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  • Title: Fear Itself
  • Author: Jonathan Nasaw
  • ISBN: 9780743446525
  • Page: 274
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

  • Fear Itself By Jonathan Nasaw From Jonathan Nasaw, whose heart stopping debut was hailed as a superior thriller The Washington Post and wickedly compelling The Oregonian , comes a new novel that takes readers into the depths of Fear Itself Is it possible to be scared to death FBI Special Agent E L Pender thinks so when a man afraid of heights falls nineteen stories to his death and a wFrom Jonathan Nasaw, whose heart stopping debut was hailed as a superior thriller The Washington Post and wickedly compelling The Oregonian , comes a new novel that takes readers into the depths of Fear Itself Is it possible to be scared to death FBI Special Agent E L Pender thinks so when a man afraid of heights falls nineteen stories to his death and a woman terrified of blood is found with her wrists slashed Could it be that the apparent suicides are actually the work of a twisted psychopath To stop him, Pender joins forces with Investigative Specialist Linda Abruzzi, and before long they find themselves facing their own worst terrors and a madman who is as immune to fear as he is fascinated by it.
    Jonathan Nasaw
    Jonathan Nasaw is the acclaimed author of Fear Itself and The Girls He Adored, both Literary Guild Selections He lives in Pacific Grove, California.Series E.L Pender James Whistler

    Fear Itself By Jonathan Nasaw


    Meh Updated with real words This takes the well utilised serial murder by phobia idea and does absolutely nothing to make it fresh Then there s the usual Mr Killer has a tragic childhood, kills everyone who helps him, makes lots of mistakes, then his stupidity eventually completely overwhelms the apparent intelligence that s kept him from notice for years It s a real shame because there s something about this series that draws me, but it just doesn t live up to what i m expecting, and i m not ev [...]

    Sandy *The world could end while I was reading and I would never notice*
    I really love his books, but they seem very hard to find.

    I was incredibly disappointed with the way this book was written The plot was such a great idea and the events stunning but every character just knew what to do in order to sort out the problem They didn t need any clues and there was absolutely no suspense, apart from maybe the first few pages After that it was predictable, boring but I wanted to know if it would get better Some authors do this to mislead the reader but this book was just one big blur of disappointment I have read other books b [...]

    Barbara ★
    This wasn t one of my favorites by this author In the beginning, I enjoyed the mystery right up until the FBI figured out who the murderer was Then the chase was on but the story dragged and was rather boring I liked FBI agent Linda Abruzzi but wasn t all that enad of E.L Pender the semi retired agent The murderer was a total freak but he really loved his Down Syndrome sister which was sweet but surprising in such a grisly murderer.

    Sandra Ingham
    I developed a somewhat strange perhaps affection fascination with the whole serial killer crime type genre many years ago when I first picked up and became enthralled with Jonathan Nasaws the girls he adored Now maybe it s an age thing or that in between back then and now, I ve read many different twisted and not so twisted tales of killers and apparent good guy law enforcement agents that chase and inevitably catch or kill them, but I found Fear Itself just a little bit, boringly predictable In [...]

    Dave Boorn
    A pretty decent B grade crimey thriller Not much to say about this, I wouldn t tell everyone I met to go and find a copy, but well worth a read if you ever come across it I believe it s the second book in a series, but having not read the first, there s almost definitely no overlap to worry about Also, if implausibility annoys you, this isn t for you, the body count is silly This book must ve been written during the dotcom bubble, there s vague references to Google and Mapquest and things that s [...]

    Despite being a huge fan of The Girls He Adored and its sequel, I found this book underwhelming If I get into a book I tend to read it quickly but this one took me quite a while The idea behind the killer was fabulous, enough to draw me in, but I just didn t feel thrilled or captivated by this book really Parts were interesting but that s all.I wouldn t let it put me of buying his other books in future since, as previously stated, I am already a fan.

    Alyssa M
    Loved this It was a very unique story and I enjoyed reading it I also really enjoyed that you know who the killer was almost right away Kept my interest

    WOW.rhaps the creepiest book ever

    I don t like crime novels but I did actually enjoy this one A series of murders are taking place and the common link is that the victims all are phobics who are murdered using the methods that most frightens them At first it looks like suicides but then the victims are all traced to a phobia conference that they all attended Investigating the case is Linda Abruzzi, an FBI agent trying to hide her own medical problems and semi retired agent Pender who decides to break the rules to catch the kille [...]

    just a few days before retirement, FBI agent Pender received a letter from Dorie, mentioning some unlikely deaths of people like her, who attended conference for suffering a variety of phobias however, these deaths seemed strange, not some random suicides as they appeared to be a man afraid of heights fell nineteen stories to his death, a woman terrified of blood was found with her wrists slashed now that her friend Wayne missed their appointment, Dorie was afraid that the killer was coming for [...]

    Fantastic premise a serial killer who tortures his victims with their own phobias A man who fears drowning found in the ocean, a man afraid of heights jumps from a roof With the always colorful Agent E.L Pender offering his services to find the evil genius.While I generally fawn over Nasaw s books, the pacing of this particular novel left me underwhelmed The first half was so page turning, exciting, and despicably dark, that it left the second half unsurprising and slightly predictable.All in al [...]

    Jennifer Collins
    Jonathan Nasaw has always had a way of sucking me in to each story he tells, and this one was no different Perfect dialogue, an entertaining story with just enough twists, engaging characters, a believable trajectoryoverall, this was everything I could really ask for in a crime novel, and I loved every minute.As ever, Nasaw is a clever and entertaining writer, and I d recommend him to anyone who just wants to escape into a good suspense crime story, at times horrific, and at times just funny and [...]

    Not nearly as good as the first in the series The psychology aspect of it was okay it was phenomenal in Girls he Adored , E L Pender s character was kind of annoying as was his romantic relationship, and the pacing wasn t nearly as fast as thriller ought to be, especially the procedural parts of it Will continue reading the series just because I loved his first book so much, hopefully it ll pick up.

    The Boys from Santa Cruz introduced me to Nasaw, and I wish I had started reading his books chronologically to learn about his protagonist, FBI Special Agent Pender.Anyway, these are good, solid thrillers, fit for airport or beach reading by anyone, anytime Nothing profound here, but entertaining.

    A friend of mine recommended I read this book recently cause she really enjoyed it and had it sitting on her book shelf, so she lend it to me and I am happy that she did I really loved the premise of the book, it was very interesting and I found the book to be a great read, I really enjoyed this book.

    After The Girls He Adored, it was a little bit of a let down, but it is hard to follow a great book I believe that if I had read it before I would have liked the book My expectations were great Having said all of that, the book was hard to put down and a fast read Looking forward to from Nasaw.

    Really good thriller I have MS was particularly interested in this story as one of the main characters has MS and trying to perform her duties while struggling with the ups and downs of this disease The book is really good at delving into the characters and getting you involved in why they do or don t do certain things Really good read

    In some ways, this book reminded me of the Saw movies Take a person s greatest fear and use it against them Not exactly a novel idea, but in the mind of Jonathan Nasaw, it becomes horrific and terrifying The twists and turns kept me guessing all the way to the end and made it a quick read What do you have to fear, after all, but Fear Itself Cheesy, I know, but I couldn t resist

    I am so glad to be done with this It was so boring I do love the idea of it because it s clever and I haven t heard of someone else doing it before I didn t really like the first book of the series but I read this one anyway because I owned it for a long time I will not be continuing on in the series.

    Ursula Kelly
    Not quite as good as The Girls He Adored , but definitely another page turner of a book What I love most about Jonathan Nasaw s books are you always get a I wasn t expecting that to happen so soon in the book d then you just have to read on to find out what happens next

    David Schlack
    I have acrophobia, the fear of heights, and I m glad I never met Simon Childs I give Fear Itself by Jonathan Nasaw a 3 He gives us a unique plot and I like his writing style and main characters but novel seemed to be hard to finish Enjoy

    An entertaining thriller featuring the middle aged FBI Special Agent Pender who is about to retire Fast paced and fun about a psychopath who preys on his victims phobias and like to literally scare them to death.

    Fear Itself by Jonathan Nasaw Enjoyed this book Wonder where the Authors come by their stories This story keeps your interest until the end.

    This was a reasonably good psychological thriller I will read by Nasaw.

    I learned a lot of phobia names here, and my, could use each for an advantage, but this guy seriously had a knack for taking it to a greater advantage He s got quite a past too.

    not read available

    Nasaw is as good with psychopathics as King is with his characters.

    Your standard thriller type novel An incredibly engrossing, quick read.

    Great read

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