READ BOOK Ñ Sam - by Lisa McCourt Hollar #2020

  • Title: Sam
  • Author: Lisa McCourt Hollar
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  • Page: 399
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Sam By Lisa McCourt Hollar Sam is a goldfish and Tommy s only friend When Sam dies Tommy begs the old woman next door, a self proclaimed witch, tobring him back to life Against her better judgement Mama Tasha doester all, what harm can such a little creature do
    Lisa McCourt Hollar
    A mother to 4 kids and a wife, I started out writing children stories for my children My daughter Rylie has inspired a series I am working on called, Sandbox Adventures and helped write 2 of my children s stories, Emma Learns The Truth and Tabby s Haunted House The cover art even contains her image.I also write horror I love creating twisted tales with a spin on them and a dash of humor No one expects the evil creature to be a goldfish, but in Sam I did just that, creating the worlds first zombie goldfish For something so small, he manages to cause a lot of chaos.At 41 I have decided it is time for me to stop waiting to be discovered and am making my own destiny as an independent author I hope you enjoy this journey with me.

    Sam By Lisa McCourt Hollar


    March Shoggoth Madness The Haunted Reading Room
    5 Stars and then Some Author Lisa McCourt Hollar, one of my new favourites, kicks to the heart, takes names but doesn t take prisoners Sam is not a story with a happily ever after, nor is it a story with survivors What it is, is a horror tour de force with a theme slightly similar to Pet Sematary, but with a much strongly sensed moral You just don t play around with death When you do, somebody s going to be sorry, and it won t be just you.Young Tommy deserves a much better life than what he s h [...]

    Poor Tommy, his best friend is dead and his, not so wonderful, Mother is about to flush him down the toilet.So Tommy does what all little boys do he visits the local witch doctor down the hall.Ceremony performed and Sam the Goldfish returns to his bowl, just a little hungrier.As Tommy resorts to stealing from his Mum to feed his friends new appetite the bond between them becomes stronger and visual.The finale is inevitable but still smirk worthy.Eeeeky in just the right amount, a short lunch ti [...]

    Fun lil Zombie Goldfish story.

    Erik Gustafson
    How can you not like a zombie goldfish This is a unique horror story that is well worth the read

    Lisa Hollar

    • READ BOOK Ñ Sam - by Lisa McCourt Hollar
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