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  • Title: Out of the Ashes
  • Author: Michael Morpurgo Michael Foreman
  • ISBN: 9780330400176
  • Page: 351
  • Format: Paperback

  • Out of the Ashes By Michael Morpurgo Michael Foreman On New Year s Day Becky Morley begins to write her diary By March, her world has changed forever Foot and mouth disease breaks out on a pig farm hundreds of miles from the Morley s Devon home, but soon the nightmare is a few fields away Local sheep are infected and every animal is destroyed Will the Morley s flock be next Will their pedigree diary herd, the sows withOn New Year s Day Becky Morley begins to write her diary By March, her world has changed forever Foot and mouth disease breaks out on a pig farm hundreds of miles from the Morley s Devon home, but soon the nightmare is a few fields away Local sheep are infected and every animal is destroyed Will the Morley s flock be next Will their pedigree diary herd, the sows with their piglets, and Little Josh, Becky s hand reared lamb, survive Or will they be slaughtered too The waiting and hoping is the most agonizing experience of Becky s life.
    Michael Morpurgo Michael Foreman
    Michael Morpurgo is the author of many books for children, five of which have been made into films He also writes his own screenplays and libretti for opera Born in St Albans, Hertfordshire, in 1943, he was evacuated to Cumberland during the last years of the Second World War, then returned to London, moving later to Essex After a brief and unsuccessful spell in the army, he took up teaching and started to write He left teaching after ten years in order to set up Farms for City Children with his wife They have three farms in Devon, Wales and Gloucestershire, open to inner city school children who come to stay and work with the animals In 1999 this work was publicly recognised when he and his wife were awarded an MBE for services to youth He is also a father and grandfather, so children have always played a large part in his life Every year he and his family spend time in the Scilly Isles, the setting for three of his books.

    Out of the Ashes By Michael Morpurgo Michael Foreman


    Eleri Jenkins
    Although the characters themselves are fictional the book centred around the events that unfolded during the foot and mouth outbreak in 2001 in the UK I found this an emotional read so as the events that unfold such as having to burn the farm animals are told through the eyes of a thirteen year old.

    Heartbreaking Being a children s book it was very simple and to the point but had me in tears.

    I read this book during my student s private reading time at a school I volunteer at I read it over the course of about 5 weeks some weeks I did not get a chance to read in 15 minute slots This meant that all of my feels about what was going on had to remain carefully locked away so my students would not get distracted from their own, often very tenuous, connections to their own books It s not a very long book, there s not a ton of characterization or description, and there are a few grammar pro [...]

    Catherine Smith
    I used this book as a Year 5 Guided Reading session It is a diary of a girl who lives on a farm in Devon Foot and mouth disease has first arrived in the UK and is spreading across the country.This is a moving recount of her feelings and emotions as a child growing up in the terror that reigns across the countryside I found this book very useful as a talking point, especially for children who had little grasp of current issues It is extremely well written and is very moving Children can relate to [...]

    Such a simple book for young readers It is moving and will make you cry I remember going riding around the outbreak and the smell of disinfectant as we drove over the soaked straw at the gate I remember when the cows in the farm across the road disappeared How we used to be able to pet their noses as young children, then one day the barn they used to live in became storage for the tractors and the cows never came back The smell of cows never came back 100 pages of heartbreak.

    This is the fist book I fell in love with It will forever hold a special place in my heart I remember building a special bond with the characters and never wanting their story to end It was a very real book based on true events that unfolded in 2001 This tear jerking book is one of the VERY few books that have made me cry in my years of reading.

    Tara Harries
    This story is told through diary entires of a 13 year old girl who lives on a farm during the 2001 foot and mouth outbreak Although this is fictional story, the events are based on true events that happened which makes it an emotional read.

    Lisa Brunton
    Its so heartbreaking

    Sue Thomas
    Sad as usualke sure you have a hankie

    i live in the lake district and this was a very touching and true eventseat book really catches the emotions.

    A beautifully written book that made me cry, as someone who remembers it happening but being removed living in a city it really brings home the impact A book all children and adults should read.

    Hannah Christie
    AmazingWow I really felt something when I was reading this book it made me feel something and it had lots of fealing Hannah

    this is an english book about an english farm disaster the title is out of the ashes and the cover shows open field, probably a farm, w a narrow strip on fire the back cover has two lines, i didn t read the paragraph description this story is not a story at all it all happened and a powerful and moving fictional account of true events, by one of the most acclaimed children s writers of our time glancing at the first page, it is clearly a diary written in 2001 i bought this book thinking it was a [...]

    Lucy Cokes
    There was a carpet outside It was really quite strange A sodden carpet A carpet that smelled like it belonged in a hospital People walked over over again and again There were large yellow signs with lots of writing on Could humans catch it My experiences of foot and mouth disease in 2001 were all centred in this bok it powered such terrible, awesome in the archaic sense of the word images in my mind The cows on their backs with legs stiff in the air Becky is given a journal Her family are farmer [...]

    Francesca Tomassi
    Out of the Ashes gives you a raw insight into what it was like to live amidst the Foot and Mouth Epidemic that England endure not too long ago It is told through the eyes of a 14 year old farmer s daughter called Becky She writes of the heart ache she and her family experience when farm animals are slaughtered and burnt in an attempted to control the spread of the disease Her diary allows you to see how Foot and Mouth Disease affected a family and how they coped with it.I thought it was an inter [...]

    Received and read today Loved it I ve yet to be disappointed by a book by Michael Morpurgo, and agree with Smurphie, he should be taught in schools Not sure what I ll do with this one, perhaps take it to the Christchurch convention, as we don t have any fellow children book lovers at our meetups unfortunately From the back This story is not a story at all It all happened.On New Year s Day Becky Morley begins to write her diary By March, her world has changed for ever Foot and mouth disease break [...]

    Becky has a diary for Christmas, in which she promises to write every day She also promises to get on with her mum She manages to keep neither promise until the day that foot and mouth rears its ugly head Her father struggles to remain strong and it is up to Becky and her mother to pull together.For a book to be written in such a short time straight after the 2001 epidemic , and be so topical on its release, is amazing if not unique As a reader, who was not directly involved in the foot and mout [...]

    Jennifer Ayre
    When foot and mouth hit I was 13, living on a farm in Devon My family were very lucky in that we didn t get infected but thousands did I can remember driving to the beach that summer on a hot day and having to have all the windows up to try to stop the smell of the smoke My school had enormous disinfectant mats for the buses to go through and the students to clean their shoes Michael Morpurgo has taken an awful subject and made a heart wrenching tale from it The story told from a young girls per [...]

    This book is gettiing 5 stars from me which is quite unusual, but I just loved it.The point of view it s told from and the catastrophes that occur during the delicately balanced plotline all just add up into an absolute masterpiece I never really liked Morpurgo before, ut I have actually begun to read his books often and I can now say that I thoroughly enjoyed the stories of both Why the whales came and Out of the ashes as they both have very well thought out storylines and good structure which [...]

    This is definitely a children s book, the style is very simple though still engaging , the font is large and there are some very nice illustrations However, the subject matter is really quite upsetting It might only be appropriate for older children.I m old enough to remember seeing the images of burning animals corpses on the tv as the foot and mouth epidemic swept over Britain The idea of having to shoot all your beloved animals is one that I do not even wish to contemplate Morpurgo is a maste [...]

    As I have said before, I never get disappointed when picking up one of Michael Morpurgo s books This book was no exception reading it was an amazing experience When I closed the book I felt I had been right there with the farmers in Devon who were affected by the foot and mouth disease in 2001 It opened up a totally new world for me, the world of the farmers When I had heard about it on TV years back, I had clearly not understood what a devastating experience loosing all their animals must have [...]

    I read this book when I was very young, around the time when foot and mouth disease was at it height and all over the news so I knew how bad the situation was However to read a true story about the even was heart braking And although the disease is no longer about and I am much older now it is still a favorite book of mine that I go back to every now and then for a quick but emotionally tugging read

    Philippa Rae
    Out of the Ashes deals with a child s painful emotion coming to terms with death of animal friends When Foot and Mouth disease goes rampant on a farm a child can only stand by and watch and is powerless to stop the animals destruction The final animal s death is quite heart wrenching but the story ends on a note of hope when we are reminded of the life s continual cycle of birth, death and birth again It is a difficult subject to tackle and is best for children over 8 9 years.

    Heartbreaking story about when Foot and Mouth Disease hits a small family farm I couldn t help but get teary eyed reading from the point of view of the little girl But I really hate it when authors write as if it is a real story, add prologues saying it s a true story and then at the end, tell us they made it up I almost feel cheated when this happens

    We were the first tourists onto Withypool back in 2001 after foot and mouth so this book had a specialness about it Michael Morpurgo is a great writer with a gift for character and narrative that can pack into 110 pages emotion than others no names mentioned but she writes those vampire books

    Another one of my childhood favourites, although I would happily re read this if it came to it The story is heartbreaking and the main character is likeableI never liked books in diary form but this changed my mind.

    George Ladds
    my daughter asked me to read this I remember foot and mouth as if it was yesterday and this book provides an insight to how it would have been for those families who lived with it really would recommend this.

    Claire Ellis
    Love this book It is such a clever way to introduce the tragic effects of foot and mouth disease to the younger generation I chose this for my school book club as it creates a lot of discussion and children normally have very different feelings about the book.

    I found this book quite upsetting and think it should be for older children because the idea for burning animals and writing it down could scare little children Fortuanetly I was only about three when foot and mouth was on tv so I don t really remember it But I still enjoyed this book.

    Becci Burrell
    When i read it i have to admit i mainly liked it because the main character had my name but all in all i do like the storyline its heatfelt and discriptive showing an all too common past for many agriculturalists.

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