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  • Title: The Long Way Home
  • Author: Rachel Spangler
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  • Page: 155
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • The Long Way Home By Rachel Spangler They say you can t go home again, but Raine St James doesn t know why anyone would want to Rory St James was disowned after she came out at seventeen She rebounded by moving to Chicago, changing her name to Raine and putting down her hometown to audiences around the country Now, ten years later, too old to be considered a gay youth, broke, evicted, and fresh off a mucThey say you can t go home again, but Raine St James doesn t know why anyone would want to Rory St James was disowned after she came out at seventeen She rebounded by moving to Chicago, changing her name to Raine and putting down her hometown to audiences around the country Now, ten years later, too old to be considered a gay youth, broke, evicted, and fresh off a much needed break up, Raine St James is forced to accept a job teaching at Bramble University in Darlington, the town she s been publicly bashing for the last decade.Beth Devoroux was born and raised in Darlington Despite losing her parents at a young age, she is well loved by everyone who knows her She leads a comfortable life with good job at Bramble University, a long term but closeted relationship, friends that she can count on, and everything she thinks she wants, so why is she so drawn to a rabble rouser like Raine St James Can Raine and Beth face their pasts and come to terms with their differences in order to have any hope for a future together
    Rachel Spangler
    Rachel Spangler never set out to be an award winning author She was just so poor and so easily bored during her college years that she had to come up with creative ways to entertain herself, and her first novel, Learning Curve, was born out of one such attempt She was sincerely surprised when it was accepted for publication and even shocked when it won the Golden Crown Literary Award for Debut Author She also won a Goldie for her second novel, Trails Merge Since writing is fun than a real job, and so much cheaper than therapy, Rachel continued to type away, leading to the publication of The Long Way Home and LoveLife She plans to continue writing as long as anyone anywhere will keep reading Rachel, and her partner, Susan, are raising their young son in Western New York They spend winters skiing and their summers traveling and watching their beloved Cardinals Regardless of the season, Rachel always makes time for a good romance, whether she s reading it, writing it, or living it.Rachel can be found online at rachelspangler or on Facebook.

    The Long Way Home By Rachel Spangler


    Loved it Rachel Spangler is rapidly becoming one of my favourite authors This is another great example of how there s just enough angst to add tension to a story without making it overwrought I love how sweet her books are.2017 reread I still really enjoyed it, but reading this after Perfect Pairing and shortly before Close to Home, it s clear that she s grown so much as an author Full review thelesbianreview long

    As a young gay woman living in a small town, Rory faced prejudice Her parents disowned her and she was forced to leave town In Chicago she made a living talking about her experiences living in small town America, about facing prejudice and being made to feel like less of a person because she was gay Now after 10 years she has accepted a job as a guest lecturer and returned to her home town There is a lot this book could have been but isn t There was a case just last week in the US where a lesbia [...]

    Did not finish the audiobook.I got about 20% into the book and I had to stop I didtkey.ofearacters Especially, Rory aka Raine who returns to her hometown She says she was thrown out of her house when she was 17yrs old after she revealed that she was a lesbian The way it was written, it sounded like that her parents yelled at her and she left immediately, not giving them a chance to adjust to this news I dunno, maybe later details that led to her running away will be revealed.Because I didn t l [...]

    Jae Jae
    I read the first two of Rachel Spangler s novels, and while they weren t bad, this one is clearly her best work so far.It s a good read with three dimensional characters and a lot of layered emotions Nothing is just black or white in this novel it shows the shades of gray.I can recommend this novel.

    This is a really touching romance set in small town america and the changing attitudes to homosexuality.I enjoyed both the setting and the characters, particularly the emotional development of the main protagonist from outright fear, to nervous acceptance and finally a happy conclusion hey, it s a romance what were you expecting.Not having experienced small town USA for myself, the author s portrayal felt authentic and very sympathetic.The only part that did slightly jar was the closeted love ri [...]

    Lexxi Kitty
    My third Spangler book read Though I ve read a fourth since I read this one here Before July I d read zero Of the four Spangler books I ve read, this is the second that included a college professor And of the four I ve read, this one has the character I least like Raine St James.Part of it is her superior than thou attitude Her I m a real lesbian, you You make me laugh, angrily, you You are nothing than a fake attitude And it s based on what exactly Seriously I read the book and kept waiting fo [...]

    To queer teens Your anger is valid and righteous and yours to do with as you please You don t owe forgiveness to anyone who has hurt you You don t need to reconcile with horrible people to be a whole, happy adult Blood means nothing Family is who you choose I m so fucking sorry there are horrible authors like this who should be on your fucking side centering the feelings of bigots and telling you to sacrifice yourself for their sake.To the author How fucking DARE you Fuck this book Fuck you.

    Velvet Lounger
    Rory St James runs away from home when her parents react badly to her coming out Fleeing to Chicago she creates a whole new persona for herself, Raine, who builds a life and a career out of the bitter anger and hurt But 10 years on the world is bored of a 27 year old who is still angry with her parents On the brink of being evicted and without an income, she is forced to take a job at Bramble College in Darlington, the town she has ranted against and vilified for her rejection.Beth Devoroux is t [...]

    A romance full of self learning and growth Not a real coming out story, but has elements of that Enjoyable and well written.

    Still on binge reading I liked both main characters and some the Dean, the church lady, the two High school old pals I was a bit disturbed by the constant dissociation of Rory Raine and not really in convinced by it.While reading, I was sceptic about the two women staying unaware of their mutual feelings Then I remembered the three months I spend being clueless around my sweetie and we are three years ongoing on our happily ever after.

    This is my second book of Rachel Spangler and I would say she is fast becoming one of my favourite authors The main aspect of her books that I have enjoyed so far is the deeper meaning to her characters and story line She really makes you think and analyse whilst you read, which I love to do.In the Long Way Home what I loved about this book was that you have two characters in different stages of life and somewhat different issues to the outside however as you continue to read you find that they [...]

    Lesbianfunworld Online
    I give it a 4 I think I give it a 4 because it hit really close to home It s about small town mentality One gal left because her parents kicked her out when she came out Another is in the closet but has a girlfriend even in the closet, and she refuses to be seen in public with her GF Like my nephew who is really struggling against small town mentality and homophobia.

    Lesbian romance my mom accidentally picked up from the library I don t know if it s being a lesbian, but just looking at the binding I knew Not what I d call a good book Complete fluff, and most of the characters are actually caricatures.

    D. Leigh
    This is a great romance in one of my favorite settings, a college campus The characters each have their own troubled pasts that leave them adequately conflicted to make you cheer by the time they work it all out I ve liked all of Spangler s books, but I think this one, her third is the best.

    I pretty much enjoy every book in this genre set in academia This was no different Although the plot was a bit unbelievable, the characters and town made it worthwhile.

    Monica Burch
    This is probably my favorite book by this author.

    I enjoyed this book, the writing was decent and the characters interesting The story was interesting but predictable.

    Chiyo Gomes
    Didn t finish Got to about page 200 Ending would be too predictable.Unlikeable characters Boring Typical Didn t like or resonate with either Raine Rory or Beth This entire read was just one long boring cycle of moaning And not the good kind.

    I read this after the second book in the Darlington Romance series, which I do not recommend doing I definitely hope there will be in this series

    Jo reece
    absolutely loved it

    A decent book that was ultimately forgettable.An okay premise that was only mediocre in it s execution.Raine Rory has spent ten years publicly slamming her hometown and when fate sends her back to teach at the local college she learns that she may have overreacted.Uh.okay.Aside from the fact that all the characters were stereotypes, the whole Raine Rory thing was just weird.The emotional responses were too over the top extreme to be really believable and of course with this publisher the book ha [...]

    I really didn t like Raine at first, but as the story progressed I found myself liking Rory a lot.It s the typical angry teen leaves home and returns years later with a chip on her shoulder and superiority complex story What I liked was the questions the friends asked, the introspection, and the thought provoking conversations initiated by supporting characters.I d like to read in the series.

    Megan Greenberg
    This book was very good, the characters were well developed and I found the small town america theme interesting I did not grow up in that type of environment, but it seemed real and accurate The character being closeted did not bother me as it added an extra element to this book, that seems to be a theme if someone grows up in that kind of lifestyle I would recommend this book to my friends.

    A great story in which two characters do some growing up and growing together Ms, Spangler clearly communicates the inner turmoil of change and yet does not belabor it Inner dialogue is appropriate in depth, tone and realistic I enjoyed getting to know both main characters and hope to learn about Kelly s growth in a future story.Sweet, satisfying and hopeful.

    Margaret L. Hedman
    Excellent I loved this book I loved the Rory Raine character Excellent plot Great setting This book deals with a lot of topics that gay people have to handle.

    Paige Braddock
    I really enjoyed this book The story of returning to a rural, home community and finding acceptance resonated with me I also especially appreciated the open and affirming Christian thread in the narrative I think Rachel creates well rounded characters and her dialogue seems real.

    Linh Nguyen
    Makes me yearn for the peaceful feeling of finally being home at last Also the prospect of expanding horizons is so hopeful, as life is always full of endless possibilities.

    Elisa Rolle
    2011 Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention 5 from at least 1 judge

    Boring Predictable Clich Full of close minded 2 dimensional characters who have extreme reactions to everything Only Beth is somewhat likeable Raine is an arrogant jerk Couldn t finish it


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