church losing out to Roman rules and, hence, the deteriorating status of women Sister Fidelma is a great feisty lady

    Could have used tighter editing, but even when he s not his best, Tremayne is better than most

    Fidelma is always a joy to read and puzzle over

    Great series.

    Mieczyslaw Kasprzyk
    I enjoy Tremayne s Sister Fidelma stories they do vary in the power of the story as would be expected but remain a good read.

    Deb W
    Sister Fidelma rocks It s amazing how Tremayne can work so much information about ancient Ireland and the history of the church and Irish law into a very credible whodunit.

    Wendy Luvers
    Schwester Fidelma ist wie immer cool Cholerische Charaktere, durchtriebene bte etc es wird niemals langweilig.

    picked it up at a used book sale Now I ll have to go back and read the preceding 14 books in the series.

    This was a convoluted mystery with many players Kept me guessing to the end.

    A wedding postponed by a murder

    • [E-Book] ✓ A Prayer for the Damned | by Å Peter Tremayne
      Peter Tremayne