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  • Title: Dark Bayou
  • Author: Nancy K. Duplechain
  • ISBN: 9780557755615
  • Page: 171
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Dark Bayou By Nancy K. Duplechain In this supernatural page turner, Leigh Benoit is beckoned home to Louisiana by her grandmother to take care of her orphaned niece, Lyla Deep in the mysterious waterways of Cajun Country, lies the secret of a Dark force that threatens Leigh s family Can Leigh, with the help of her childhood friend, Detective Lucas Castille, shed her doubts and muster the strength to uncoIn this supernatural page turner, Leigh Benoit is beckoned home to Louisiana by her grandmother to take care of her orphaned niece, Lyla Deep in the mysterious waterways of Cajun Country, lies the secret of a Dark force that threatens Leigh s family Can Leigh, with the help of her childhood friend, Detective Lucas Castille, shed her doubts and muster the strength to uncover the secret, or will the darkness prevail
    Nancy K. Duplechain
    Nancy K. Duplechain Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Dark Bayou book, this is one of the most wanted Nancy K. Duplechain author readers around the world.

    Dark Bayou By Nancy K. Duplechain


    A supernatural trilogy set in Cajun Country I ll take the lot, thank you very much And no, no need to wrap I ll read it right oh, sorry, I already started I would ve said that if I bought this in print but I bought it from the Kindle store so I read it right away anyway Lol I might be a bit biased here since I love stories set in Southern America specifically Mississippi and especially Louisiana history goes way back so let s not dwell on it Let s just agree I might be a bit biased Lol.I was loo [...]

    As I kid my father often took me to a book store in Berkeley, CA that I loved called Dark Carnival unfortunately, it is only a shadow of what it once was, but it does still exist darkcarnival When the sequel to this book, Dark Carnival, came up promotionally on in Kindle format I had to get it simply for the name association, even though I know the book has nothing to do with the book store I loved as a kid And I couldn t just read the 2nd book in a series, so I also got this one I knew they wer [...]

    Rick Soper
    I m a born and raised Californian and I can t think of a single movie or book that I ve ever read or seen that doesn t make the Louisiana Bayou a really creepy place This books is no exception There are some seriously creepy and scary scenes in this book Duplechain sets up a moss covered world filled with dark creatures that are constantly coming at the main character, invading her dreams, threatening her reality, and generally making the readers skin crawl There are some story points that invad [...]

    In this book, Leigh hears from her estranged Maw Maw that her brother and sister and law have passed away and she goes home to Abbeville, LA from Los Angeles for their funeral She s supposed to take care of her niece, Lyla, but is reluctant to do so until she feels that Lyla s life is in danger Even after that she doesn t really seem too keen on the job, really.Okay, so really the reason this book got 4 stars is that it just felt so freakin authentic I couldn t help but rate it highly The locati [...]

    Bella Doerres
    I just finished reading Dark Bayou and it was amazing posted a review for youDark Bayou by Nancy K DuplechainLeigh left her bayou home and went to California She had lost enough and was tired She loved the beaches the ocean and it would take something incredible to get her to go back When the call came she wasn t ready She didn t want to go back but there was no choice She had a feeling of foreboding like something was going to happen If she had known would she have gone back even for the funera [...]

    An intriguing premise and setting, but lacking the kind of depth and nuance I like in my stories Stilted, plain prose that could have benefited from risk taking and less hand holding, walking readers through every insignificant action Characters were shallow and underdeveloped The plot moved along at a steady clip, but I was never really scared the way I wanted to be Finally, there were too many dream sequences One of those almost, but not quite there books.

    Bella Street
    What a fantastic read Bought the freebie and was hooked from the start I felt like I was in Louisiana sights, smells, and textures, and seeing the shadows between the cypress and tupelo trees Slowly suspenseful everything in the South is slow, after all the story builds and kept me reading late into the night Off to grab book two

    What a dark, twisted, chilling story My mother never reads a book in one sitting, but was unable to put this book down and immediately sent it to me And I have to say it was the same for me Whenever there is voodoo involved I m scared This book did Southern Louisiana justice I felt as if I was there Can t wait to read the next installment in the Dark Trilogy.Happy Reading Kiki

    Nan Carder
    Let me tell you a story set in the Bayou of Louisiana, that was already done with Dark Bayou Twists and turns through paranormal alleyways take you to places that usually only haunt your dreams I loved how I was pulled in and taken for this dark ride.

    I enjoyed this supernatural paranormal fantasy Original different plot with nice likeable and well developed characters.Interesting Louisiana setting and Cajun culture, added to the story, and created great atmosphere.Book one of the trilogy I definitely want to read the other two books.

    Finally found another book I had a hard time putting down that allowed me to escape into it Great visualizations and main character development Looking forward to reading the next books in the trilogy

    Debbie Genge
    I am so glad I read this book on the weekend because there was NO way I could put it down and go to work.loved this book.I just downloaded the second book Dark Carnival I just might take a vacation day to readn t wait for the 3rdNancy you are an AMAZING writer

    Having to return to Louisiana for her brother and sister in laws funeral will change Leigh s life forever Not only does she need to reconnect with her niece but she she needs to save her also.

    This book is a great suspense romance with a little magical charm Being a Louisiana girl I loved how she described Louisiana I felt at home while reading this book and loved every moment of it

    Stephanie Frantz
    Couldn t put the book down Awesome read Looking forward to reading the second book.

    I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review This is a supernatural page turner set in Louisiana, where everyone knows is a place full of strange and mysterious happenings The story revolves around an ancient society of paladins who have pledged to fight the forces of evil This is basically where the story takes off because all of the strange, mysterious, and unexplainable happenings originate from this point All of the decisions are not black and white either, but [...]

    Shawn Manning
    Fair to middlingNothing really new here and you know where the story is going right out of the gate The characters are fairly likeable and the pacing is solid If you re looking for a quick bit of escapism, this will fit the bill.

    Shawna C. Shafer
    Excellent book It s obvious the author isn t very familiar with the bayou and it s culture Intriguing story, suspense, characters you get attached to everything the perfect read needs.

    Olivia Rofrits
    It was okay read Was okay at the beginning then just went down high Was confused on what was going on yeah girl left town then returned after her brother and wife dead Then weird stuff started happening No big details of why she left or what really going on in that town that freak people out.

    Loved this book Looking for the sequels now

    OMG This book is an absolute WOW I can t think of anything else to call it It is almost completely impossible to put down, even to eat.

    Leigh had abandoned her Louisiana roots for the bright lights and seaside sights of Los Angeles until a tragedy strikes her family and she is boomeranged back to the Bayou There she finds herself entrenched in than she could have ever imagined when suspicions arise that the car wreck that killed her brother and sister in law, and left 10 year old Layla parentless, may not have been an accident after all a dark force may have been at play Leigh tries to shake off the far out idea and flees back [...]

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book I found it free on Kindle one day, and while I have to say it might not have been all that I would like in a Southern Gothic story, it kept me reading, non stop And, the teaser at the end for the next book will probably have me checking that one out too.The story ultimately revolves around a black sheep sort of homecoming for Leigh to a life she has spent years and traveled miles to escape, where she has to face down ancient family secrets, and ultimately make a ch [...]

    J. Hammond
    There s something mysterious about the swamps and bayous of Louisiana Like the summer heat, Dark Bayou by Nancy K Duplechain blankets the reader in a deceptive blanket of lethargy only to spring into action without notice The red herrings of this sinister mystery mix liberally with real clues, fascinating scenery, interesting characters and the supernatural to create and engaging and fast summer read that will appeal to fans of the paranormal genre Dark Bayou has a slightly sinister feel to it b [...]

    Dark Bayou is the first book I ve read by this author I think I read it may be her first, but not certain I enjoyed the storyline For the most part it was fast paced and kept me turning pages The supporting characters were interesting The author used detailed and vivid descriptions of scenes which made the story come alive I could visualize parts of Louisiana and the swamps.I m not in love with the main character, but I don t dislike her either She s a little selfish and disrespectful, especiall [...]

    This book actually managed to scare me quite a bit I was impressed Leigh Benoit has to return to her childhood home in Louisiana for her brother and his wife s funeral, and even though her grandmother tells her that she must take care of her niece, Lyla, she returns to her home on the other side of the country A week later, however, she returns to Louisiana and is forced to confront her skeptical attitude towards voodoo and her grandmother s insistence that Lyla is in danger Along the way there [...]

    I hovered between a 2 it was OK and 3 I liked it star rating for this book, but went with the 3 based on how well the author pulled me into the setting of a small ish town in Louisiana The tone and mood was dark, just as the title implies, and sufficiently spooky to make me glad I was safe and sound, curled up in my bed.The plot line was interesting enough to keep me engaged with the story, but it wasn t without a few disconnects for me I never really got why Leigh ran from Louisiana in the firs [...]

    Victoria (nocturnalintimacy)
    Free Kindle read.I have mixed feelings on this one It sort of reminded me of the movie, The Skeleton Key.I thought the mystery and suspense portions were well done, and I got chills a few times, especially in the beginning before we start getting answers I was a little thrown off by the main character, Leigh Her emotional isolation just seemed odd It s like she has no emotional attachments to anyone outside of her best friend She grew up and went to school in a small town, she stayed in state to [...]

    Skye Turner
    Dark Bayou by Nancy Duplechain is a wonderful debut novel I am a bit of a book snob, and since I m from Louisiana, I really look for real details when books are set here Nancy delivers.Dark Bayou is the perfect mix of Louisiana history, intrigue, and romance You can t help but feel for Leigh and Lucas and their love for Lyla.The supporting characters are phenomenal as well Being from Louisiana, I could accurately picture every scene of the book with Nancy s attention to detail.The story and plot [...]

    Jo Sorrell
    I have another book to suggest for those who like dark mysteries had goosepimples allover my body and the hair stood up on the back of my neck scary, but not so bad that I couldn t read it The book was Dark Bayou by Nancy K Duplechain fascinating read I have just purchased the sequel of the Dark trilogy, Carnival, and cannot wait until I get home to get it downloaded on my Kindle Fire These were purchased through Kindle I do not believe the third book has been released yet.

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