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  • Title: The Blue Hammer
  • Author: Ross Macdonald
  • ISBN: 9780891900955
  • Page: 235
  • Format: Hardcover

  • The Blue Hammer By Ross Macdonald The desert air is hot with sex and betrayal, death and madness and only Archer can make sense of a killer who makes murder a work of art Finding a purloined portrait of a leggy blonde was supposed to be an easy paycheck for Detective Lew Archer, but that was before the bodies began piling up Suddenly, Archer find himself smack in the middle of a decades long mystery of aThe desert air is hot with sex and betrayal, death and madness and only Archer can make sense of a killer who makes murder a work of art Finding a purloined portrait of a leggy blonde was supposed to be an easy paycheck for Detective Lew Archer, but that was before the bodies began piling up Suddenly, Archer find himself smack in the middle of a decades long mystery of a brilliant artist who walked into the desert and simply disappeared He left behind a bevy of muses, molls, dolls, and dames each one scrambling for what they thought was rightfully theirs.
    Ross Macdonald
    Ross Macdonald is the pseudonym of the American Canadian writer of crime fiction Kenneth Millar He is best known for his series of hardboiled novels set in southern California and featuring private detective Lew Archer.Millar was born in Los Gatos, California, and raised in his parents native Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, where he started college When his father abandoned his family unexpectedly, Macdonald lived with his mother and various relatives, moving several times by his sixteenth year The prominence of broken homes and domestic problems in his fiction has its roots in his youth.In Canada, he met and married Margaret Sturm Margaret Millar in 1938 They had a daughter, Linda, who died in 1970 He began his career writing stories for pulp magazines Millar attended the University of Michigan, where he earned a Phi Beta Kappa key and a Ph.D in literature While doing graduate study, he completed his first novel, The Dark Tunnel, in 1944 At this time, he wrote under the name John Macdonald, in order to avoid confusion with his wife, who was achieving her own success writing as Margaret Millar He then changed briefly to John Ross Macdonald before settling on Ross Macdonald, in order to avoid mixups with contemporary John D MacDonald After serving at sea as a naval communications officer from 1944 to 1946, he returned to Michigan, where he obtained his Ph.D degree.Macdonald s popular detective Lew Archer derives his name from Sam Spade s partner, Miles Archer, and from Lew Wallace, author of Ben Hur A Tale of the Christ Macdonald first introduced the tough but humane private eye in the 1946 short story Find the Woman A full length novel, The Moving Target, followed in 1949 This novel the first in a series of eighteen would become the basis for the 1966 Paul Newman film Harper In the early 1950s, he returned to California, settling for some thirty years in Santa Barbara, the area where most of his books were set The very successful Lew Archer series, including bestsellers The Goodbye Look, The Underground Man, and Sleeping Beauty, concluded with The Blue Hammer in 1976 Macdonald died of Alzheimer s disease in Santa Barbara, California.Macdonald is the primary heir to Dashiell Hammett and Raymond Chandler as the master of American hardboiled mysteries His writing built on the pithy style of his predecessors by adding psychological depth and insights into the motivations of his characters Macdonald s plots were complicated, and often turned on Archer s unearthing family secrets of his clients and of the criminals who victimized them Lost or wayward sons and daughters were a theme common to many of the novels Macdonald deftly combined the two sides of the mystery genre, the whodunit and the psychological thriller Even his regular readers seldom saw a Macdonald denouement coming.

    The Blue Hammer By Ross Macdonald


    This is Ross Macdonald s final novel, and the last in the series of Lew Archer mysteries It is a very good novel, animated by the usual Macdonald themes, and marks a fitting end to a life of literary achievement.Detective Lew Archer is hired by Ruth Beimeyer for what seems like a routine job to find a stolen painting But Lew soon finds out it is not as simple as it seems What is the connection between Mrs Biemeyer and the artist Richard Chantry Why is Mr Biemeyer so angry, and why is their daugh [...]

    The picture shows exactly what I imagined looking at the title of the book, but the image has exactly the same relation to the content of the book as yours truly to professional ukulele players none A very dysfunctional family hired Lew Archer to retrieve a stolen painting they did not want any kind of publicity by involving police into their affairs The police had to be involved anyway after Archer found a man beaten to death who recently handled the painting in question The second dead body ma [...]

    Yesterday I got so sick of that stupid Seth Rogen superhero movie trailer that I turned to my ladycakes and said, I would honestly like to smash that Green Hornet with a Blue Hammer Inasmuch as I know how unoriginal I am, I was sure that image the cobalt ballpeen my high school nickname, btw must be a distant echo of something I absorbed in the long last past But what was it Did The Blue Hammer refer to a A sad Tom DeLay, former House of Reps Republican recently convicted of campaign financing s [...]

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    In many ways this last of Ross MacDonald s Archer novels feels like a culmination of all that went before.Here, MacDonald has refined his normal trick a case which has echoes back to the past and reveals a covered up crime from decades before and taken it to the point of tragedy Tragic is how this story feels by the end, that we re in the midst of some almost Shakespearean calamity And even though the plot mechanics are a little obvious and the average mystery loving reader will guess where a lo [...]

    Una muy buena novela detectivesca

    It s been something of a desperate, Archer like, 48 hour lurch through Macdonald s Archer books for me, and I can t say I enjoyed every bit of it But when you can cap it off with a book like The Blue Hammer, you re willing to forgive some dull moments.And there are a few dull moments here Too much Archer, for one thing But damned if this isn t the most Macdonaldian plot yet, and that s saying something.Look, at this point in his life, Macdonald had been living with Alzheimer s for a couple of ye [...]

    The last Lew Archer detective novel by Ross Macdonald is a splendid one Macdonald s humanistic sleuth is his tough self, but the tender side shows through even clearly here The story, like most of Macdonald s work, is about family secrets This one is innovative and complex, starting with a missing painting and ending up with melancholy and deep regrets The most melancholy thing for me was the fact that there are no Archer novels The entire series is among the best American crime writing, and T [...]

    Though published in 1976, this doesn t feel like the type of crime PI novel of the seventies It s not remotely hard boiled, for a start, though it s certainly noirish If anything, MacDonald s Lew Archer novels are downright soft boiled, there s always a terrible sadness at their core, and Archer is not immune to that sadness, in fact he seems drawn to it and braced for the inevitable pain he s determined to uncover In The Blue Hammer, Archer is asked to recover a stolen painting Almost at once i [...]

    THE BLUE HAMMER 1976 Ross Macdonald .It s time to go back and re read Macdonald s novels featuring his private detective Lew Archer It s been a long time since I first read them, but they deserve picking up again In this novel, Archer is hired to find and return a painting that was stolen from a private house It was a painting by a local artist that soon became famous, but, at the height of his fame, disappeared from sight It s a small town, one where everyone knows everyone else, either through [...]

    Although we ve come the ennnnnd of the roadill I can t let goIt s unnatural, you belong to me, I belong to youuuuuuAlmost 2.5 years after I read Sleeping Beauty, my journey to finish Ross Macdonald s Lew Archer series comes to its conclusion And while the last few books have begun to finally show the wear and tear of a writer and the habits he develops when writing a series, I ll miss it a lot Lew Archer might be a mostly blank slate but these books are my favorite in PI literature.Macdonald wri [...]

    Corey Lynn Fayman
    I m a big fan of Ross MacDonald and he s probably the author who most influenced my own mystery writing The Blue Hammer is one of the best examples of his style and skills brilliantly plotted, sparse and propulsive Here his protagonist, Lew Archer, unravels several generations of family secrets that lead from Sunny California to New Mexico and back as he tries to recover a disputed painting and encounters murders both fresh and stale If each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way as Tolstoy cl [...]

    Lew Archer investigates the theft of a painting, but the case quickly becomes a triple murder case, one of the murders thirty years in the past Archer asks the right questions of all who were or might have been involved, and he s subdued good company as ever no wise cracking with Archer , but the murderer is evident from early on The value of the book lays in its careful detail and its Archer s ability to read people Macdonald Millar was a good stylist in a controlled way.

    Eldonfoil TH*E Whatever Champion
    At this point I think I m finally over the issue of MacDonald going down the highway in Chandler s rear view mirror I know we could blow a couple of holes in the plausibility equation for some of these plots, but I for one would never put anything past 20th century America and anyway I don t see the need to tear down this jewel This book plays out like a wicked contortionist with all of society trapped in a 10 by 10 glass container, oxygen tank required, chapter after chapter I won t deny that I [...]

    This is the 18th and last adventure of LA private eye Lew Archer Lew is the first generation progeny of Chandler s Philip Marlowe and Dashiell Hammett s Sam Spade and The Continental Op Lew s surname from Spade s partner Miles Archer The series is classic hard boiled , but much than a cheap imitation of its predecessors Lew and his cases standing on their own and the series spanning almost thirty years.The Blue Hammer opens with our hero traveling to the fictional California town of Santa Teres [...]

    Simon Robs
    The blue hammer turns out to be a pulsing vein at the temple of a sleeping woman who is the love interest of private detective Lew Archer, the so called hard boiled PI and hero sleuth of this typical genre piece novel that, well, does what I suppose it sets out to do, mildly entertain More like poached or a cheap diner variety eggs benedict if hard boiled represents pinnacle writing Betty that hard pushing newspaper reporter love interest blue hammer woman for instance haranguing Lew towards the [...]

    I read this because of Andrew s review Interesting and entertaining I have read few mysteries so I don t have anything to compare it to I didn t figure out who the murderer was until Archer spelled out the crime.

    Can people really kill someone and assume their identity without no one catching on In Ross MacDonald s world it seems to happen all the time I love Archer, but this one was not one of my favorites.

    Fairly good LA noir type mystery, but definately not one of his better ones Still, great plot twists at the end.

    All of the Lew Archer mysteries by Ross Macdonald are very good, and all but two or three are excellent This one is in the top three of four, which means it is one of the best mystery novels ever written, and beyond that, it is an excellent novel, period It is the eighteenth and last, from 1976.MacDonald started out imitating Raymond Chandler, and he was quite good at that But as the years passed, the most overtly film noir and hard boiled aspects faded, as did the violence though there was neve [...]

    The Blue Hammer was the last Lew Archer novel written by MacDonald It is a very enjoyable story, however it doesn t match the novels of his mid sixties peak It is a little slower with a complicated plot Like most Archer novels I have read, in order to solve the mystery Archer must delve into a family s past, layer by layer until he reaches the truth, as the sins of the past echo into the future.Although MacDonald took up the legacy of the hard boiled detective after Chandler, the Archer of The [...]

    Thrilling fast paced story It is almost everything you d want in a mystery novel Just 2 things bothered me There s no much presentation of the detevtive narrator at the beginning of the story It may be on purpose, and I don t even know if this character has other stories, but as a reader I need to know about the narrator character and I just got to almost half the story, and it is not much Secondly, I thougth I was following the dectective s thought until the end, when information kept coming [...]

    I think that one reads these books for the style, not so much the story, and this one did not disappoint A rather convoluted story of first an artwork that disappeared, leading to a search for the artist who had himself disappeared 25 years previously, this was a vehicle for Lew Archer, the protagonist PI, to drive around Santa Teresa, California, and make lots of pithy observations about the people, the architecture, the weather, and so on It s a good read, but probably could be any Lew Archer [...]

    John Comeaux
    One of the most convoluted crime dramas I have ever heard, but that s how it was designed to play out I enjoyed Lew Archer s personal revelations and feelings also I enjoyed it very much I missed several turns while driving because it was so interesting Recommended.

    Men loved the darkness rather than the light for their deeds were evil John 3 19 A good summary of this story, where lies and lust lead to murder.

    Brilliant but tired, ready to stop Too many twists just to keep it going Still, a great life s work the Lew Archer novels.

    Patrik Sahlstrøm
    By far the wealest book in the Archer series, so it s a good thing Macdonald didn t write any of them Plot is obvious and giving Archer a romantic sidekick doesn t work at all Stay away, especially if you like the other Archer books

    Read in the 70s

    A bit overplotted And leans too heavily on psychoanalysis for me But has the great phrases you get from MAcDonald

    Ed White
    I m sure that I did this backwards, as this is the first Lew Archer novel I read, but the last one the Macdonald wrote I m definitely going to have to go back to read the rest.Wonderful detective story, lots of twists, misdirects, and well drawn characters It is of its era, no DNA, no cell phones or computers Just the wits of Archer puzzling together all the pieces.

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